Vacuum-packed machine debugs the problem that encounters in the process and processing

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The problem that vacuum-packed machine debugs the likelihood in the process to encounter and processing technique are overall do not work   A, voltage is too low, fuse burn-up (use booster, change fuse) amlposition of switch of     B, journey (position of square journey switch)     C, pump or electric machinery card die (find out breakdown reason) plug-in unit of delay timer of     D, vacuumize becomes loose or damage (insert good delay timer or change)   vacuum is not smoked go up, repair or change electromagnetism a powerful person)     C, vavuum pump oil is enough whether to measure or need to change heal quality not beautiful   A, seal add up to voltage to select switch did not leave or damage (rotational select switch comes proper place or repair switch)     B, , the choice is right seal combine tension) contact of joint of     C, circuitry is undesirable (repair, screw)     D, seal add up to time to grow too or too short (adjust seal agree time)     E, seal adding up to gasbag is flat or damage (repair or change, repair or exchange electromagnetism a powerful person) after   vacuumize is finished, do not turn to delay timer of below one program damages or issue one program delay timer to become loose, damage (repair or change delay timer)   is sealed close after finishing, do not turn below one program is sealed add up to delay timer to damage or delay timer of below one program becomes loose, electromagnetism a powerful person) CNC Milling