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Net-A-Porter of business of luxury vogue cable announced recently, will roll out brand-new AI and robot technology, help user produces in future undertake dress matchs when travel, buy object check in order to drive individuation. As we have learned, net-A-Porter had been thrown about 4.

4.2 billion pound, the product that singles out through AI and robot technology should accord with user be fond of not only, can nod with the journey ground of the user even perfect agree. This technology still can search the sheet that had used in the past to the user to taste, undertake for its dress chooses. Alex Alexander of officer of Net-A-Porter presiding information expresses: "The crucial essential factor of domain of current and fashionable luxury is individuation, how to make individuation serve the focal point that is this industry for the user. AI technology is the tendency that instantly develops, we hope can forefathers one pace. " the product that this company plans to pass search of AI and shopper of robot technology help to differ, put forward when consumer more specific with detailed problem when, by guide artificially buy will to the user provide a help. But the user can choose to continue to seek a help to the robot likewise. Consider to make clear, the shopkeeper that consumer is willing to be familiar with him be fond of from those more or electric trade department shop, especially luxury domain. Guide buying is the important role that promotes luxury cable business to sell growth artificially, but because the user is numerous, guide bought amount does not follow to go up far artificially demand. Accordingly, AI and robot technology combine in shopping process, it is a right choice probably. CNC Milling