The NUM application on gear machine tool

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The numerical control system of NUM company is celebrated with the open, agile, high speed of its software and high accuracy, inside the applied domain of machine tool of numerical control gear, NUM developed the system that is used technically at gear cutting, the sale of system of its numerical control in and open the function such as man-machine interface of the gender with its welcoming the industry of gear machine tool inside alive bound limits by broad user ranks the first place. System of NUM numerical control reachs a characteristic in the main function of this respect: This system is system of 1NUM1060HG numerical control technically numerical control gear-hobbing machine and the numerical control system that machine of numerical control roll flute develops, share 3 32 CPU use data operation and data processing, the synchronous function that assured main shaft and workbench is compositive in interior of numerical control system, and developed a lot of corresponding gear cutting secure a loop: G80: Of synchronous function cancel G81: C axis, z axis and G82 of main shaft synchronism: The nap G83 of emery wheel: Adjust nap axis VG84: Advocate the measurement of gear G85: C axis, the synchronous G86 of Y axis and main shaft: The measurement from gear G87: The gearshift in cutting loop process is machined OEM or final user are OK at the same time the treatment requirement according to oneself, write oneself G code conveniently. Carry these G code, can realize gear of gear of form of straight gear, bevel gear, beat, a flight of stairs to wait for the gear cutting of all sorts of types, still can come true to age and open a variety of gear cutting functions such as groove like mill. Of respect of 2 gear cutting additional the indication of the information of a lot of gear cutting such as angle of head of number of CNC function tine, hob, hob. User for love or money, can know any news of treatment gear conveniently. The hand in machining a process moves axial shift. The user is in gear cutting, can at the same time the hand is moved adjust each axes, shortened greatly the settling time of gear cutting, this function is particularly useful to gear cutting. Of the simultaneous error of main shaft and workbench detect. Trends monitors simultaneous error, can understand treatment precision at any time. Be opposite automatically the information in tine function process shows. CNC can announce to be opposite automatically the each pace information in tine process. Of the direction of rotation of C axis detect. PLC can be read take C axis direction of rotation. Buy oscillograph detects inside the simultaneous error of main shaft and C axis and main shaft and V axis. Pass inside buy oscillograph function, the user can see on CNC screen: Dynamic error curve of the axis, and can be locked up arbitrarily read the numerical value of need extraction place surely. E parameter will show and revise parameter of gear hobbing function. Every E parameter has its corresponding meaning, and OK and dynamic revise, to the machine tool debug and detect very convenient. Pass these additional function, went to the lavatory of the machine tool debug, shortened the auxiliary time of gear cutting, and can timely read the news in taking treatment course. 3 powerful NC systems open sexual Dynamicoperator(trends to operate) . The user can machine a function according to what what need, the dynamic program that can write oneself conveniently (scan every namely cycle carries out program) . Such users can write his interpolation program. The MMI-tool software that runs on PC of MMI man-machine interface, windows platform, with its powerful graphical library, data is linked and as similar as VB photograph process designing structure, make its operation and process designing particularly convenient, concise. Use an user through this software very convenient write the systematic interface that has him distinguishing feature (the standard interface) that need not show NUM. The management of PLC user screen. NUM has PLCuserscreen function. Screen is here medium, can write screen to show with PLC reach functional menu. Pass this function, the screen that also can invent him user. Process designing of type of PROCAM man-machine interaction passes PROCAM software, OEM or final user can write the interface of man-machine interaction type that has gear cutting distinguishing feature. The polynomial interpolation function with powerful polynomial very powerful interpolation, can achieve 4 rank polynomial, use at writing the interpolation software with sophisticated function. For example the machine tool of TH2240 helix bevel gear of factory of machine tool of plain of the Qin Dynasty used this function. Of the PLC program of the PLC program NUM with rich function write, use echelon graph formula, structure of its process designing is much task structure, special agree with the program with more complex PLC. In the meantime, PLC process is OK and dynamic show on screen. NUM-tool software this software is PLC program write software, move at WINDOS interface to fall, this software makes CNC serves as appurtenant unit (Slave) , the computer is done give priority to unit (Master) . The computer is OK very the document that transmits parameter of PLC program, machine tool, machine program to wait to be concerned with CNC machine tool conveniently (do not need CNC namely respondent, when the computer needs to output or be being received, press directly corresponding key can) , and it manages these files particularly convenient. Powerful network join function. According to the need of the user, NUM is OK very receive FIPWAY repeatedly conveniently, MAPWAY, on the industrial network such as aether net. The old and friendly collaboration of the courses of 4 applied example NUM that succeed in home and manufacturer of domestic machine tool, use already successfully now at following numerical control gear-hobbing machine and machine of numerical control roll flute: The machine tool of gear cutting of numerical control of a lot of breed such as YK3120, YK3180, YK7183, YK7236, YK7250, YK7550, YK75100, YK75250, YK73100, YKT2240. CNC Milling