Spot welding electrode wears away management

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In spot welding technology electrode wears away management is affected directly solder the stability of quality, ABB nods the spot welding controller of solder robot, can compensate spot welding electrode through rigid standard soldering in the process because solder,wear away and the electric current of loss, make solder quality keeps stable. Develop in contemporary automobile manufacturing industry fast today, the robot solders of the technology apply had replaced handiwork to solder, what the robot solders is efficient with stability it is to solder by hand cannot be likened to. Wear away in the electrode in spot welding technology however management is affected directly solder the stability of quality. Spot welding electrode should bear when the job comparative to solder greatly electric current and electrode force. Because electrode is versed in tabulation face contacts solder to nod directly, bear solder the high temperature of a generation, the effect that electrode pressure plays pair of copper alloy electrode in normal temperature is not quite big still, but when 597 ℃ above, can be achieved or exceed what certain electrode copper alloy falls in this temperature to succumb intensity, those who cause electrode working face is rapid be out of shape and press make a present of, make electrode head serious be out of shape and misfire. Electrode wears away bring about area of electrode end panel to increase, changed property of electrode and the electric conduction that workpiece contacts the surface, heat conduction, reduced the current density of electrode and workpiece interface and electrode pressure, affect the formation of frit nucleus. When the material such as armor plate of excel in of spot welding galvanization, electrode wears away to had become influence solder to nod the main factor of quality, increase what diameter of electrode end panel counts along with solder contact ceaselessly and increase. If the electrode below number of different solder contact and condition of face of its solder feature pursue 1. Solder dot diameter and exterior condition are the report of diameter of electrode end panel and exterior condition actually, when just beginning to solder, it is better that solder nods a circle to spend, exterior state level, as electrode tatty aggravate, solder dot circle is spent become poor, the surface is even more uneven also. When zine plate of spot welding plating, high temperature makes electrode surface layer produced alloy of low melting point, when electrode leaves work, alloy of low melting point is in splatter electrode end panel left below action, produce a small arc hole on end panel, form bit of corrode, pursue namely 1 in the clear area region of electrode embossing. Graph the electrode below number of contact of 1 different solder and condition of solder feature face nodded corrode to increase the current density all round its and electrode pressure, brought about a dot to the generation is more serious plasticity all round corrode is out of shape and fall off, quicken electrode to wear away. Use the current density that increases by degrees voltaic technique is caused with compensating electrode to wear away to reduce commonly at present. The spot welding controller that ABB robot configures, electrode of spot welding of compensation of ground of OK and rigid standard is soldering in the process because solder,wear away and the electric current of loss, make solder quality as always stable. After installing the communication that answers relatively with spot welding controller when the robot, when does OK and strict control give out spot welding controller robot electrode is repaired grind instruction and robot to change electrode dictates (if pursue 2) . Graph the use time that 2 operations interface has such ability to control a pair of electrode strictly only and service life. When every time solders spot welding controller can record next soldering frequencies and the electric current that solder currently. It is certain to perhaps should repair the electrode that has ground to be in to new electrode solder after the frequency, spot welding controller can issue the information that electric current increases by degrees, compensate electrode to be in thereby the job grinds place losing electric current without repairing after fixed number, the action of quality solders to stability since. But the graph that how chooses electric current well and truly to increase by degrees is very important in electrode management, want to achieve appropriate electric current to increase by degrees must pass two graph, in the graph 3 in the curve controlled Step-Cv to increase by degrees in electric current most compensatory is measured in the process, can 10 graph can choose, according to electrode wear away the curve that degree chooses to differ, but maximum is installed not easily also too greatly, solder otherwise transformer differs as a result of power the electric current that cannot achieve output. And another Dress-Cv curve controlled electrode to build the base that after grinding, increases by degrees every time, because be ground through be being repaired for many times, the quantity that electric current increases by degrees also needs proper accretion, so Dress-Cv curve is the foundation that increases by degrees every time. Should choose two correct curves to be able to assure to solder to the greastest extent voltaic output, made sure solder chooses the stability of quality thereby. Graph 3 graph electrode is repaired grinding management is robot spot welding impartible cut one share, can reflect the advantage that gives a robot to solder to the greastest extent, and correct use still can improve electrode service life, reduce manufacturing cost thereby. So electrode is repaired grinding management is very useful function in spot welding technology, using this one segment correctly is the one big edge tool that the robot solders. CNC Milling