Soft imprint, the printer of new-style environmental protection that uses at tube art

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The tradition uses at tube presswork the method basically has offset print and screen printing two kinds, soft edition tube pressworks the technology basically is used on cigarette case, label before, soft edition pressworks technical application arrives on tube, get used to product range not only wide, rate is rapid, and environmental protection, it is tube pressworks a good solution. At present offset print gains ground quite in China, sunken imprint already also pressworking the industry that pack is occupational field of very big , presswork to flexographic plate this kind of new technology, people hard to avoid should mix his with offset print sunken imprint do transverse quite. The soft edition print of western developed country passes the development that stabilizes 10 several years continuously, it is almost OK to had developed with offset print, sunken imprint 3 minutes of the world. Upsurge increasingly as the cry of protective environment, advantage of flexographic plate black-and-white is clearer and clearer also. Soft imprinted edition material is soft, cry soft imprint, what its use is softness is compressible extended balata, make prep above of forme graph article blank through the means such as sculpture or exposure scour off part, dot and this traditional letterpress printing are same, different is, can use computer to be carved directly or exposure is become picture. Soft edition material can make appearance of He Chengyin substance contacts forme adequately, he what offset print can imprint can imprint, he what offset print cannot imprint also can imprint, bear imprint data is very extensive, and rate is rapid, environmental protection. The press of tube of RUV-650 flexographic plate that each other tells a company to develop is use flexographic plate. Fundamental of flexographic plate black-and-white and characteristic flexographic plate presswork to imprint as special protruding means, call at first " aniline pressworks " , to October 21, 1952 the United States packs a society admiral of colloquium of the 14th learning should presswork means names formally for: "Flexography " , the meaning is but the forme of bending, "Flexographic plate pressworks " this one noun also is in pass into China before long subsequently. Soft edition pressworks pressworking mix on the principle relief printing is similar, traditional relief printing just is different from on the composition in forme, printing ink and embossing process, presswork of the image in the process delivering is the flexible and sensitive colophony that passes to be gotten by actinic reaction edition or be one engraves the rubber stick that has pattern to finish, deliver printing ink through reticulation roller. Association Typographique International of American flexographic plate defines at pressworking flexographic plate formally 1980 for: Flexographic plate pressworks is a kind of direct cycle pressworks method, use the raised image printing plate that has flexibility, forme can stick solid to be on the forme platen that can repeat length, the roller of metallic Chinese ink that forme was carving Chinese ink aperture by uses Chinese ink, roller of metallic Chinese ink (reticulation roller) be defeated by Chinese ink by another Mo Gun or control of the knife that blow Chinese ink, on the material that can change liquid and fat shape printing ink all sort. China pressworks GB 9851 of technical standard term.

The definition of 4-90: Flexographic plate pressworks is use flexographic plate, presswork through what reticulation roller delivers printing ink means. Flexographic plate printing machine is main by on Chinese ink unit, forme and embossing platen are formed. Compare with offset print photograph, the point with flexographic plate different black-and-white: (1) printing ink is a kind with alcohol kind the low viscosity that is main dissolvent volatilizes dry model printing ink, dry rate is rapid, suit soft imprint high speed pressworks polychromaticly. Free from contamination, dry the application of printing ink of fast ability in swimming, very advantageous to environmental protection. (2) flexographic plate is balata of a kind of photosensitive model forme, have softness to be able to curve the characteristic of springiness. Shore hardness is spent in 25-60 commonly, to printing ink it is good to deliver performance, be opposite especially the printing ink of mellow dissolvent. This is Shore hardness the cliche plastic duplicate plate of 75 above, light gets together edition cannot be likened to. (3) is used light presswork pressure undertakes pressworking, call this kind of pressure KISS PRINT in abroad (the gentleness like the kiss) . (4) offers flexographic plate black-and-white bear imprint data is very extensive. (5) is had presswork goodly quality. Because use the colophony edition of high quality, the material such as roller of reticulation of pottery and porcelain, make presswork precision already can achieve 175LPI, even 200LPI, and administrative levels is very full also. (6) production efficiency is tall. Flexographic plate pressworks equipment itself rate is rapid, and have the function that foreword of polychromatic group, online multitask handles normally. (7) is operated and safeguard handy. Include to go up edition, maintain, Chinese ink color the operation that wait becomes very simple. Did not presswork faultlessly means, flexographic plate also is not exceptional: (1) and sunken imprint and offset print photograph is compared, soft imprint density curve is not stable, plate thickness changes to pressworking quality has very big effect. (2) flexographic plate pressworks use reticulation roller to send handwriting or painting, the reticle of forme must match with the reticle of reticulation roller. (3) is out of shape in the site in embossing process big. (4) pressure is little (it is 2KG/CM only, and sunken imprinted pressure is 50KG/CM, make the same score imprinted pressure to be 4-10KG/CM) , pressure has change to be able to be opposite a bit the move of graph article produces an effect. (5) has his distinctive color separation principle, because flexographic plate serves as,packing presswork the means with domain wider application, classics regular meeting is used polychromatic, 6 kinds even 8 kinds, also be to consider additionally with polychromatic will make up for a site to behave inadequacy. (Because 6) is online the characteristic of treatment, make soft in imprinting in design process, want to consider integratedly to presswork the link after imprinting. (7) is soft imprinted site increases is to show nonlinear of change, big site and small site are pressworking the rate that the site that presents in the process increases is different. (8) flexographic plate is in the forme that make when be about to consider flexographic plate sticks edition metabolic element ahead of schedule, so that be taken in forme post,go up in platen hind, be out of shape due length. Flexographic plate printing machine is phyletic: One kind is not to do glue product, paper to taste soft edition printing machine; One kind is printing machine of soft edition tube. Flexographic plate pressworks technological process basically includes plate making and presswork two big move, plate making process is commonly: Manuscript, phenanthrene forest (shade pursues) , back exposure, advocate exposure, develop is rinsed, dry, aftertreatment, hind exposure, stick edition for going up machine presswork. Presswork the process is as follows commonly: Bear imprint material, presswork (include to presswork anyway) , glazing is oily or laminating, Qie Qie breaks the pattern, examine, put in storage. Printing ink is the contaminative source with printer the at present biggest line of business. World printing ink produces per year a quantity to already amounted to 3 million tons. The global VOC that causes every year by printing ink (organic volatile) contaminative discharge capacity already was amounted to tens of 10 thousand tons. These organic volatile, can form more more serious than carbon dioxide greenhouse effect, and oxide and photochemical smog can be formed below the illuminate of sun's rays, pollute atmosphere environment badly, this already caused the wide attention of each respect. Be in all sorts of pressworking at present in means only flexographic plate pressworked to use environmental protection already generally model green pressworks material -- He Chunrong of printing ink of ability in swimming, UV printing ink printing ink. Printer of tube of NextpageRUV-650 flexographic plate art by famous presswork each other notifies equipment manufacturer the printing machine of tube of RUV-650 flexographic plate that the company develops is use flexographic plate, presswork through what reticulation roller delivers printing ink means. Each other understands principle of job of printing machine of flexographic plate tube. Process of 1) process plate making: Manuscript → poors forest → of exposure of → forme back advocate exposure → washs edition (develop) examination of → of the exposure after aftertreatment → of → dry → cuts into parts cut edition → to stick edition for going up machine presswork examination of → of forme of → of CTP of manuscript → laser cuts into parts cut edition → to stick edition for going up machine: Bear imprint material → pressworks → receives makings → to examine → finished product 2) the printing plate that printing machine of tube of forme RUV-650 flexographic plate uses is sensitive colophony edition, ply is 1.

7mm. Flexographic plate has common edition and laser edition: Common edition: Manuscript → poors forest forme of → of processing of → exposure → ; Laser edition: Forme of → of CTP of manuscript → laser. Use laser plate making, plate making ability increases greatly, making the printing plate that gives 175LPI above already was not difficult problem. The tradition makes edition technology defect: Time of exposure is decided by graph article, depend on the skill of jockey too much, film is contacted with edition material directly, suffer dust easily to invade, create group undesirable and cave easy generation vacuum is divulged, make negative and edition material joint undesirable, cause graph article brim the site prep above of disloyal high smooth share is on-the-spot part, presswork the lieutenant general causes bigger site dilate. Laser makes edition technology good point: Time of exposure and graph article kind have nothing to do, forme character stability came true not to have film direct plate making, nonexistent aggregate and bad problem and cave. Need not vacuumize, won't appear dirty dot and sodden dot phenomenon. Disappear enlarges a phenomenon besides the site that because UV is smooth,diffusion causes. The choice basis that line of soft edition plate making counts: Presswork the line number of roller of reticulation of the pressure control of equipment itself, form a complete set, bear imprint the flatness of material. 3) stick edition is double-faced the sort of adhesive plaster and the forme that choose a principle to had been made, with stick edition is double-faced the conglutinate with accurate adhesive plaster is on edition roller canister, use for pressworking. Printing machine of tube of RUV-650 flexographic plate uses stick edition is double-faced glue ply is 0.

38mm, base material is cotton of closed pore bubble, cent plants: Low density, in density, high density is spent. Low density suits careful reticle edition and fine line to presswork; In density (integrated model) suit character, line and presswork on the spot; High density suits to presswork on the spot. Flexographic plate tube pressworks with webby tube compare flexographic plate tube to presswork: Use UV printing ink, safe environmental protection, dry fast. Presswork lubricious group is much, manufacturing rate is rapid, efficiency is tall. Site of number of chromatic tall line pressworks performance is good, presswork on the spot thick. Mo Lu uses reticulation roller and converse drawknife, presswork Chinese ink color is even and stable. Use light Yinli to presswork, bear imprint data is very extensive. Operation and safeguard handy. Cycle of flexographic plate plate making is short, easy carry, fare is low. Of flexographic plate be able to bear or endure imprint rate is high. Suit a large number of pressworking that can satisfy small lot requirement again already. Much craft combination pressworks, online glazing, online cold bronzing, online gush code. Webby tube pressworks: Printing ink is grumous, tonal Xian Li, stereo sense is strong. But presswork rate is slow, yield is low, color pressworks expression is difficult, a large number of pressworking that do not suit. 4) reticulation roller and the Mo Lu system that blow printing machine of tube of flexographic plate of Mo Dao RUV-650 are mixed by reticulation roller enclosed drawknife system composition. System of route of this Chinese ink delivers printing ink to be stabilized equably, suffer outside ambient the impact is very little, deliver Chinese ink to the quantity is counted by the line of reticulation roller and carry Chinese ink to measure control. Reticulation roller structure: Metallic roller base, layer of pottery and porcelain, ink cell. Ink cell composition: Appearance of antrum of ink cell deepness, net, ink cell, leader (hexagon) , horn of corner area, net (60 degrees) . How to choose appropriate reticulation roller? According to forme, bear imprint material and use printing ink choose reticulation roller, experience is referenced: Reticulation roller line counts = forme line to count X 5-7. Above all, taste article of graph of of all kinds to wear according to imprinting Chinese ink area, by daily experience estimation chooses how many line to count / the reticulation roller that Zai Mo measures. Next, according to bear imprint the suction of material Chinese ink quantity, in process of overprint of preliminary school edition, observe the hue of every kinds of print, the saturated rate that Chinese ink estimates, will exchange again diverse line is counted / the reticulation roller that Zai Mo measures. Number of line of roller of the reticulation when use UV printing ink can be chosen a bit some taller. Presswork every time good data logging is done in the process, as the important basis that produces later. Printing machine of tube of RUV-650 flexographic plate uses UV printing ink to presswork. Bases of UV printing ink: Painty, sensitive colophony, active thinner, smooth initator and auxiliary, below the ultraviolet light illuminate of certain wavelengh, produce moment of chemical and aggregate action " solidify " . Auxiliary: Printing ink of accelerant of solidify of UV active thinner, UV, UV cleans an agent to wait, characteristic: Colourful, printability is good, dry speed fast, dosage good relative to little, stability, on the safe side, environmental protection, get used to material price of extensive, sex is compared tall. Store: Avoid strictly smooth, avoid hot, store temperature 5-30 is spent. Safety defends: The harm of ultraviolet ray and UV printing ink to human body. Chinese ink of soft stamp-pad ink and technology will become UV to will presswork henceforth the mainstream of the domain. The article connects a group to offer by each other CNC Milling