Platoon of milling cutter of big diameter boring is in marine the application in treatment of baseplate of diesel engine spare parts

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High-power is marine the machining of main part has low speed diesel engine its characteristic, the design of treatment technology program that props up baseplate of crankshaft spare parts among them is in treatment of machine tool of mill of heavy-duty dragon door it is certain to have representative. The article introduces me to manage own design and platoon of production milling cutter of big diameter boring machine medium applied technology in this kind of spare parts. One, the technology design of special face mill and application are like graphic representation the 1 local treatment plan that is baseplate of spare parts of some type diesel engine, the treatment that the dimension in the graph tags place to show asks to be not an enterprise to invest to deploy special machine tool and blame mark to cutting tool is machined and come true hard gigantic. The platoon realized the orthogonal accessory milling head that shows my department to use mill of door of dragon of heavy-duty numerical control and its mark to match and the knife of big diameter circle that make treatment according to own design to be like attached drawing the treatment of 1 requirement, because taller manufacturing efficiency already obtained quite considerable economic benefits. The machining of face of bearing of thrust of crankshaft of this type baseplate has 5 to be in an element to want a consideration meticulous: Accessory of ① machine tool and the measure of relevant gap opening file that the knife discharges a design to offer reference 929, 311, Φ 630, tolerancepublic errand asks related ③ of 270 Mm((1170-630)/2) ; of width of milling of 503; ② : Φ 1170+00.

5, 513 ± 0.

1, 311 ± 0.

1; ④ each are relevant form Ra3 of surface roughness of surface of ⑤ of tolerancepublic errand; .

2, Ra6.

3. According to above requirement and existing natural resources, from the enterprise manufacturing cost controls angle to set out, craft designs as follows: ① design machines a diameter to be platoon of milling cutter of Φ 900mm boring, boring milling cutter discharges a requirement: Knife open slot, in order to facilitate the car of economy different tool cutting edge angle uses the knife of installation; ② of square body arbor the design has structure of certain fine tuning, can facilitate each knife the point of a knife of cutting tool is jumpy 800mm of Φ of diameter of cutter hub of control; ③ , Φ of diameter of the treatment after installing arbor 900. Interface of platoon of ④ boring milling cutter can be installed directly at milling head of accessory of machine tool right angle. ⑤ discharges a knife from knife of regard of cutting efficiency respect decorate as far as possible many somes, stem from element of own treatment engineering capability, show me to manage to circular boring milling cutter the platoon designed 8 knives. ⑥ uses mill of interpolation of arc of way of way of milling of face milling cutter to machine face of two side thrust, accessory milling head has the whirl of face of 180 ° direction to locate. Lever of the DCLNL that ⑦ chooses cutting tool cutting edge angle to be 95 ° lathe tool as rough machining cutting tool (attached drawing 2) , for the abominable operating mode of counteractive and discontinuous cutting, the 4225 material that recommend SANDVIK are qualitative model CNMG razor blade. Nextpage ⑧ finish machining chooses lever of the PTFNL with section relatively stable compose lathe tool, because tool cutting edge angle of cutting of lever of this lathe tool is 90 ° , satisfy the requirement of step mill, TNMG of finish machining razor blade, choose R1 of round horn of point of a knife.

2 razor blade, in order to satisfy the requirement of round role of step root ministry (attached drawing 3) . 90 ° have the tool cutting edge angle after ⑨ installs finish machining razor blade error, the adjustment that can use a knife to discharge bolt adjusts angle. The technology design application in technology practice is like attached drawing 4: 2, efficient the technology design of boring and apply afore-mentioned boring milling cutter to discharge Dao Weian to install PSBNL or after DCLNL car uses arbor, can use at headstock of diesel engine baseplate the boring of thick, essence of aperture of bridge crankshaft bearing sells treatment (the boring that afore-mentioned exemples lift, if pursue 5. Bridge is baseplate headstock cast steel, afore-mentioned boring milling cutter discharge crankshaft bearing aperture PSBNL of Dao Weian outfit or the boring of thick, essence of life that after DCLNL car uses arbor, can be used at aperture of bearing of axis of Liang Qu of headstock of diesel engine baseplate sells treatment (the boring milling cutter that afore-mentioned exemples lift discharges 820 of Φ of diameter of size range of pipe bent, if pursue 6. Bridge is baseplate headstock cast steel, crankshaft bearing aperture. With the design application of upper part case, developed me adequately to manage power of main shaft of planer-type milling machine of heavy-duty numerical control is high as large as torque dominant position, for me the production treatment of spare parts of department diesel engine opens out-of-the-way a new technical field, be not the own development of mark cutting tool as a result of such at the same time, low manufacturing cost created strong market competition ability for my department again. CNC Milling