Have accept rice acicular the Nanolock TiCN coating of grain structure

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Traditional CVD besmears layer theory thinks, azotic carbonization titanium (TiCN) the carbon in coating and azotic element must distributing equably in whole coating. But, tool manufacturer times fighting spirit is special (Boehlerit) call one kind of company new development " Nanolock " TiCN coating broke afore-mentioned judgment however. Introduce according to Reinhard Pitonak of controller of development department of this company coating, nanolock is the first kind of certain area in coating the volume that contain nitrogen is higher, and carbon is contained to measure more expensive TiCN coating in as adjacent as its area. When with the enlarge multiple observation of 1000 times when this coating, can see rich nitrogen area shows yellow to arrive orange, and rich carbon area is shown arrive for red gray. Place of name of coating of no less than makes clear in that way, nanolock coating has structure of accept rice grain, there are two dimensions to be less than 100 accept rice in the three-dimensional dimension of its grain. Nanolock coating structure is shown acicular or fiber shape, have very good stability, the Al2O3 that can be follow-up besmear Fu reachs the action of felt layer since the layer. As special as times acute company most preexistence razor blade of its part turning (be like Steeltec " K " bit) on deposit in lukewarm (700 - 900 ℃ ) TiCN layer is different, temperature of Nanolock TiCN coating is 950 - 1000 ℃ . Pitonak says, higher coating temperature (there can be a few changes in deposit process) can make coating has flexibility, the wearability with can be offerred better at the same time and fight oxidisability, and these character are very mutual repulsion, difficult give attention to two or morethings normally. The hardness of Nanolock coating is 2500HV, and in the hardness of lukewarm MT-TiCN coating is 3000HV, the brittleness that this means latter is bigger. Although the hardness of Nanolock coating is a bit low, but its wearability however excel is other the coating with more expensive hardness. Times fighting spirit is special the Steeltec of the company " K " what car razor blade reachs his to go up is multilayer coating (include Nanolock TiCN layer among them) , of the Al2O3 layer that mentions in front above it is TiCN-TiN layer, one is enclothed again on its 1 - 1.

5 μ M is thick " yellow " Al2O3 layer. Al2O3 coating is black normally, but Boehlerit company is passed use special craft parameter, can deposit gives transparent Al2O3 layer, make final user can observe conveniently thereby as wear away the maize TiN layer of the label, and won't damage it. Use at turning razor blade, the ply of Nanolock layer is 7 μ M about, take coating total thickness about (15 - 16 μ M) half; When cutting bit with Yu Xi (coating total ply is about 7 - 9 μ M) , the ply of Nanolock layer is about 2 - 3 μ M. CNC Milling