New-style establish milling cutter circular knife grinding machine (on)

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Preface is in machining, uses cutting tool is a lot of more phyletic, for example: ? Fourth ⒆ of archives of humorous of poisonous smile of S Mei male sunshine car of ⑾ of ⒘ of Che Ding of  of two ⒕ Hun is amused if the cutting tool after retreating magpie of  of Kong Ding  to take  of mildew of A Chinese-style unlined garment of banter of 5 poisonous Hui to denounce instrument to spend? of Wei thanking Ba to become blunt is not seasonable, not only the precision that can affect work and exterior surface roughness, and easy collapse blade, cause cutting tool to discard as useless. The blade of cutting tool is ground general component is ground for manual blade and blade of circular knife grinding machine is ground, among them manual blade grinds the technical essentials with need strict control, not only efficiency is low, and precision is poor, besides has some of cutting tool (if establish milling cutter) essential cannot manual blade is ground, as CNC Machining equipment gain ground, the cutting tool that manual blade grinds is more and more incommensurate modern treatment means, circular knife grinding machine is so more and more welcome. Like bit circular knife grinding machine, curium a milling cutter circular knife grinding machine, graver circular knife grinding machine got be popularizinged quickly. In machining, establish milling cutter to serve as one of commonly used cutting tool, its blade grinds special difficulty, it is the one big difficult problem that puzzles blade to worry an industry all the time, investigate its reason basically has the following at 2 o'clock: (1) form is complex (if the graph is shown 1 times) establish milling cutter to have advocate, deputy two kinds of edge, carry blade and helix sword namely. Carry blade to belong to among them straight edge, grinding is unchallenged, and its helix blade is an edge circumferential the helix first flank that distributing, essential cannot manual grinding, and the type that establishs milling cutter is different, its helix angle ω is different also, with GB GB 1110, 1985 straight handles establish milling cutter to be exemple, serration establishs ~ of ° of =30 of milling cutter ω 35 ° , thick tine establishs ~ of ° of =40 of milling cutter ω 45 ° , big helix angle establishs ° of =70 of milling cutter ω . Graph 1 this explains, of different type establish milling cutter, its helix blade is in establish milling cutter the distributinging trend on circumferential face is different also, this more increased its blade cross to spend. (Demand of 2)   precision presses GB GB 6118 higher, 1985 " establish condition of milling cutter technology " regulation, blade of the Duan Ren that establishs milling cutter, helix beats relative to the circle of petiole be like subordinate list respectively. From subordinate list precision of indifferent milling cutter looks, want to grind those who give a level to establish milling cutter, itself of requirement circular knife grinding machine must have taller precision (main shaft circle is jumpy <0.

025mm) . Edge beats relative to petiole circle (unit: MM) compares mature grinding method amount to to accuse grinding of circular knife grinding machine about establishing milling cutter at present, grinding precision is tall (radial circle is jumpy and general do not be more than 0.

01mm) , and after holding clip by numerical control circular knife grinding machine one-time automatic grinding ends, efficiency is very tall, have world banner level, but also exist the price is high with not easy operation. A kind of new-style circular knife grinding machine that uses air bearing structure appeared on domestic and international market at present, be like HDT circular knife grinding machine (the 2) that be like a graph. Its value is inferior (10000 yuan of or so) , facilitating operation, with Yu Lixi the blade of the knife is ground, can achieve GB 6118 completely, 1985 " establish condition of milling cutter technology " precision requirement. Graph 2 2.

Circular knife grinding machine of structural characteristic HDT basically holds the part, a few parts such as wheelhead to comprise by base, vertical transverse workbench, main shaft, clip. (1) base the foundation that it is whole circular knife grinding machine, to reduce weight of circular knife grinding machine, base chose the aluminium alloy talent with smaller proportion to pledge, gross weight of circular knife grinding machine is 70kg only. (Vertical, transverse workbench establishs 2) milling cutter blade is ground, cannot leave campaign of fore-and-aft, transverse feed, HDT circular knife grinding machine has fore-and-aft workbench (journey 75mm) , transverse workbench (journey 150mm) . Swallow remaining part is taken on the structure feed of guide screw of oriented, whorl, what realize vertical, horizontal workbench through turning feed handwheel comes is mobile. Handwheel mark has graduation mark, circumferential divide into equal parts 100 case, circular knife grinding machine of the metric system uses M20 × 2 accurate whorl, so, handwheel every turn one case feed is: The operation rises very convenient. To eliminate the gap between whorl guide screw, reduce feed handwheel to be in, the idle stroke when inverting, adopted mouth nut structure (  of   of the 3) that be like a graph. Through adjusting inside the degree of tightness of bolt of 6 horn head will reduce the gap between guide screw and mouth nut, eliminate the idle stroke of feed handwheel thereby. Main shaft of main shaft of graph 3 (3) is one of crucial parts of circular knife grinding machine, its precision affects the precision of grinding cutting tool directly. The blade that establishs milling cutter is ground need main shaft to make circular motion already, make axial motion even at the same time. Does: contradict under presence of common axle sleeve structure? Axis of? of idle of tiny stream Cao is in collect of vertebra of Sheng leg cub the resistance when the motion in axle sleeve is greater, the meeting when motion produces peristalsis and crawl, the gap of the axis of; of exterior surface roughness that affects cutting tool badly and axle sleeve is bigger, although athletic obstruction is reduced, but the precision that most likely place needs. Main shaft of HDT circular knife grinding machine adopted air static press bearing technology (the 4) that be like a graph. Main shaft and axle sleeve adopt small clearance fit, in axle sleeve exterior and even ground takes know exactly how things stand aerate of the hole wall inside mouth and axle sleeve guide gas chamfer is interlinked, every connect tracheal path to be equivalent to a throttle, normally main shaft is in axle sleeve be placed in the middle, when gas is entered with constant voltage Ps, because pressure of gas of reduce expenditure action can fall,be P, atmospheric pressure is equal all round main shaft, circumferential meeting gets equal pressure. Graph 4 CNC Milling