The to mechanical movement control in punch mould design and apply neatly

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[Summary] in punch process, mechanical movement is perforative from beginning to end. The implementation of all sorts of punch craft has his to carry motive manages basically, this kind of motion is with the mould closely related, the structural design of all sorts of moulds and mechanical design are final it is to satisfy its to be able to realize the requirement of specific motion. The mould of the design whether the exercise that completes place of implementation punch craft strictly to need, affect the quality of stamping workpiece directly, answer mechanical movement to undertake controlling in mould design so. At the same time to achieve the requirement of product figure, dimension, cannot quite constrained or confine moves basically at all sorts of craft in mode, and should develop ceaselessly and innovate, apply neatly to mechanical movement in mould design. Control of mechanical movement of design of keyword punch mould is applied neatly 1.

Foreword this paper is with punch craft learns to be a basis basically theoretically, pass the analysis of radical to all sorts of punch craft movement, raised the requirement that designs to punch mould. In elaborating punch process above all, the basic idea of mechanical movement, next item-by-item was analysed strong cut into parts, bend, the radical movement mechanism that helps deep technology, point out to the content that controls should be emphasized in mould design, the method that in introducing to be designed in the mould, uses neatly to mechanical movement and a few example. Summed up the method that undertakes according to particular case product craft motion is analysed finally, in emphasizing be being designed in the mould, the control to mechanical movement and apply neatly design level and the principal port that assure stamping workpiece character to rising. 2.

The overview cold punch of the mechanical movement in punch process is the board makings all sorts of different specifications or preform, use mould and punch device (compressor, renown punching machine) use force to its, made generation is out of shape or depart, acquire the part of proper form, dimension and function. Average production is to use vertical punching machine, decided punch process consequently advocate motion is fluctuation motion, additional, still have mould and all sorts of between each structural member mutual motion in board makings and mould. Mechanical movement can be divided wait for form of 3 kinds of radical movement for slip, roll and scroll, exist in punch process, but the characteristic of all sorts of motion forms is different, the influence to punch also each are not identical. Since punch process is put in so diversiform motion, in developing tool set to provide a design, should undertake be controllinged strictly to all sorts of motion, in order to achieve the requirement that the mould designs; In the meantime, return in the design ought to according to particular case, use all sorts of mechanical movement neatly, in order to achieve the requirement of the product. Of punch process advocate motion is fluctuation motion, but inclined wedge structure is designed in the mould, turn annul structure, roller structure and come back cut a structure to wait, OK and corresponding advocate the scroll in the roll in motion of level of athletic translate into, mould and mould. In mould design these special structures are more complex with difficulty, cost is higher also, but ask to reach the appearance of the product, size, however can yet be regarded as a kind of effective means of settlement. 3.

Be controlled to what dismiss the mechanical movement in the mould and apply developing the basic campaign that dismisses technology is discharge board be contacted with board makings first and press prison, punch drops come to contact and continue to drop with board makings enter sunken model, protruding, sunken model and board makings generation bring about board makings depart relative to motion, next protruding, sunken model is apart, discharge board turns workpiece or waste material from punch fall, finish strong dismiss motion. The motion of discharge board is very crucial, to assure to develop the quality that reduce, must control the movement of discharge board, must let it be contacted with board makings at punch first, and pressure-plate-force wants enough, rush otherwise cut into parts cut off face quality to differ, dimension precision is low, flatness is undesirable, even mould life decreases. By normally methodological design falls makings punching mould, often part hard by the side of the workpiece after punch and flotsam. Below the premise that does not affect workpiece quality, can use in punch-die a few bulgy spacing increase on discharge board piece, after with making fall makings punching motion is finished, sunken model discharge board roll out workpiece from inside sunken model first, next punch-die discharge board also turn waste material from punch-die again fall, come so, workpiece and flotsam parted naturally also. To a few have local and raised bigger stamping workpiece, can falling the sunken model of makings punching model increases profiling punch on discharge board, enough bedspring power brings to bear on in the meantime, achieve profiling goal with assuring to make material is out of shape first when punch of the profiling on discharge board and board makings contact, continue to fall again makings punching moves, often can reduce the mould of situation of a labor, reduce cost. The punching amount of some punching mould is very much, need power of very big punch, adverse to punch production, do not have the punching machine of enough tonnage even, have a simple method, it is the 2 ~ that use different length 4 batches of drift, punching motion time-sharing lets undertake when punch, reduce effectively strong reduce force. There is opening on curved curved surface to those (what curve on two aperture to side for example is homocentric degree etc) stamping workpiece, if first punching bends again is very inaccessible aperture of the requirement, must design inclined wedge structure, after bend again punching, the punching campaign that uses horizontal way can achieve a goal. To those flange, pull deep height to ask more severe need does the process that decorate a border, also can use similar structure to design. 4.

The control of the mechanical movement in curving a mould and using the basic campaign that curves craft is discharge board be contacted with board makings first and press dead, punch drops come to be contacted with board makings, continue to drop enter sunken model, protruding, sunken model and board makings generation move relatively, bring about board makings to be out of shape fold a turn, next protruding, sunken model is apart, the ejector pin that curves sunken model to go up (or slide block) curve an edge to roll out, finish curve motion. The motion of discharge board and ejector pin is very crucial, to assure bent quality or manufacturing efficiency, must control the movement of discharge board above all, let it be contacted with board makings at punch first, and pressure-plate-force must enough, curve a dimension precision difference otherwise, flatness is undesirable; Next, should ensure ejector pin power is enough, in order to make it successful the ground bend roll out, bend otherwise be out of shape, manufacturing efficiency is low. Taller to precision requirement bend, should special attention a bit, had better be in in curving motion, want to have dead center of a sports, namely all and relevant structural member can be touched dead. Some workpiece curve appearance more peculiar, or regular pattern cannot be pressed after bending fall off from sunken model, at this moment, often need to use inclined wedge structure or turn sell a structure, for example, use inclined wedge structure, can finish be less than 90 degrees or answer hook type to bend, use turn sell a structure to be able to realize cylinder shape. Be worth what carry is, to some crust, be like crust of computer soft drive, because its curve an edge longer, bend and between board makings slip, when bend, brush bits giving hair very easily, material galvanization layer falls off, frequent polish curves drift effect not ideal also. Normally the practice is curve drift plating titanium, raise its bright and clean spend and wearability; Perhaps be in curve drift R horn to be in built-in roller, bend with board makings curve scroll of slip translate into, the attrition force that slides as a result of scroll comparing is small much, not allow so easy abrade workpiece. 5.

The control of the mechanical movement in pulling late pattern and using the basic campaign that helps deep technology is, discharge board is contacted with board makings first and press prison, punch drops come to be contacted with board makings, continue to drop, enter sunken model, protruding, sunken model and board makings generation move relatively, bring about figuration of board makings bulk, next protruding, sunken model is apart, sunken model slide block rolls out workpiece, finish play deep sport. The motion of discharge board and slide block is very crucial, pull to assure deep quality, must control the movement of discharge board, let it be contacted with board makings at punch first, and pressure-plate-force wants enough, pull otherwise deep wrinkle easily, split even; Should ensure pressure of sunken model slide block is enough next, pull in order to assure deep a flatness of underside. Pull late compound pattern the design is reasonable, can control the athletic process of structural member well, achieve the goal that multitask foreword sets. Fall typically for example makings the design that draws deep-felt edge to add up to a mould to Kong Fu. Additional, of some adornment and commodity pull deep need has a side (or roll a margin) working procedure, roller structure also was used in mould design, coiling so the attrition force of the scroll in edge process is very small, surface of workpiece of not easy abrade. Need what rotate in motor to draw deep structural member to those, the height that cuts a margin, jumpy degree wait for a requirement quite tall, need comes back particularly in the design in the mould cut a structure, use rotate (cut) motion decorates a border, the dimension precision that can assure to cut a margin not only is tall, the burr that cuts a margin even and strong cut grain to also comparative beautiful. Be worth what carry is, this comes back after cutting a structure to reform in actual design, already special easily mould treatment is made, and already was applied at pulling late pattern continuously in the center. 6.

The control of the mechanical movement in successive mould and in using successive pattern, often included to rush at the same time cut into parts, bend and pull wait for punch craft greatly, consequently the mechanical movement in its punch process also included the radical movement pattern of these 3 kinds of craft, to the control of the motion in successive mould, part of one's job becomes each basic technology undertakes controlling respectively. Normally successive mould asks to accelerate punch rate ceaselessly, improve manufacturing efficiency, have the stamping workpiece with some of more complex, more special appearance, its punch moves relatively take time, effect can be decomposed to lead taller punch move in successive mould design. For example, the project expands bolt cylinder can shape its cylinder in successive mould design motion is decomposed for two side 90 degrees of circular arc curve ~ 60 degrees of circular arc intermediate curve ~ whole to hold round ~ circularity in the arms corrective 4 working procedure, improve efficiency not only, can assure stamping workpiece circularity. Need is special those who point out is, because successive mould returns drag in to arrive in actual production send makings machine, blowy device to wait, answer in the design mature to these elements, let the punching machine, mould, motion that sends makings machine and blowy unit had cooperated on time, progressive die provides ability to be produced truly smoothly. 7.

The last word although the radical movement principle of all sorts of craft is different, but also have collective place, it is discharge board (or slide block) motion is main control factor. Actually, between mould design, the radical movement that the punch craft of the product resembles all sorts of craft impossibly is simple in that way, ought to want to make good exercise analyse to product craft according to particular case, make farther design accordingly again. When carrying to product craft the movement is analysed, answer to basically consider its necessity, timeliness, feasibility, still should have creativity. Necessity is to point to apply judgement of radical movement principle to need those motion to implement product technology; Timeliness is to point to what what need each exercise early or late ordinal; Feasibility is to point to whether through the structure design and mechanical design realize place to need exercise; Creativity is to point to narrate the circumstance that motion cannot be realized or motion cannot implement product technology completely to fall afore, should be good at bold use new method to implement product technology, namely in front of pair of says mechanical movement apply neatly. Punch process is put in varied mechanical movement, and all sorts of mechanical movement achieve the influence with stamping workpiece character to punch craft also each are not identical, the to mechanical movement control in developing tool set to provide a design consequently and apply neatly gentle to raising design water make sure stamping workpiece character has important sense. CNC Milling