Hill spy dimension overcomes coke full CoroMill®The edge tool that 790 aluminium alloy machine

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The treatment of spare parts of aviation industry aluminium alloy has very high demand to the knife, cutting tool is in have the demand that high quality still must satisfy to machine while tall sex price is compared. Here setting falls, cutting tool of integral hard alloy replaced traditional high-speed steel cutting tool gradually, because cutting tool of integral hard alloy has groove,this is model appropriate, cutting blade is sharp, in aluminium alloy finish machining cutting force is small, and allow bits space big, platoon bits is smooth wait for an advantage. The stretch model of hard alloy measures 3 times be steel about, this its advantage makes be below laden and same situation, the value letting a knife of cutting tool of integral hard alloy is the 1/3 of common steel cutting tool only. It is OK still that integral hard alloy establishs milling cutter blade of make it helix, undertake smoothly be cuttinged mixing be cuttinged so, platoon bits is very smooth also smooth, these conduce to the wave motion that reduces cutting force restraining the oscillatory tendency that brings from this thereby. Using the cutting tool with bigger diameter (~ of the 25 that be like Φ 100) when, but dislocation cutting tool still has potential advantage to the rough machining of aluminium alloy and finish machining. Be used at aluminium alloy treatment but dislocation establishs milling cutter to need not be ground again, have better security, versatility and higher metallic purify rate, have very large dominant position when the workpiece of purify large surplus especially. The CoroMill 790 improvement on cutting force   ongoing hair is new-style but dislocation establishs milling cutter concept (the efficient precision work that basically is used at aluminium alloy and other data) when, can obtain a lot of decisive breakthroughs through revising parameter. To satisfy the different requirement of rough machining and finish machining, the main technique difficulty that face includes the following fields: The cutting action with smooth · ; · cuts bits goodly to form; The material purify with extremely tall · is led; · low power comsumption; The exterior surface roughness with very good · and the smallest mark that receive a knife; · ensures high rotate speed issues the security of cutting tool. Machine aluminium alloy, when the finish machining that measures cutting in Xiaoyu especially, but dislocation blade point appears blunter normally, often bring about plow the generation that cuts effect, cutting blade enters cut easily also abruptly, cause cutting force to increase suddenly, bring about because of the change of cutting force thereby make a knife too big and power demand is exorbitant. Afore-mentioned problems become because of the demand of cutting blade more complex, must use when finish machining sharp before horny cutting blade, and to ensure metallic purify is led when rough machining, requirement cutting cutting tool has enough strength. Accordingly, we need a kind new mature to cutting force, cut, cut bits to form, of the fixed position of cutting stability and razor blade and clamp but dislocation razor blade. When the cutting blade of milling cutter cuts work, abruptly bump the vibration that can cause cutting tool. The cutting power that it produces basically depends on the ply that cut bits, this ply and feed speed become certain proportion. The cutting tool vibration that causes at first will change the follow-up ply that cut bits, when change when cutting force subsequently and causing the oscillatory aggravate that processes a system conversely, this ply still can continue possibly to increase. The direction of cutting force and fluctuant extent decided oscillatory trend greatly. Vibration of this kind of second birth also calls flutter, if do not try to restrain, the metabolic extent of cutting force can increase, make the exterior surface roughness after cutting drops thereby, generation receives a knife, cause cutting blade and cutting tool damage even, still can produce adverse effect to machine tool main shaft in addition. For this, must change acutenessly with respect to what control cutting power in the begining in cutting restrain oscillatory tendency thereby, this also is the main reason that uses vibration isolation cutting tool. Fall in a lot of circumstances nevertheless, this is to pass pair of bit structure parameter to undertake optimizing (make its can acuteness to cutting force undertake fluctuantly inhibition) and of implementation. Well-known, when milling is cast-iron, hind of knife face wear away the oscillatory damp that can form certain level. After wearing away " first flank " had worn treatment face, draw oscillatory energy, bring about amplitude attenuation thereby. Tell from logic, this effect also should the milling that can be used at restraining other type is oscillatory. The difficulty that this technology place faces is how will design technically reasonably hind knife face wears away belt with face of the knife after deciding. To achieve correct damp effect, its position on bit, angle, width and the range that are used on cutting blade need to comparative accurate, and also should have correct concern with the other design element on bit. What radial cutting force decided the quantity letting a knife of cutting tool and vibration greatly is strong weak. If application is proper, have amortize effect advocate hind the addition that horny first flank can restrain extent of cutting tool deflection, command the ply that cut bits and radial cutting force thereby. The secret that Shanteweikekeleman already obtained patent new-style razor blade to design depends on, when bit has the tendency of deviate workpiece, its first flank will begin what form accordingly on recurvate instant and workpiece to already machined curved surface to contact in cutting tool -- during preventing to be being machined thereby of cutting tool amplitude increase. This means this razor blade to have persistent stable effect, this effect also is the one part of cutting action. Design technically advocate hind brief now and then contact is very gentle between horny first flank and workpiece, won't right function of cutting tool cutting, wear away development or burr form generation any influences, its are as a result -- the change of radial cutting force is quite little. The key with this successful technique depends on advocate hind horny first flank is opposite at bit geometry the compose dimension with cutting tool diameter is mixed the position. Next, what emulate through having cutting process is finite yuan the analysis will evaluate cutting join forces, cut bits to form and of level of the stress in bit distributing. To the influence of radial cutting force, small to tigidity of medium diameter cutting tool bad, happen more easily deflective, and big diameter cutting tool is stabler, they are different also to the requirement of vibration isolation. In addition return discovery, feed rate is not the main factor that affects radial cutting force, between the different feed in cutting tool (normally every tine feed is 0.

25m M and 0.

35m M) , the size of radial cutting force has trifling change only. Establish milling cutter to aluminium alloy of typical Φ 25m M, the first flank on its razor blade shows 1 ° , 0.

1mm is wide, and match completely with blade of curvilinear form cutting. The issue that the development of cutting blade technology brings is the production problem of corresponding razor blade namely. When Nextpage   new-style milling cutter closes to the development that takes bit skill develops CoroMill 790 razor blade, theoretical calculation and production of cutting of emulation watch palpability have special demand to bit geometry character, this needs a few advanced bit grinding and measure a technology. Accordingly, shanteweikekeleman developed the technology that 1 apply mechanically makes at new-style razor blade and corresponding device by oneself. Development can be used at making the production technology of new complex razor blade, had made the new-style precision work that is used at radial milling aluminium alloy and other data but the one part that development of technology of dislocation razor blade works. Shanteweikekeleman had developed new-style combined-type grinding and measure technology and corresponding machine tool. Aluminium alloy is a kind of stuff that has good machinability. Force of cutting of its data unit is the 1/3 of steel about, melting point is 625 ℃ . No matter cutting speed has many,this kind of low melting point is meant tall, the temperature of cutting area won't exceed 625 ℃ . Appearing excessive wear away, before was not being affected to the intensity of cutting blade, hard alloy razor blade can bear very high temperature. Higher cutting rate also can rise subsequently to the requirement of power. In fact, a when aluminium alloy high speed is machined common problem is the machine tool power with very great need, this often can bring about purify of the metal below unit power comsumption to lead on the low side. Accordingly, normally requirement machine tool still can be offerred below high rotate speed output power greatly as far as possible -- when high speed machines aluminium alloy, as a result of cutting tool improve and making what need power to reduce is very beneficial. From the point of the viewpoint of cutting tool, advocate cutting force has conclusive effect to power demand. The power that reduces unit material purify to measure place to need is having apparent openly effect to application of aluminium alloy milling, the incorporate production in every working procedure efficiency is taller, and machine tool process capability is stronger also. Before horn besides the decision cutting is light besides, also can affect advocate cutting force. Design of new-style razor blade carries the part before increasing, at the same time with bit geometry compose model others matchs each other, can reduce cutting force as far as possible, its were to reduce power demand greatly as a result. When milling is machined, increase quickly of force to prevent initiative cutting, cutting blade need cuts work as far as possible stage by stage (if establish the corkscrewed yarn of milling cutter to be cut stage by stage along integral hard alloy,enter) , this will affect volume of radial cutting power and directional increase rate, affect cutting tool from this deflective and the amplitude of workpiece appearance error. In addition, also can reduce axial cutting force greatly, this means treatment apparently the pressure decrescent that brings to bear on by cutting tool, this is the element that needs a consideration when machining thin wall spare parts. Use form of chamfer of CoroMill 790 razor blade, can gain very small cutting strength. Through deepening the form of the chamfer that cut bits on face of the knife before bit, reduced cutting force, optimized cut bits is formed and eliminate -- fly off and be far from cutting area and workpiece surface. The knife of form of this kind of chamfer - bits interface is smaller, have smaller attrition force and smoother cutting effect, can use bigger cutting deepness. The gush that course of surface of this kind of razor blade optimizes is arenaceous handle with grinding, can bear the cutting stress when aluminium alloy is machined and prevent aluminium alloy to stick receive go up in bit. Although because its are more sharp,the cutting blade of bit looks,mix chamfer of the figuration that cut bits is deeper and appear flimsier, but actually its stress level won't prep above is opposite blunter cutting blade. Have the aid of more the designs method, more perfect nicety computation of systematization, emulate and check an instrument, can develop more reasonable bit structure, cutting performance is more superior, and enough security. Its target is control and reduce cutting resultant force, make its point to the most favorable direction. To most material, the sharp cutting cutting tool of CoroMill 790 razor blade has purify low to 0.

The ability of 01m M mental allowance. This is very useful when finish machining aperture, in this application the circumstance falls, traditional boring cutting tool may is not worth as a result of cutting blade penetration of a cutting tool and cannot machine. Below the premise that satisfies a requirement in machine tool function, coroMill 790 establishs Kong Shike of milling cutter finish machining to obtain extremely tall precision -- circularity error limits is in 6 μ M. The milling width of CoroMill 790 is less than 1m M normally, when finish machining, milling width is in commonly 0.

25 ~ 0.

Between 5m M. The tolerancepublic errand order and degree that reachs I T8 normally is without a problem, if machine tool and outfit clip are good and OK,reach I T7 order and degree, if machine environment and outfit clip,be optimal, can reach I T6 order and degree even. CoroMill 790 cutting tool can achieve tall precision, surface roughness and metallic purify rate, this to the standard can be unique for milling cutter of dislocation razor blade. CoroMill 790 razor blade has series of 2 kinds of main cutting blade measure, its biggest axial cutting deepness is 18m M and 12m M respectively. Cutting tool of this kind of cutting has be based on Wiper (Xiu Guangren) technical structure. By complex and multistage the cutting blade that the curve makes can offer good exterior quality, the cutting tool that and can be compensated causes during treatment is deflective, still eliminated the error that receive a knife at the same time. In cutting tool, the fixed position quality of bit is crucial to treatment function and result. For this, coroMill 790 razor blade was used comprise ILock razor blade by zigzag interface, location is very exact, can appear in order to avoid bit at the same time any subtle shift. Bit and razor blade sidewall is not contacted, the centrifugal force that gets below the cutting force that comes from each direction and high rotate speed stands by this interface. Open mode fixed position makes cut bits can glibly eduction. The precision of zigzag interface ensured cutting blade is in proper place in cutting tool, make the radial of the cutting tool that causes by bit on size error beats the quantity reduces 1/2. The last word altogethers, if not the computational model of new development of have the aid of, advanced emulation technology and new razor blade make a technology, cannot develop this kind of distinctive CoroMill 790 milling cutter. As a result of the need of research and development of bit geometry configuration, must develop new-style razor blade to grind make a concept. Existing technology includes method of machine tool, treatment and precision to make sure measure already cannot satisfy requirement, because razor blade of this CoroMill 790 also is bit design and the collateral development product of relevant production technology actually. CNC Milling