New technology of grinding of American research and development raises grinder to adjust rate

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Company of technology of American combination grinding (United Grinding Technologies Inc.

) preparation uses a kind of new CNC to grind round of nap technology in grinder of feed of delay of squirm of its Blohm Planomat, this technology need not use nap tool to be able to be generated grind round of outline, raise those who grind round of nap and grinder to adjust rate. This kind of new technology uses millstones of nap of figuration of a group of general diamond to be opposite grind annulus undertake profile modeling outline is machined. the Profile software that its are Blohm Planomat together and develops recently union is used, the user can make grind round of outline nap complexly and create grinding program. The CAD file that place of Profile software basis requires to grind round of outline generates CNC nap contrail, in the control software that downloads its grinder. Use Profile software to still can be opposite the motion on all axial has the working process of the machine tool and machine tool imitate leaving a line. Blohm Planomat grinder has 5 kinds of different type, workbench dimension size is differ. It used means of distinctive main shaft drive, main shaft rotate speed from 1700 ~ 8300r/min. In addition, its contain on slideway of all axial linear ball screw actuating device, AC servo electric machinery and survey feedback system directly. CNC Milling