The science of high-pressured cooling fluid

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High-pressured cooling fluid is a new popular technology, in the time that goes 10 years its are used rose about 500% . We had heard of the clear result that perhaps has seen high-pressured cooling fluid may arise. Unfortunate is, the production manufacturer that great majority buys maximum pressure does not know truly how best uses it. Just calculate high pressure to be put in doubts and suspicions to what kind of pressure even. When I am saying maximum pressure, what it points to is at least 1000 pounds / square inch. The article will introduce science simply to use high-pressured regulation to you. Skill is not to become me scientificly to ask: "How does this process act well " when, I can get the result of respect of a technology nearly always, such as " it set is 7, if be no good, try 7.

5. " science criterion and this is different; Use it, you can know to be able to appear before beautiful Qian Zhi what kind of phenomenon. The article will regard metallic cutting as a physics that must understand means to try to analyse with standard science or chemistry ask to inscribe and consider. Cosmic regulation suits our everybody, although manufacturing industry of our body part is medium not exceptional also. Have a few strange idea, think to adopt the only way that ceaseless attempt just is ceaseless in our business development only. Such doing will bring about the individual theory that exceeds traditional and scientific thinking. Although you may discover the understanding of the new regular field of regnant and whole universe, but this kind of opportunity is millions of 1/0 ability can happen however. The problem that place of course of this kind of thinking exists is, its price is high, and won't produce best result normally. If you cannot use the issue that course explanation of the first year produces the university, so you did not understand truly to it. When launch detector toward spark when us and getting astonishing picture, the person that designs this equipment was used wait for named theory with Newton, Bernoulli or Einstein. Standard science had proved to be able to forecast the formula of physical interaction result theoretically. Our business also should use these scientific methods that forecast a gender. How many cooling fluid? How many cooling fluid does your new CNC machine tool need? The common solution that is based on experience is " you have how to much use " , " offerred how to much use randomly on the machine tool " or " it looks appropriate go. " scientific answer (brief model) it is however 0.

5gpm/ horsepower. The science that uses the level that recognizes generally understands, the energy of every horse power that we know to be used at cutting is equal to 746 watt through the definition. If you use 10 horse power, inputted 7460 watt in cutting (746) of 10 × . So what phenomenon did the energy in inputting cutting to you produce? We know it became quantity of heat, and simple to this calculation, we can use a constant of 90% : 1 watt =3.

41Btu(flower thermal unit, 252 calories of) ; 7, 460 watt × 3.

41 =25, 438 Btu with 90% changeover =22, 894 Btu designs radiator or family expenses heats to meeting computation draws systematic person or take away the water that place of 1 Btu quantity of heat needs to measure. There are a lot of factors in computation: The percent that the metal has much heat, fluid to much colder, fluid contacts a metal and time length. Do not have this kind of a lot of consideration, we also can undertake certain hypothesis with respect to the following phenomenon: The average process of the cooling fluid that directs appropriately and experience answer are regular, introduce the safe gene of 25% , reach 0.

5gpm/ horsepower. Accordingly, if you used 10 horse power in cutting, criterion you need 5gpm cooling fluid to achieve high-pressured result. Working principle high pressure formed local pressure to increase, avoided the formation of steam. The union such as the liquid active force, quality that points to cutting dot and acceleration result rises, finished the treatment job of workpiece. =14 of gravitational speed of 2)/ of speed of × of force =(quality.

7(foot / second) you will notice × PSI½ , pressure is not this familiar equational one part. It and speed are concerned, but it is man-to-man means. If you increase pressure 100% , so force can rise only 40% . If you increase volume 100% , so force can rise 100% . Want to increase volume from beginning to end; Must not increase pressure, unless must be done so. Why to need such doing? Simple mechanical theory: Remember all cooling fluid must be pounded please cut the space between bits and cutting tool. If your target area is lesser, and you used very high horse power in cutting, so you must be in possibly traditional Chinese clothes of this small area enters more liquid. Rise as pressure, the cooling fluid of same amount will be added through smaller and smaller hole. You must increase pressure, produce place of quantity of heat till purify place must till all cooling fluid enter target area. (In network address Www.


Can see hole is expressed on Com, can tell you among them to given pressure, carry the cooling fluid amount of some hole. ) best strategy is to maintain pressure constant and be based on broach dimension the horse power that perhaps uses in cutting and change cooling fluid is measured, just increase pressure below indispensable condition only. Can be in new or the unit that an independence uses on existing machine tool. Auger another kind of circumstance appeared in cutting problem getting to cut a course: Truly significant pressure is the back pressure that forms from Kong Zhong comes out as the fluid. The regulation here is every inches broach diameter uses 10 Gpm cooling fluid. A diameter is 0.

500 inches broach needs the cooling fluid of 5 Gpm to achieve high-pressured result; And 0.

250 inches broach needs 2.

5 Gpm. The commonnest problem is cooling fluid Kong Tai is small. Broach must can pass enough cooling fluid, otherwise its function will be abnormal. According to hole the watch checks hole size to perhaps undertake funnel experiments: Make broach dormant, guide cooling fluid in bringing funnel, time 30 seconds, measure the cooling fluid volume that you collect next. Next a the commonnest problem is cooling fluid aperture lies in the horn after getting a tip. This are the commonnest to bradawl. Clearance has 5 degrees only normally, thereby nonexistent the space that lets cooling fluid come out from Kong Zhong. In use, the bottom block of aperture aperture. To realize corresponding function, the Kong Bi of at least 50% must is in 2 times crowded in grinding. Certain broach makes manufacturer still do not understand this kind of simple concern between hole size and fixed position. You must ensure, mix in 100 aperture 10, have between 000 Kong Zhi differ apparently. If you are done not have enough old cooling fluid system will keep overall pressure, criterion those suppliers that did not get appropriate information can suggest in the broach that close extreme solders aperture, the aperture measure that gets among them is lesser, thereby the pressure watch on cooling fluid system can show complete pressure. Must not do so; Such doing that the mistake is on the concept. Popularly, auger cut regulation and horsepower regulation to be able to offer same solution to you. If conflict exists between them, want to use larger volume. Cooling fluid chroma is one of elements that get understanding rarely in most process. What kind of chroma should use? 5% appropriate? Or 6% ? Tribology is a knowledge that has study to lubricating, one of concepts with main to its all of us are very familiar: Watch area of the contact is larger, lubricant need is taller. What planar bearing place needs is lubricant those who compare scroll bearing is tall, and what scroll bearing needs is lubricant what should compare ball bearing again is tall. Cutting cutting tool follows identical regulation: The cutting tool surface that contacts with workpiece is bigger, what what need is lubricant taller, accordingly, cooling fluid concentration is higher. Area of contact of cutting tool of only place turning is the smallest, it is OK to use the chroma of 5% . The whole point of a knife of broach and brim contact workpiece, need the chroma of 8% the least from beginning to end. Reamer has more surfaces to contact, because this is likely,need 10% . Needing highest and lubricant cutting tool is tap. Its 60 degrees cutting blade makes it becomes the surface in all and commonly used cutting tool to contact highest cutting tool. Control wears away you need not cost several weeks to handle cutting tool life weak point or exterior surface roughness not the treatment task of beautiful. You may remember a certain run very poor treatment errand, increase cooling fluid concentration till you and solve all problems till. Loss how many money, time and dependability? See the cutting tool face that contacts with workpiece, you can decide appropriate cooling fluid chroma before encountering a problem. For example, cooling fluid chroma from 5% rise 8% can improve broach life normally 1000% or taller. Whether had you once discovered, nevertheless, are those expenditure costly and is the German reamer that needs 14 weeks ability to arrive often become in discard as useless entirely in the class? What life of the cutting tool after why using high-pressured cooling fluid becomes such is tall? You always hear of, from what you receive the machine tool electrify source that rises momently, it begins to wear away. This is true, the way that we can describe this kind of phenomenon is to use to wear away line (refer to the graph) above. Bigger initiative wear away be called adjust, next it is a long-term stability, OK that we get forecast wear away period, wear away to be able to be close to quickly commonly next again discard as useless. This is the phenomenon that you see on the finish machining razor blade that does not have any breaking off to crack a problem, the axle bearing on the car or prevent rupture base also such. Almost all mechanical equipment abide by this kind to wear away from different level means. Attaint differs with this. The meeting cutting bits in entering space of the cutting tool that cut bits causes damage. This is a kind of event that produces randomly, we know any random incident groups, if draw becomes a figure, meet us provide a regular shape of a distribution. These are (of the cutting tool breakdown with reaction very different pattern) differ two very great figure. Meeting general cuts the active force of the high-pressured cooling fluid that brings to bear on appropriately bits is swept from cutting area, they won't contact cutting tool or workpiece forever and cause damage thereby. If you inspect this process to say: "I am general every razor blade is machined 30 or 40 spare partses, but occasionally cutting tool is machining two spare partses to rupture, but can machine 60 occasionally. " so you described a kind of correct distributinging phenomenon. Can data of life of scale cutting tool, understand bit situation below the case that need not see them actually, because wear away,mix injury is from go up at all not same breakdown pattern. High-pressured cooling fluid can make cutting tool wears away and not be attaint. Why to do so? High-pressured cooling fluid can solve the problem of quantity of heat, problem that cut bits and lubricant and bad problem. Use it can you score how old gain? With quantity of heat, cut bits or lubricate concerned issue is eliminated from the function. The question is bigger, the gain that you score is more. For example, undertake getting cutting be puttinged in issue of the damage that cut bits from beginning to end almost with low-pressure cooling fluid. Cutting tool and cut bits getting the come into unavoidable confrontation in cutting hole, as cut bits to want to come out from Kong Zhong, they are undertaken in cutting dot cutting undertakes squeezing grinding between the flank of the brim and aperture 2 times. Can bring about aperture surface roughness so undesirable, cutting tool loss of life. If broach has the cooling fluid opening of true measure, and you have sufficient amount and the cooling fluid with appropriate chroma, can produce surprising result. I all over the world each district opens seminar, every time the person estimation that I let every attend seminar is gotten in 1018 steel cut 0.

125 inches of ± 0.

001 diameters, 1.

300 inches of deep aperture need how long. Every groups average result is second of every aperture 45~60 almost. And use high-pressured cooling fluid this kind of aperture can be in 1.

Had machined inside 2 seconds, cutting tool life is 4000 aperture at least. The titanium with rare material very sensitive to heat such as, can pass control process temperature and undertake machining with getting much rate high. As this industry from fatigued and weak period restore to come over, begin to change with new machine tool old equipment, they will have function of high-pressured cooling fluid probably. To retain competition ability, you must learn to use this tool. CNC Milling