The little freedom that is based on Pro/E and ADAMS spends shunt-wound orgnaization motion to emulate

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The article studied little freedom spends the method that shunt-wound orgnaization has athletic emulation, applied Pro/e and Adams software union will undertake athletic emulation, provided the example that uses this method to succeed to spend shunt-wound orgnaization to undertake athletic emulation to a 3 freedom in the article. Little freedom is spent and online compose is one of heat that the robot on international learns to consider, the numerous form that construction gives the little freedom that has good performance to spend shunt-wound robot, so that basis application asks to choose the orgnaization of different function, it is one of shunt-wound robot orgnaization main task, the research direction of current and numerous researcher builds new-style little freedom to spend shunt-wound orgnaization at compose centrally. The numerous little freedom that comes out according to academic research spends shunt-wound orgnaization to still need to examine the validity that its move, traditional method is to pass experiment prototype to make objective come test and verify, and in recent years the wide application of computer technology provided new method, that is fictitious prototype technology, this included three-dimensional Cad to build modular technology and mechanical system kinematic wait for relevant technology. Large trade uses Adams of kinetic emulation software, Simpact to wait compositive newest much body system is all sorts of kinetic academic achievement, convenient tools that build a model, efficient seek solution implement, the aftertreatment module with powerful function and visible interface, will build the emulation model of mechanical system with them, can put attention in improve a model to be designed, and need not care build the equation, equation that seek solution the job that these wanted to expend a large number of energy in the past, improved the efficiency of mechanical system simulation greatly thereby. Emulating what should do above all is to build little freedom to spend the three-dimensional model with shunt-wound mathematical orgnaization, have bit of ability not equal to one's ambition with kinetic emulation software right now, spend shunt-wound orgnaization less to this kind freely especially, the dimensional geometry structure of each kinematic pair and position have major effect to the motion of whole orgnaization, need is three-dimensional build a model to build accurate model. Accordingly, need have the aid of at the three-dimensional function that build a model very strong Cad software builds a model. Here is mixed with the Pro/e of the three-dimensional software that build a model of Ptc company the movement that the union of photograph of Adams of kinetic emulation software of Mdi company builds little freedom to spend shunt-wound orgnaization emulates a model. Build the three-dimensional model of the orgnaization in Pro/e above all, the installation position of the orgnaization is the initiative position that the orgnaization moves. The interface program Mechanism/pro that uses two software next makes rigid body and basic kinematic pair, guide three-dimensional model Adams undertakes be perfectinged further, add drive and tie, undertake athletic emulation. In whole process, job of the add before needing to wait to building a model undertakes ceaseless modification is mixed perfect, the little freedom that just can create a demand spends the emulation model of shunt-wound orgnaization. One, spend shunt-wound orgnaization less freely put forward to spend shunt-wound orgnaization less freely new form put forward to having different academic method, use in the article spend shunt-wound orgnaization to use helix theory to analyse new-style little freedom. The antithesis that uses athletic helix and force helix concerns, and helix of motion and tie, motion and the corresponding impact that counter helix, build complex little freedom to spend the mathematical model with integrated type of shunt-wound robot orgnaization. Because shunt-wound robot orgnaization is by catenary, move platform He Jingping stage composition, the design key of its structure is raising the configuration of catenary each at its, the design that pays chain each is the key that the orgnaization designs, restrain conditional demand to each branch by the orgnaization, the design goes out have all configuration paying chain that can accord with a requirement, avoid in the consideration then bizarre the little freedom that the branch that the fundamental admiral place of a form needs and platform connection make a demand spends shunt-wound robot orgnaization. In spending shunt-wound orgnaization less freely, 3 freedom spend shift and online compose is having extensive use. In a lot of industry application, the shift of 3 direction has satisfied a requirement, and the complexity that uses traditional 6 freedom to spent an orgnaization to increase an orgnaization and pilot difficulty, because this is direct,should spend mobile paralell connection with 3 freedom the orgnaization is very appropriate. Use helix theory to put forward a kind of simple shift here 3 freedom spend shunt-wound orgnaization, will show the process that uses Pro/e and Adams to finish motion to emulate through this orgnaization. If the graph is shown 1 times, this robot raises catenary to pay chain for 3 symmetrical Rpc, through helix theory and dimensional geometry the analysis can get orgnaization of this paralell connection to move platform to should have 3 pure mobile freedom to spend. Graph model of orgnaization of paralell connection of 3 1 catenary 2, three-dimensional the three-dimensional model that builds a model to build orgnaization of paralell connection of these 3 catenary in Pro /e. Establish different spare parts model above all, it is static platform respectively, move platform and each join pay chain. The unit setting that notes built model right now should is " Mks " (Meter Kilogram Second) , also want to note this problem when founding assembly drawing likewise, because change hypostatic model in Adams software,this is when, can identify only setting of this kind of unit, the meeting when the setting becomes other unit makes mistake. After founding each spare partses respectively, assemble each parts into assembly drawing with respect to need, build the initiative seat that needs to consider each component move when assembly drawing, had better be to be in most the initiative position that moves into component part with respect to the setting when initial assembly, reduce the trouble that adjusts later. Assemble after finishing, a future life of interface program Mechanism/pro that uses Pro/e and Adams software namely can read taken document into Adams, this is these two software can be not had seam connective key to be in. After installing good Mechanism/pro, in Pro/e program, can appear the cascade menu of Mech/pro, use this bill of fare, can appoint each rigid body of the orgnaization, build the main obligation between rigid body and the coordinate of a few reference, graph the 2 hypostatic models that restrain basically to was built namely. Build after finishing, it is OK to use this interface program to be able to put hypostatic model can put hypostatic model directly extraction file form is read in Adams. Graph the 2 three-dimensional models that establish basic tie 3, motion is emulated is next undertake athletic emulation in Adams program. Guide in Adams the Adams document that uses Mechanism/pro to found, among them main obligation has been founded finish. In Adams need perfects tie type further, also exist as a rigid body in the ground in Adams for example, because this should establish the fixed link between static platform and ground. Next the type of set drive and position, the orgnaization is here medium, turn in what approach static platform deputy place adds 3 roll to serve as driving force respectively. So far, can use Adams to undertake athletic imitate, through ceaseless adjustment the direction of drive is mixed size, can gain ideal athletic status, graph a few when move to use platform 3 different positions. Use the emulation result aftertreatment in Adams, can found the data curve of emulation result. If the graph is shown 4 times, 3 curves in Zun Tu are represented respectively use platform the linear velocity of the mobile motion of 3 direction, can see 3 curves have 2 very good sexes, the acceleration of linear velocity is very stable, have very good property. Right graph 3 curves part the angular velocity that to use platform 3 direction turn, these 3 days of curves are 0, turn angular velocity is in whole exercise process that is to say 0. Pass an analysis knowable the shift that should move platform to have 3 way only, and angular velocity is 0, emulate test and verify through motion so orgnaization of this paralell connection moves platform to have mobile freedom to spend only, and do not have rotational freedom to spend. Graph 3 move platform motion state diagram 4 motion emulate a result 4, conclusion the article explained to use Pro/e of the three-dimensional software that build a model and Adams of kinetic emulation software through example without seam join, can spend shunt-wound orgnaization to undertake athletic emulation to little freedom, its result test and verify theoretic the little freedom that offer spends shunt-wound orgnaization new form validity. Use the software with these two powerful functions, the design that still can have measure side to the orgnaization and undertake kinetic emulate those who wait for other side, remain to study further and try. This kind of method improved emulated efficiency greatly, it is fictitious prototype technology shunt-wound orgnaization is spent to study medium brand-new application in little freedom, accelerated new-style little freedom to spend the rate that shunt-wound orgnaization uses actually greatly, also promoted little freedom to spend shunt-wound orgnaization to study academic flying development. CNC Milling