CAD technology has the application of the design in electric industry

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The dynamoelectric tool industry of our country is a few medium and small businesses mostly. The capacity of research and development of these enterprises is insufficient, own brand of a few places merely, normally the means that uses a kind of OEM undertakes participate in international to compete. The development cycle of product of requirement of this kind of means wants as far as possible short, in order to get used to the need that the market changes ceaselessly. In recent years, of dynamoelectric tool product begin to designed an idea to already had very big change. Paid attention to the functional design of the product in the past, a lot of part often are sold after a products plan is finished, its lifecycle amounts to 10 years of above. And now the need as a result of the market, the lifecycle of mainstream product has 3-4 only year, the interior that is a product normally has almost or change is not big, the appearance that is a product only produced change. Such, on the appearance design that the design works to basically depend on a product. We got appearance design in the past, it is to finish 2 dimension outline drawing first, give woodiness according to blueprint treatment by mould labour next or the model that its turn material. Such process depends on the accuracy of the experience that the mould is versed in and 2 dimension graph more quite, at the same time architect and mould labour should have more communication. Only such, what ability makes sure the appearance is designed is accurate. Its process is complex, and the design changes special difficulty. Now, the gains ground to use capacity with engineering software buildup as a result of the computer, we can assist a technology to accelerate this process and raise its accuracy through the computer, this is alleged CAD technology. In fact, the design idea that company of a few international advances is the result that reflects bionics and human body engineering on the appearance of the tool. Earlier design often is graph of effect of a piece of art. We must undertake designing to the appearance of the product that our has, in order to satisfy this kind of need, raised taller requirement to the appearance so. When we are designing a new tool, the likelihood that gets above all is an effect pursue or concept of a few designs. We must combine our existing product to undertake appearance of 2 dimension space and internal composition are designed, undertake necessary construction, safe analysis at the same time, get planar appearance skeleton map. This skeleton map should reflect the information with a few sectional keys as far as possible. These are sectional test and verify should be passed in 2 dimension graph, can use common CAD software normally, use such software of AUTOCAD and CAXA to be able to come true for example. Next task is the computer file outline drawing of this 2 dimension change is three-dimensional file. Because the external form of dynamoelectric tool is more complex, the CAD that must use high end so designs software, for example CATIA, PROIE, UG and MASTERCAM. Above all, we must be in three-dimensional software lieutenant general individually sectional place together, and make sure each sectional photographs are accurate to the position. After completing this one step, we will get one contains crucial and sectional three-dimensional block diagram, have three-dimensional model on this foundation next. What must explain is, because the external form of dynamoelectric tool is more complex, the hypostatic modelling function that provides with CAD software is very god-given the form that wants to us. Apply ability of curved surface modelling to achieve a goal only. Curved surface modelling is having very big flexibility, can realize the modelling of complex object. Handle the function of curved surface modelling that CAD software provides, finish the model of a few regular curved surface first, have an edition to these curved surface next, apply function of modelling of advanced curved surface to rise these curved surface join again, get a three-dimensional curved surface model. Had this three-dimensional curved surface model, we are OK its figure watchs in the fictitious environment of the computer, the appearance that needs with us undertakes comparative. Undertake modification in computer environment, can come out appearance treatment to have intuitionistic observation through CAM technology when necessary, quite. Get the model of three-dimensional curved surface that satisfies us to need finally. Such design technological process, the design work of the appearance will be finished by design personnel, without intermediate link, those who assured original design intent is complete and correct. After curved surface modelling is finished, we undertake on the foundation of this curved surface curved surface edits, get one has the substance with large wall. The hypostatic modelling function that handles CAD software to offer again on this tangible base next will increase internal composition, finish the model of whole spare parts finally. In fact, in whole molding process curved surface modelling is mixed hypostatic modelling is union rises apply. This is to apply CAD technology to undertake timework measures the job with the the biggest, biggest also difficulty setting. After the modelling of all spare partses is finished, we are OK undertake in CAD software environment fictitious assemble, and be opposite whole the interference that assembles body to undertake constructional is checked and run an analysis. Can undertake important safe structure is checked at the same time, also can be opposite when necessary the physical character of each spare partses undertakes installing, undertake an analysis to the function such as the machinery of each component, physics, achieve the goal that optimizes a design thereby. Such, can raise the dependability of the design and accuracy greatly. If be a brand-new structural design, we can be applied shape quickly the technology gets with just the same of three-dimensional CAD model make will undertake objective is assembled, safe structure analysis and relevant experiment. The loss of the other charge that creates with respect to the error that can avoid to be designed as a result of the structure so. Because had three-dimensional hypostatic model, we can apply the function that CAD software provides to get 2 dimension part drawing, have an edition to these part drawing again next, get be usinged at production, examining project blueprint. Same, had three-dimensional model, can apply these model CAD technology directly the design at the mould and make. Such, the manufacturing cycle of the mould will shorten greatly, and reduce the error that appears possibly arrive the smallest. The design of dynamoelectric tool begins the need that is contented function, what move a tool to go up in report as a result of human body engineering and bionics now is many apply, the appearance design of dynamoelectric tool has made the most important part of whole tool design. Get developing as contemporary automation processing technique, the mould is made also must use three-dimensional and hypostatic model. So, using CAD technology is dynamoelectric tool design must trend. Apply CAD technique talent reasonably to satisfy the need that the company grows, ability participates in intense international to compete. CNC Milling