Ike Si Kang (EXECHON) trends performance and main technique index

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The natural frequency of traditional machine tool is it is as machine tool main shaft in coordinate department the position and of change, the option that this will give the optimal cutting when high speed machines condition parameter brings certain trouble, if in some specific rotate speed falls, main shaft is in coordinate to fasten different position, its are optimal cutting dosage is different, to ensure normal cutting, can rely on to decrease only cut deep or efficiency of feed, sacrifice will reduce vibration, will assure to machine quality. No matter main shaft of the platform below Exechon shunt-wound machine tool is in any positions of size range of pipe bent, its vibration character maintains height to agree, graph 1 express Shanteweike (the condition that Sandvik) company detects to EXE700 machine tool and measure the place, measure the impact between the power that gives place of cutting tool front to suffer, acceleration and oscillatory frequency respectively, via special software analysis, reach graph the data processing result of 2: Cut namely deep with the relation between rotate speed. The line of different color represents the state of 5 positions, by the experiment the result can be seen, its registration is first-rate. This was offerred with respect to the choice that is optimal cutting parameter assure. It is with EXECHON-700 exemple, the machine tool is main technical index is as follows: (1) the journey of actuator: 700mm, treatment space sees power of graph 3(2) main shaft: Rotate speed of 13KW(3) main shaft: Shaft of 20000 R/min(4) X is the largest speed: 125mm/min(5) Y shaft is the largest speed: 125mm/min(6)Z shaft is the largest speed: 45mm/min(7) X shaft is the largest acceleration: 3g(8)Y shaft is the largest acceleration: 3g(8)z shaft is the largest acceleration: 1g (10) repeats precision: X/Y/Z: 10 μ M; 4 axes: M of 2 μ ; 5 axes: M of 5 μ CNC Milling