Digitlization solders the technical application in civilian machine manufacturing industry

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The development trend that manufacturing industry of aviation of technical application current situation solders in course of study of domestic civil aviation is the focus that common people pays close attention to all the time, scholar of domestic and international expert also opinionses vary, in the final analysis is to want managing production cost, improve product quality, shorten research and development and production are periodic, its core is the market competition ability that enhances a product. For this, aircraft design and the digitlization that produce a course, informatization, flexible change, green is made wait for a target to carry program gradually. Among them, digitlization is discharge ring section. Although digitlization is made,not be the idea with new what already, however, the digitlization of Chinese aviation manufacturing industry still has very long way to want [1] . Solder deliver a child produces a technology, as the important and crucial component of manufacturing industry, great progress got a few years recently. Solder, by a original kind of relatively simple processing technique, had developed for project of an a course, system, covered solder methodological research, solder data research, solder metallurgy, solder structural design, solder detect, solder a lot of domain such as process control, involve material to learn, pass material of heat, hydromechanical, computation to learn, material is mechanical with the structure mechanical, computer is mixed the much door course such as automata technology. In contemporary industry domain, almost every product cannot leave to solder [2] . Ceng Yougou word says, "The place that should have a metal only has solder " . Solder the technology gets applied extensively already in domain of product of aviation of for military use. But, as a result of a lot of reason, in manufacturing industry of domestic civil aviation, solder the technology did not enter main treatment segment all the time. In ARJ type, wait for a few component to use in lid of awl of shield, end, tracheal, link up with only solder technical production. The laser beam welding that uses in great quantities as to type be waitinged for by empty guest A380 receives a technology, do not have applied precedent in home. Nevertheless, chinese merchant flying firm is increasing strength research is advanced solder the technical application in air bus. In view of solder the technology creates medium value in civilian machine, the digitlizes project system need that produces to satisfy machine of get through civilian, stride to the direction of digitlization, informatization in answer to civilian machine manufacturing industry, the relevant research that begins digitlization in time to solder is very necessary. Compose is built solder the process is fictitious production system is fictitious the important segment that making is modern manufacturing industry. Because use many computer simulation to emulate the objective experiment that replaces a tradition, fictitious make can shorten greatly cycle of research and development, reduce cost of research and development. Civil aircraft is made in, the amount of component is huge, had been used or be about to use possibly solder the component that machines craft is more. Solder with wainscot of air bus airframe component part is exemple, size of direction of this component ply is small, and welding line is much and complex, attribute typical large size, small ply, much welding line solder process. Be aimed at product of this kind of aviation solder component part, sheet relies on traditional experiment method to realize its craft very hard to optimize a process, must resort is fictitious solder wait for a method. Solder with designing those who be a center the process is fictitious production system, basically include to solder structure of technology design, aviation builds deliver a child of modular technology, informatization solder automatically to produce the research content such as process hierarchy of control. Solder system of technology design expert solders the digitlization of craft and informatization are the tradition solders craft caters to manufacturing industry to upgrade the inevitable choice of replacement, also be aviation manufacturing industry the foundation of comprehensive digitlization, informatization. Be in empty customer firm, change completely without paper solder job shops already deploy is old, deliver a child produces advanced, fast, efficient solder to raise solder deliver a child to produce efficiency considerably not only, OK still effectively reduces solder deliver a child to produce cost. Manufacturing industry of our country aviation has not reach so advanced level, but the significant progress direction that platform of production of this kind of digitlization is future undoubtedly. Solder the premise of craft digitlization, informatization is to solder the digitlization that craft designs, informatization, this solders with respect to need application expert system technology assists craft to design (see a picture 1) . Compose is built solder advancedly expert system, optimize inferential machine, perfect a knowledge base ceaselessly. Can be aimed at new material, new member, new welder not only art give out directive opinion, also can improve in the technology at the same time, craft optimizes a process to produce effect. Solder expert system still can be the same as welder further art assess system is united in wedlock, undertake assess to giving technology, can design information feedback the process to craft, in order to obtain the welder of optimization art [3-4] . Aviation solders structural automation builds the modular technology ceaseless development as modern production technology, the mode of component part design of artificial cartography cannot have gotten used to dated paper blueprint to digitlize the requirement of informatization currently. The electron of use CAD technology that make changes blueprint to replace before paper blueprint makes a kind of trend. This kind of electron changes blueprint to reach transmission function to go up in standardization, readability blueprint of apparent excel paper quality. Current CAD software, for example CATIA, Pro/E, AutoCAD all can complete composition of a picture of complex finished product inside short time, improved the efficiency of manufacturing process greatly. Using advanced CAD while software undertakes the model is designed, the rate that craft information electron changes is relatively slow. Correspondence of digitlization geometry model is used in producing a course the phenomenal common occurance of the craft instructor at paper edition, how change craft information electron and the linkage of implementation and geometrical model, solved afore-mentioned problems to become heat of a research with going up at all. For this, need work out can get what apply inside the country one set to solder in aviation build model and system of craft parameter linkage, the commonly used envelope in realizing pair of aviation domains, joist of the structure simplify independently build model and welder art parameter inquiry sees a picture 2, graph 3, be sequel solder expert system design solders craft and finite yuan module imitate solders the process offers port [5] . The solder deliver a child of Nextpage informatization produces process hierarchy of control to solder treatment process is complex and changeful, accordingly, solder the executive safeguard of craft is very important. Solder through be being collected in real time craft parameter, undertake going to collecting the signal that answer a confusion of voices, analysis, processing, make its can react directly solder the change of process technology parameter. The signal after be being finished to processing has memory, this kind of signal is collected when quality detects, larger to signal wave motion position undertakes specific aim detects, date from of quality of convenient welding line. Graph 4, graph 5 mix for welding line testing system respectively solder process signal implements supervisory system. Meanwhile, begin intelligence of welding line blemish to identify research, have label and grade to welding line surface and in-house and macroscopical blemish, assure welding line quality [6-7] . The place on conclusion put together is narrated, face the competitive pressure that heightens increasingly, our country aviation solders the technology must realize ego to surmount ceaselessly. Solder with what be well versed in of CAD/CAE/CAM data passageway is core technical digitlization, informatization is to solder the technology upgrades the only way of replacement. Implementation technology design, model contrives, signal detects the unifinication that reachs analysis of welding line quality, can promote effectively not only solder the executive level of craft, can rise greatly again solder production efficiency, it is business land finally comprehensive digitlization, informatization lays next solid foundations. CNC Milling