Laser makes the application of technology and its aboard directly

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Laser is made directly is to be based on " disperse / pile up " in the domain of fast production technology of figuration principle, develop spare parts of most rapid a kind of metal to make a technology quickly, this technology uses the new and high technology of the course such as laser, computer, CAD/CAM, material integratedly, through frit Fu deposit metallic powder makes metallic part directly, be a kind will " high-powered data preparation " with complex part " close clean figuration " organic be in harmony is an organic whole without mould, flexible, digitlization advanced production technology [1-3] . Laser is made directly have reach without mould, short period, low cost high quality wait for a characteristic, can solve titanium alloy tradition to machine the problem of existence, be close to clean figuration what implement complex component part continuously, laser is fast at the same time frit coagulates the characteristic makes the spare parts has compact organization and good integral performance, thereby bigger limit ground disentombs material performance potential. The way with the development that this technology will involve key structural member for advanced aircraft and manufacturing a fast, economy, efficient open up, much breed of contented and contemporary weaponry, change batch and the demand that answer quickly. CNC Milling