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- - crock of circumgyrate of high speed atmospheric pressure is current lathe of the numerical control on industry most the jar of oil pressure circumgyrate that often uses has become high speed of high-ranking machine tool to change the biggest bottleneck.

At present a lot of high-ranking numerical control lathe use the design that main shaft hides inside motor, main shaft rotate speed already can break through 10000RPM above.

But because the jar of oil pressure circumgyrate that its use heats up the problem of temperature rise.

lathe limitation of real work rotate speed is in only 7000RPM left and right sides.

Chao Quan is industrial plan accessorial fund at obtaining Taiwan to save research and development of bureau of economic ministry industry 2007, with Taiwan alliance of factory of machine tool of much home numerical control cooperates, develop JAL636-PL of crock of a hollow and baric circumgyrate successfully.

Via real test, the cylinder body temperature rise when 6500RPM is in crock of JAL636-PL baric circumgyrate centigrade 8 degrees of less than.

Can solve the calorific problem of crock of circumgyrate of traditional oil pressure thoroughly.

Chao Quan is in 2008 the 2nd season, funds of again devoted research and development, develop 148mm of an external diameter, the crock of high-powered baric circumgyrate of turn up 12000RPM.

Break through the product of numerical control lathe that helps country the rotate speed limitation of 10000RPM with the means of low cost.

The following article is You Chaoquan contribute of industrial product manager Mr Cai Changsheng at American AeroSpace Manufacturing And Design textual stalk of grain with interpret.

A Brand New Open-center Pneumatic Cylinder Was Developed By JATO Precision For The High Speed And High Accuracy CNC Lathes Which Use Spring Collets To Clamp Work-parts.

JATO JAL636-PL Pneumatic Cylinder Has Extremely Low Temperature Rising To Avoid Thermal Error Of Spindle System Of CNC Lathes, and It Also Largely Decreases Building Cost Of The Machine Since No Hydraulic Pump, tank And Cooler Is Needed.

Today, more And More Industrial Parts Are Smaller In Size And Are Required To Be More Accurate In Dimension Than They Were In The Past.

Many Machine Builders Find Hydraulic Cylinders Which Are Being Used Most Commonly In The Industry Today As Actuator Of Power Chuck Or Spring Collets Have An Unsolvable Problem - Temperature Rising.

For Instance, the Surface Temperature Of A Regular Hydraulic Cylinder May Reach 60 Degree Celsius Or Higher When Operated At 5000RPM If No Cooler Is Installed.

And This High Temperature Rising Causes Unpredictable Thermal Error Of The Spindle System And It Gets Worse As RPM Goes Higher, making It Hard To Keep The Work-part Accurate No Matter How Accurate The Spindle Is.

To Suppress This Temperature Rising, the Machine Builders Have To Invest More On Oil Cooling Equipment, and The Cost Goes Higher When The RPM Is Required To Be Higher.

JAL636-PL Is Powered By Compressed Air, meaning That The Building Cost Of Machines Can Be Lowered By Saving The Purchase Of A Hydraulic Tank And A Hydraulic Pump.

The Experiment Shows The Temperature Rising Of The Cylinder Body Is Less Than 8 Digresses Celsius When Running At 6500RPM; This Can Further Lower The Cost Since No Cooler Is Needed.

JAL636-PL Comes With Compact Size And Low Mass, 162mm (6.

38") In Diameter, 144mm (5.

67") In Length, and 7.

2kgs (15.

8lbs) In Weight.

This Pneumatic Cylinder Is Designed To Actuate 5C Or Compatible Spring Collets Whose Tapered Angle Is Less Than 10 Degrees.

We Also Enhance The Pulling Force Of JAL636-PL To 935kgf (2057lbs) When Input Air Pressure Is 7kg/cm-sq (100psi) By Embedded Elastic Springs.

This Also Ensures The Work-part Will Be Clamped When The Cylinder Loses Input Air Pressure Suddenly.

JAL636-PL Is The First Product Of JAL Series Pneumatic Cylinder.

There Are Several Machine Builders Have Already Phased-in This Brand New Product On Their Lathes.

JATO Also Is Rewarded By Taiwan Industrial Development Bureau For The Excellent Design Of This High Performance Pneumatic Cylinder.

To Further Strengthen Our Pneumatic Cylinder Product Line, there Are Two New Products Which Will Be Released At The Q4 Of 2008.

JAL846-D Is Design To Provide Very Large Clamping Force With Its Double Pistons, suitable For Actuating 8" Jaw Type Power Chucks.

And JAL525 Will Be Able To Provide Super High Speed Operation Up To 10000RPM To Work With Lathes Which Use High-speed Built-in-motor Spindles.

The Complete JAL Series Product Line Will Be Displayed In Taipei International Machine Tool Show On March, 2009.

Meanwhile, JATO Offers Limited Quantity Of Samples Of JAL636-PL For Customers To Evaluate The Outstanding Performance Of JAL636-PL.

To Learn More About JATO Pneumatic Cylinder, please Contact Us At Info@jato-precision.

Com Or Visit Us At Www.



JATO Precision is aimed at high rotate speed, high accuracy, use flexibility collet places the lathe of small-sized numerical control of the crop that support project, the air in developing a brand-new high speed presses circumgyrate crock JAL636-PL.

Use jar of JAL636-PL baric circumgyrate, the reduces main shaft to heat up temperature rise to cause precision error with numerical control can effective machine tool, and reduce machine tool itself considerably make cost.

As miniaturization of various treatment spare parts, the tide that turns subtly, manufacturer of increasing tool aircraft discovers crock of oil pressure circumgyrate, apply the most generally at the clamping apparatus actuating device of industrial group at present, in high rotate speed the job is worn from time to tome the thorny issue – that cannot overcome inherently heats up temperature rise.

As a result of the attrition heat build-up with the circular ceaseless oil inside crock of oil pressure circumgyrate, cause temperature of main shaft system to rise, to the precision of main shaft system control is having extremely adverse effect.

Besides the main and adverse effect of hot error, the high temperature when working to restrain crock of oil pressure circumgyrate rises, itself of crock of oil pressure circumgyrate is indispensible increase a lot of additional designs, if come loose,heat up fin piece, and prevent the relief valve with exorbitant pressure to wait.

But these problems that can solve a part only, machine tool itself still needs to install oily cooling system, reach thermal drop inside reasonable range, rise as the rotate speed demand of the machine tool, the additional cost of oily cooling system is to increase subsequently more.

And crock of empty baric circumgyrate is in the JAL636-PL of JATO Precision new development work in order to compress air drive, can economic oil pressure helps the facility cost of riverside and gasoline tank.

JAL636-PL classics checks actually, in 6500RPM the temperature rise of the cylinder body below top rotate speed maintains in 8 ℃ less than, can solve crock of oil pressure circumgyrate completely to heat up the thorny issue of temperature rise, and can save cost of high oily cooling facility.

The cylinder diameter of JAL636-PL is 162mm.

It is 144mm endlong, weight only 7.

2kgs is the crock of high-powered baric circumgyrate with a compact exterior, hollow aperture is 36mm, can cooperate to send makings machine automatically the work.

JAL636-PL uses the structure of JATO Precision patent.

The powerful pulling force of 935kgf can be outputted when 7kg/cm2, the actuating device that because this suits,regards the flexibility with 5C or compatible other as collet. The JAL636-PL that JATO Precision place develops is the first product of crock of circumgyrate of atmospheric pressure of lathe of JAL series CNC, at present already factory of machine tool of home of know exactly about sth and our collaboration guide, JAL636-PL and the award of research and development that has the honor to win Taiwan to save bureau of economic ministry industry.

The air in a series of JATO Precision high speed presses circumgyrate crock product to appearing on the market in succession in, include among them have formidable job thrust / tensile, it is drive only the crock of empty baric circumgyrate product in the JAL846-D double piston of chuck of 8 oil pressure.

We will be in Taipei International Machine Tool Show showed our complete JAL series product 2009, in the meantime, we are aimed at the potential client of crock of empty baric circumgyrate in wishing to guide of purpose, of set limit to offer sample to be evaluated in order to offer.

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