In the tool steel treatment of constant change period

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In arrive after 3 days, be located in German BÖHLER-UDDEHOLM Bearbeitungs GmbH, the company used the UCP 1350 that Mi Kelang AG Nidau produces. The BÖHLER-UDDEHOLM Bearbeitungs GmbH that is located in Dusaierduofu is a below Böhler-Uddeholm Holding GmbH wholy-owned subsidiary, be in at present book 77 employee. Two of the company strategical business domain is machining and exterior grinding center, create service company as cutting tool and mould at the same time. Dietmar Niedharta of company general manager tells us when visitting a plant: "We solved product of steel of semi-manufactured goods tool, nicety flat steel, system and sheet the problem of the domain that make " . Current, the company's annual treatment volume is 2000 tons about. Once undertook mill gets experiment   to extend its market position further, bÖHLER-UDDEHOLM Bearbeitungs GmbH invested to make an appointment with mark of 4.5 million Germany in all in 2000/01 financial year. A crucial component that this strategy invests is investment buys 5 machining center. In make before buying a decision, undertook mill gets a test several times on the machine tool that the company manufactures in a few famous manufacturer, get in order to ensure assuring the quality of craft during cutting of long-term high-power metal. After cutting experiments, swiss rice overcame bright company to win order. UCP 1350 is representing useful complement to company of BÖHLER-UDDEHOLM Bearbeitungs GmbH, make its can expand its product range, include complete columnar component treatment. Be in pair of factories during looking around, this impression particularly deep, because the factory has a lot of outstanding cars, grind, the level bores hole and the tooling of deep aperture boring. If do not have UCP 1350, a few products of place demand are made impossibly come out. "As a result of this equipment, we expand truly product range, production weight is mixed in 20kg the workpiece between 1000kg " , dietmar Niedhart continues say. "Mi Kelang's equipment satisfied our requirement admirably, and join its very convenient and quickly arrive in existing product line and CAD/CAM system. " the advantage of this equipment is the middling speed when getting mill and high speed limits. Greatly, this equipment reached the mass of coordinate boring machine, mi Kelang assures to be able to repeat precision to be 6-8 μ . Cast of type of the structure of "T" word lathe bed with strong UCP 1350, whole is stability and fight brace up of the gender assure. After   of   of mould motherboard 396 X 346 X 36 Mm throws use   to arrive in the machine tool 3 days inside 3 days, UCP 1350 gets use in BÖHLER-UDDEHOLM Bearbeitungs GmbH. After through Mikelang company senior lecturer grooms, workers can instantly first-rate operates facility. Will negotiate only change to them is high milling rate. For this, jockey can no more watch each step of milling. But, very fast their with respect to the shorter handling time that asks to can obtain work excitement unceasingly. After 5 weekday, UCP 1350 has begun two movement, after passing 14 days again, can have 5 sophisticated treatment. The high flexibility that Dietmar Niedhart praised UCP says comprehensive treatment is flexible and complete satisfied a requirement. Development engineers of Mi Kelang gained huge success on UCP 1350. Carry this equipment, established a milepost again in domain of complex high-power metal cutting. From rough machining, bilateral mill chamfer is machined to the linkage of turbine lamina, the potential value that UCP 1350 uses is infinite almost. Standard forging 710 X 610 X 530 Mm CNC Milling