Of camshaft detect with data processing

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The core component that 1 overview camshaft is the engine such as autocycle, car, plane, its function is those who assure engine is correct match gas phase and control spiracle group to time by certain motion curve, shut. The position of each cam on camshaft and appearance are to affect spiracle to leave, shut space size and the main factor of efficiency distributing gas. Current, below the requirement that adopts transfer matic production extensively already in the treatment of camshaft, traditional detect method, detect processing of data VIP labour, information content is big, efficiency is low, quality information cannot feedback in time, cannot get used to the demand that efficient, high accuracy produces far. But the requirement provides the value generally costly cam detects automatically device and system of computer data processing and show, condition of the equipment that print is still immature. Must adopt another methods to make cam detects the need that gets used to production. For this, the article with homebred number handiwork of appearance of explicit cam examination detects the method that is united in wedlock to write program of computer data processing oneself will detect cam, the cam with high price of both neither need detects automatically device, can detect through show from program and be being printed again result. The content that the content engine camshaft that 2 camshaft should detect should detect has commonly: Right choice detects fiducial; Accurate and affirmatory detect the position; Seek solution (calculate) detect initiative corner; Choose position of rest rising Cheng correctly (fiducial) , namely " 0 litres of Cheng " ; Undertake cam rises Cheng and the circle of basic circle to beat the quantity detects; Rise Cheng to detect to cam data undertakes handling, beg piece accord with " the smallest condition " the error rising Cheng of the requirement; Give out the radius of actual basic circle of each cam; Press concerned specialized standard and demand of public errand rising Cheng, decide the qualification that cam rises Cheng; Other, be like the diameter of fiducial journal, the exterior surface roughness of cam face; Practical to be being made by check camshaft conclusion. 3 detect cam of fiducial choice engine is not tagged commonly detect fiducial. Fiducial to indicating cam, border outline is actually opposite the position at ideal outline, namely of cam detect the position should be pressed " the smallest condition " the demand will decide. Accordingly, implementation cam ideal detects of the position fiducial can not set at will, its Yi Yingyi occupies the circumstance of actual cam, by " the smallest condition " the requirement undertakes choosing. Setting M, N is cam left and on the right side of on outline at 2 o'clock, when cam has Da of one position error, detect by cam equational H=h(a, r, r0, rc) can beg a M, n the Da=hn of · of DaDhn=(h/a)n of · of Da=hm of · of Dhm=(h/a)m of error rising Cheng 2 o'clock · Da(1) type (1) photograph is decreased, get Da=(Dhm-Dhn)/(hm-hn)(2) by type (2) is knowable, mix when M only N is cam left, on the right side of absolute value of ratio of change rising Cheng is the greatest " sensitive dot " , and left, on the right side of " sensitive dot " the value of the Da when error rising Cheng is equal is the least. "Sensitive dot " be cam " optimal " fiducial. 4 detect of initiative corner beg solution and rise Cheng to detect skill cam rises Cheng detect, the cam that if the graph is shown 1 times,can pass detects automatically device undertakes be metricaled automatically by the program, can pass computer processing to will detect the result shows or print come out. Also can check appearance to go up to detect artificially in cam. When detecting artificially, press " the smallest condition " requirement, beg Jie Shengcheng to detect initiative corner is crucial. How to build (seek solution) cam detects initiative corner is formulary, Ø0=[hm(Øm-am)-hn(Øn-an)]/(hm-hn)(3) author is in " weights and measures technique " 1994 the 1st period " cam detects the method seeking solution of initiative corner " and " weights and measures technique " 1999 the 2nd period " cam " the smallest condition " the method seeking solution that error rising Cheng is worth accurately " in already made detailed introduction, here not give uncecessary details. Graph 1 cam detects automatically device 5 litres of Cheng detect the processing of data with " sensitive dot " to detect fiducially data regards iteration as data, find out cam the left, error rising Cheng on the right side of is the biggest a little bit to mix from which most bit, basis " assess criterion " affirmatory and equidistant dot (dot of the biggest or the smallest equidistant error, take accord with " criterion " , the article in order to take most, big drop is equidistant for exemple) , get equidistant equation, namely Da) of · of Esm-(Dha+ha · Da)=esn-(Dhb+hb solves the above-listed equation, da=[(esm-esn)-(Dha-Dhb)]/(ha-hb)(4) type is medium Esm, Esn -- cam is left, on the right side of rise the deviation on Cheng; Dha, Dhb -- cam is left, on the right side of rise Cheng error at the error is the biggest o'clock; Ha, Hb -- cam is left, on the right side of ratio of change rising Cheng; Da -- fiducial changeover quantity. Accord with " the smallest condition " the error rising Cheng of the requirement, press type is calculated the Dhi in type of Dh(i)=Dhi+hi · Da(5) , Dh(i) -- before fiducial changeover, hind the error rising Cheng that is measured to nod; Hi -- the ratio of change rising Cheng of the dot that be measured. Cam is fiducial changeover (data processing rising Cheng) the process is shown 2 times like the graph. (A) detects curve of error rising Cheng (rise Cheng unqualified) (B) is accorded with " the smallest condition " curve of error rising Cheng (rise Cheng unqualified) (the curve of error rising Cheng of C) qualification (do not accord with " the smallest condition " ) pursue 2 cam rise Cheng error, if press 1 ° interval to select a site, every cam has the measurement point of 180 above, an one-cylinder axis has 500 above data, the data of much crock machine is more. So, detect the processing workload of data is quite big, artificial computation take time is arduous, yi Rong gives error easily. For this, the computer gives out to handle an order under: 1 engine cam rises Cheng error to change program 5 DEFDBLA-H10 INPUT " what the input measures check the number and different check the number: " , i, m15 INPUT " side of input left and right sides rises Cheng fluctuation deviation: " , ES1, EI1, ES2, EI220 INPUT " the input detects initiative corner: " , AO25 DIM A(I) , b(I) , c(I) , h(I)30 FOR S=1 TO I35 INPUT " what measure bit of corner value by ordinal input: " , a(S)40 INPUT " what measure value of bit of error rising Cheng by ordinal input: " , b(S)45 INPUT " what measure bit of change rising Cheng to lead a value by ordinal input: " , c(S)50 NEXT S55 D=B(1):E=B(1):F=B(1):G=B(1)60 FOR J=1 TO M65 IF D>B(J)THEN GOTO 7570 D=B(J):N=J75 IF E1415926#/180240 A1=A1*DD:A2+A2*DD:A3=A3*DD:A4=A4*DD250 IF L=0 GOTO 270260 A11=((ES1-ES2)-(B(N)-B(P)))/(C(N)-C(P))265 A10=AO+A11:GOTO 280270 A11+((EI1-EI2)-B(O)-B(Q)))/(C(O)-C(Q))275 A10=AO+A11280 PRINT " detect initiative corner and changeover quantity and value of solution of initiative corner actor: " , AO, a11, a10290 FOR T=1 TO I:H(T)=B(T)+C(T)*A11300 with PRINT " changeover around raises Cheng error cost: " , a(T) , h(T):NEXT T310 D=H(1):E=H(1)320 FOR T=1 TO I330 IF D>H(T) THEN GOTO 350340 D=H(T):M=T350 IF E CNC Milling