Scale of new-style numerical control is electro-hydraulic technical application

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Current society is digitlized completely already drive of electronic equipment place. Compare with imitate technology photograph, digital technology has more distinct advantage. Figure of innovation axis sports controls a technology to had applied motion to dominate a field now. It can realize accurate control precision, repeat precision, and realize control of all process designing easily, facilitate repair and safeguard. Scale of a few Atos will introduce below electro-hydraulic the successful case that new-style number controls a technology in the product. Current society is digitlized completely already drive of electronic equipment place: The computer, automation system, car, aerospace, electronic communication, and advanced network technology all is built on digital technology. Have more typical advantage than digital technology with imitate technology photograph: Faster stronger data processing capability, more simplify but process designing sex, fight electromagnetism noise to disturb processing of ability, signal and data to store. Because the number is electronic-controlled,the technology is held easily accuse, facilitate use, and be the same as of all kinds and electronic-controlled there is good compatibility between unit, can will mechanical / standardization of the interface of electronic equipment, function, it is so in nearly 10 years, this technology already was succeeded to accept by each industrial automation domains, wide application controls a technology at axial motion. The digital axial of innovation sex controls a technology to already had higher definition now, repeat precision and the sex of easy process designing of each domain application, ensured at the same time more be repaired easily and safeguard. The development that handles unit to CMOS technology and new DSP of late makes the conformity of digital electron technology and scale electron hydraulic pressure becomes a possibility. Made up for the inadequacy of axle control of instrument of electric pickaback plane so, increased the character of hydraulic pressure technology at the same time: Higher dynamical density, have energy to lay in ability and essence excess load to protect property, low mechanical wear, service life of equipment is longer, can achieve linear exercise directly (make the structure simplifies) . A holds the research and development that Stone spends last a period of time 5 years in the palm, completed the project that introduces digital control technology product of hydraulic pressure of electron of whole set scale finally, obtained thousands of second success application. A few typical products will be listed below. Control of a powerful person of control of direction of scale of directional control a powerful person flows into hydraulic pressure to carry out implement (like oil cylinder) oily fluid. To a powerful person of amplifier of type of compositive and new-style number, once obtain fetch to be carried out oneself implement (oil cylinder) the signal of proportionate position feedback that the displacement sensor that go up provides, the closed-loop control that can realize pair of whole (the position, speed, acceleration) . The digital control component that ATOS innovates gets signal, provide drive electricity for electro-magnet, dominate the action of a powerful person; They realize the processing of pair of complex data with the most efficient way, because this is in dynamic function, repeat precision, fixed position precision, automatic protection and breakdown to diagnose the imitate that waited for each respects to all surmount a tradition successfully device. The functional sex physical quantity of proportioning valve (electric current of position of core of exterior instruction, a powerful person, electro-magnet) type of glyph of the amount to that be changed by high-powered 14bitsA/D converter, handle subtly with the sampling time of the fastest 200µs by new-style 40Mips/32bitDSP miniature processor. This kind of brand-new operation method that devises for hydraulic pressure application only, by Atuosi company and university of clever science and technology combine development. Its application broke through ordinary traditional numerical control implement limitation. Characteristic basis is specific application, digitlization set issues a main function parameter, adjust and the movement of set a powerful person. Yi Ke duplicates the record go up to other a powerful person: · is the biggest adjust with the least flow (dead band and gain) · is the biggest limitative acceleration (brae) · a powerful person adjusts characteristic compensation (degree of linearity) the setting with characteristic trends of · closed circuit (PID) the compensation that · prevents to stick sluggish motion and attrition (flutter) · command signal: Optional choose RS232 strings together a mouth, interface of Can bus line or interface of Profibus bus line. Pass software of ATOS proprietary computer, the functional parameter of a powerful person, outside / the transmission that wait follows in-house signal current RS232 data transmits an agreement. This kind of software is multistage structure design, simplify of a powerful person start, debug and breakdown diagnoses an operation, corresponding ground simplified electro-hydraulic axis: In the meantime, the application of software makes we can get useful information well and truly quickly, the condition of movement of control of the real value that commands signal and feedback signal for example and trend cost information, PID / make mistake information. In other words, use this software to be able to go to the lavatory, the seasonable working character that knows hydraulic pressure a powerful person and condition, can undertake be installinged correctly to the functional parameter of hydraulic pressure a powerful person conveniently. Deserve to have interface of standard spot bus line (CanOpen interface or interface of Profibus · DP) numerical control a powerful person, in can consolidating the network of bus line of integral automation spot that receives a machine, have clearer advantage so: · wiring adopts standard plan or parameter of all configuration of assorted plan · controls · of the setting in unit to undertake to signal of all command signal, monitoring and the information of diagnostic signal real time number exchanges afore-mentioned functions in machinery directly also is the main demand that can inspect screen to assist a machine. Such, can undertake be diagnosticed remotely mixing trouble removal, improve the efficiency that the spot maintains thereby, or undertake fittings is replaced directly. The user to having experience (level 3) , can provide more functions additionally: · system man-hour and life are recorded, facilitate preventive safeguard · monitoring function to be used at checking a system to appear to run state eccentrically, be like, card of core of a powerful person inadequacy of pressure of dead, forerunner, temperature is exorbitant / what low · oscillograph shows a powerful person in real time is all and important, the parameter that changes along with time (movement of set value, feedback value, control, alarm, wait) value. Pressure controls a powerful person to match the pressure of digital electron amplifier to control function of a powerful person to get very big promotion, especially compositive the valve of closed-loop control pressure of pressure sensor, systematic operating mode (actual flow / stiffness) the influence of the stability that works to its and accuracy is fallen lowermost rate, following a few character are very valuable: · needs pressure to cannot be achieved when place, the adjustable pressure of infinite growth · that can avoid error integral is rising / drop the systematic operating mode with the different basis of damp factor · in the process, set is multiple PID parameter leave factory in order to adjust a powerful person of dynamic and characteristic numerical control of a powerful person set beforehand, plug and Play. ATOS software interface is friendly, according to need, satisfy any optimizes parameter requirements of final client. Scale of character of large flow tall trends inserts type of word of the know exactly about sth that hold a powerful person to insert outfit direction to control a powerful person and digital type to insert outfit pressure to dominate a powerful person or family. The large flow after blending in digital electron technology inserts outfit a powerful person, dynamic function also be able to huge rises. Digital type forerunner scale inserts outfit a powerful person to apply to large flow (the biggest 10l/min) circumstance of successive, real time adjustment, have tall dynamic property (of 80 diameter a powerful person answer time to be less than 30ms) , and precision and repeat precision but with move continuously model scale inserts the photograph that hold a powerful person to rival. To avoid exceeding machinery vibration, the trends that can adjust a powerful person in working site is characteristic. Deserve to aid you to solve this difficult problem again with ATOS software, obtain the optimum behavior that the machine works. Compound P/Q controls element (a powerful person, pump) a powerful person of direction of scale of standard numerical control is compositive after pressure sensor, parameter of executable multiple PID is adjusted (pressure or dynamic direction / flow control) , simplified loop of whole hydraulic pressure, also expanded the applied domain of standard unit. Have following character: · linear pressure adjusts (odd pressure sensor) · is carried out implement the adjustment of active force (dynamometer or double pressure sensor) · discharge adjusts, do not suffer pressure change to disturb, through discharge electron compensation realizes variable pump to also have form of compound P/Q pilot, it can realize new intelligence motive power unit, have the following advantage more: The leak below operating mode of · pressure wave motion compensates · most servo of high-power adjustment number is carried out implement (control equipment of hydraulic pressure exercise) digital servo is carried out implement it is the machine composition element that intelligence changes, it includes the hydraulic pressure crock, sensor that reachs its correspondence, and proportioning valve, implementation exterior is compact, leave factory beforehand the solution that set and tall sex price compare. Different type and option offer an alternative, can be its according to different application circumstance custom-built and electro-hydraulic axis: Treatment of the machinery that note model, lumber, fatigue test, imitate / the recreation, machine that fold a turn. Below the help of the engineer that has experience, can choose right fit is configured and set parameter, can obtain: The trends with tall · is characteristic / speed, introduce low friction sealed and dynamic proportioning valve, frequency noise can amount to 50Hz, answer the definition with time 2m/s high · / repeat precision, carry sensor of SSI/Encoder high resolution, can amount to oil cylinder of 1µm · standard type most, working force can amount to 700KN to realize the working mode of Plug and Play, need to input a few basic job data through software only (wait like force of laden quality, work) can start. Start rapid, safeguard quick, what also contemporary machine manufacturer needs these advantages. Digital servo executive appliance has inside the athletic signal generator of buy, still need not controlled at machine center unit independence supervises all axial movement movements, mix mechanical automation system further thereby system of special management of hydraulic pressure axis is separate. Pass software, systematic engineer can install every axis very handily to be in the main action parameter of each athletic phase (the position, speed, acceleration) dictate with logic / signal condition (start, stop, defer, wait and / or condition leap) . This kind of detached pilot is tectonic, be diagnosed at breakdown by application and in maintenance process, appear when the system alarm, breakdown, or serious working condition (for example a powerful person quits the job, the axis stops, hold some position changeless etc) when, still can firm the safe function that executes whole machine effectively. Summary: Digital control technology is the development trend that uses with prospective hydraulic pressure now, include to conform to the principle of simplicity odd fast / slow control position is carried out implement to complex much axis synchro control system. Where does digital electron technology apply, where to have an advantage. Once any machine components and factory automation system use a number to control a technology, its function sex and flexibility are met be able to rise and increase. CNC Milling