The setting of a few big application of Laser Cutting machine is summed up

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Transfer to our country as the center of global manufacturing industry, demand of market of machine of Laser Cutting of our country numerical control year growth rate achieves 50 % above, technology of numerical control Laser Cutting more with its flexibility and flexibility machined a domain to replace traditional process instrumentation stage by stage in thin plate. And, through old development, technology of our country Laser Cutting and equipment from do not have have, already formed certain property dimensions stage by stage. Current, our Laser Cutting technology has gotten gradually thorough popular feeling, speed of support Laser Cutting fast, precision is tall and the characteristic with good quality, it is national emphasis support and a when drive application new and high technology all the time, especially the government emphasizes wanting to revitalize manufacturing industry, this brings development opportunity to application of Laser Cutting technology. Predict to be in in the near future in time, laser Cutting technology can have a bigger promotion. Adjust as the conformity of Ban gold manufacturing industry, the prospective market demand of Laser Cutting machine will bigger and bigger, basic and main application is in the following 6 large trades. One, Laser Cutting of numerical control of   of Sheet Metal Fabrication has high accuracy, high rate, especially flexible treatment (need not fly a model) wait for an advantage, make the way that technology of Sheet Metal Fabrication develops. Wuhan is high-energy of laser tall sex price is in than machine of Laser Cutting of high-powered numerical control develop a school of one's own of Ban gold industry, huge got the favour of Ban gold company, what the equipment of high-energy laser makes order for goods of professional work of center of Sheet Metal Fabrication is strong assure. 2, the industry that industry of car production automobile is concentration of height of new and high technology, laser regards a kind of advanced production as the method, industrial state home is amounted to in Euramerican hair in, the car component that has 50%~70% is finished with laser beam machining, automobile industry basically solders to be main process instrumentation with Laser Cutting with laser, include planar cut, three-dimensional cut. 3, the home chooses manufactory of ark of box of computer of box report ark, electric switch, report, elevator the laser equipment with high-energy Wuhan, those who take a fancy to is the stable, fast, high accuracy of equipment, do not need completely to undertake fabricating to workpiece, improved manufacturing efficiency greatly, reduced manufacturing cost. As a result of,wait for an industry with ark of opportunity box machine and elevator the increasingly intense competition of the market, the product of much breed small lot is increasing, of Laser Cutting flexible while treatment means improved product quality greatly, also shortened greatly draw a design is periodic, bring strong competition ability for the client. 4, stone vitta material uses sieve of Laser Cutting oil to seam a canal is Laser Cutting technology one of representative application in petrifaction industry. Oil drills a process in, loose layer is prevented arenaceous it is wildcat is over in well and design of oil extraction engineering one of the most crucial parts. It is the circumjacent treatment in pipe commonly a large number of petty aperture will hold back for the most part arenaceous layer. Be in charge of the important characteristic of material Laser Cutting to depend on, it is OK cut goes out outside wide inside narrow or outside narrow inside the gradient of the paragraph cut seam, make oil sieve seams a canal to have better performance. 5, agricultural and mechanical the agricultural and mechanical manufacturer of a lot of United States, Italy, Ireland, Korea, Malaysia, China and England, used Wuhan the equipment of high-energy laser. Wuhan is high-energy after the flexibility of laser technology, accelerated its to design updated rate, improved product quality, huge reduced cost, made sharper reaction to what market demand changes. Laser Cutting system is to make this industry is benefited most technology. 6, technology of groove of plasma of union of cut of shipbuilding industry high speed and other technical option make Wuhan high-energy one of presiding suppliers of the dockyard that laser becomes world-class. Of China, Japan, India and Korea exceed big container the high speed of the manufacturer home of carry cargoboat and Australia, United States and Europe is aluminous the manufacturer home of ferry, used technology of our this one Laser Cutting. CNC Milling