The Web of graph of the 3D in CNC Machining is released with browse

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Summary: ? Web of figure of the product in the NC Machining that treat Zuo browses as existent as what release problem, picture of the logo in narrating Web transmits means, establish the structural framework that 3D graph Web releases, detailed introduction issues three-dimensional graph network to browse with compose environment and different compose environment implement a method with what release. Network CNC Machining faces a the the basiccest, realest problem, the Web that is product figure is browsed with release. Adopt the three-dimensional figure that the network releases, the user can browse products plan and treatment information intuitionisticly, undertake the product is forecasted conveniently, analysis of products plan, product and product treatment. But, the figure that Web releases is bitmap format commonly, sending the 3D logo that distinguish carries in the client is a piece of ichnography, cannot arrive from side of different perspective view the product is complete information. Additional, because what the part that developer designs uses the restriction of platform and software, bring about the vector graph that the user downloads to cannot be opened normally. geometry of the 3D in CNC Machining the design reachs the vector graph that knife contrail emulates to regard research as the object, the Web that realizes the 3D graph that is based on Internet to share a technology is released with browse, make the user is on aleatoric platform and system, the exterior color of the three-dimensional graph that can browse a network to release reachs the feature such as grain, the campaign that can have three-dimensional body, be out of shape, translation, rotate wait for an operation. Picture of the logo in 1 Web pursues the Web of 1 logo picture transmits means Tr>The network of graph of graph 2 3D releases structural figure is Web browser support first " insert directly " type data type. Medium graph can divide the computer to pursue for vector form and bitmap image two kinds, the graph shows the Web that is format of two kinds of files 1 times to transmit means. Pass stuff by contour line and the expression of vectorgraph is become, because vectorgraph contains the image element of all sorts of mutual independence, and these elements are OK by arbitrarily reorder, so vectorgraph also calls object-oriented figure. Bitmap is conveyed with the point resembling element that makes image or figure, the commonly used method that establishs bitmap is to use scanner to be inputted to photograph or image scanning, also can use unit of different color fill reseau to found through software. The most commonly used bitmap format has GIF and JPEG image file, by child the support that most browser provided figures of pair of this kinds of bitmap, so they can be browsed on Web directly. And the Web that resembles to vectorgraph is released, at present a lot of people are used caustic compresses formal general format of bitmap of its translate into, release this locality server through IP agreement next, in connecting Intenet. Additional, also can use VRML of language of virtual reality modelling to write a program afresh to vectorgraph form, the setting that uses fictitious world will convey graph of three-dimensional static state. The network of 2 three-dimensional graphs releases a structure to be based on the Web of graphical picture to transmit means, the three-dimensional graph network that if the graph is shown 2 times,built releases a structure to form a plan. Logarithm of course of bitmap changeover module accuses 3D vector graph to undertake scanning, editor resembling element waits for processing, form the bitmap file that has property resembling element. Vector processing module is had considering the user and do not have software of plot of 3D vector graph two kinds of Qing Dynasty condition, cent handles way two kinds to be the same as compose environment and different compose environment. Below the environment that be the same as compose, the bitmap file that already will output in the three-dimensional graph file with good scale and bitmap changeover module together, upload to this locality server, realize the join with Internet, client end can download design of three-dimensional geometry modelling directly through the network, the software environment that enters oneself to be the same as compose is finished browse. Compare below different compose environment complex, the action of this module is to make the user is in do not have circumstance of software of vectorgraph form scale to fall, still can browse the product figure that releases to Web. In the design of CNC Machining, using the figure that all sorts of plot software form is vectorgraph form. Use bitmap, vectorgraph now and use a method, the Web of three-dimensional graph in the CNC Machining that finish is conveyed. They apply situation of dry diverse demand to fall respectively. For example, because be collected of bitmap like element,release with the network more convenient and quick, need photograph or graphical scanning or software generation only, although do not have character of much perspective observation, but can use undertake conduct propaganda of product introduction, advertisement wait; And involve extraction of information of products plan, spare parts, subassembly and treatment to make when waiting for a circumstance, must the clear and whole complete picture that shows component, need releases the vectorgraph of products plan to the network, the component that the user can control Web to browse undertakes gyral, translation, enlarge, contractible wait for an operation, make the user never is the same as design of figure of perspective observation product and treatment. Software of use Pro/E of 3 implementation method finishs the 3D geometry model of the products plan in milling treatment. Realize its contrail taking a knife to show the treatment that reach NC is emulated next. Below the environment that be the same as compose, exceed 3D figure join to undertake issuance in the webpage, the user is OK browse in the Pro/E environment that from network admiral its download oneself; Different compose environment needs to adopt below 3 kinds of methods, the Web that realizes graph of the CNC Machining3D below network environment is browsed with release. Web of 3D geometry formative is released with browse use VRML format to change a method. VRML faces a network, be born for the network, follow a network and develop. The image of video of one frame frame that it avoided to transmit infinite capacity on the net, those who transmit is the WRL file of finite capacity. Use Pro/E environment derives directly file of VRML of product geometry formative, undertake issuance in Web with browse, if the graph shows page of Web of 3D geometry formative 3 times, the component that Web browses can undertake gyral, translation, enlarge, contractible wait for an operation. The Web of contrail taking a knife is released with browse fall in Pro/E environment, form the contrail taking a knife of product treatment, change its into bitmap format next, the Web that image method inserts to achieve knife orbit in use webpage is released with browse. If the graph is shown 4 times, visible cutting tool is mixed relative to the contrail taking a knife of workpiece the position that retreat a knife. The Web that NC treatment emulates is released with browse use screen to take a skill, the treatment that leaves Pro/E environment the product is emulated take multimedia Avi form, the Web that video function inserts to realize NC treatment to emulate in use webpage is released with browse. If the graph is shown 5 times, the trends of visible part machines a process. Page of Web of formative of geometry of graph 3 3D pursues the 3D graph Web that 4 conclusion will build the Web page that the 5 NC of Web page graph of 4 contrail taking a knife emulates releases structural frame to apply a webpage to make in, embedded the network of graph of the vector below the environment that be the same as compose and different compose environment browses a method, all got satisfactory result. Use Win98/Win2000 and NT4 respectively.

0 systems platform, and in different browser IE is mixed on NetCaptor, the network that realized design of CNC Machining three-dimensional graph is browsed with release. Have thereby cross platform, cross a system but compatibility. CNC Milling