Long-range video technology applies mediumly in monitoring of network CNC Machining

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Summary: The idea that expounded network numerical control reachs his basic structure, discussed the necessity that processes application of long-range video technology monitoring at numerical control machine tool and feasibility, gave out video conference system implements plan mediumly in monitoring of network CNC Machining. The basic structure of system of 1 network numerical control pursues 1 network numerical control is main machine tool of structural numerical control gets online is network numerical control is essential, show level advocate accuse the communication network between the computer and numerical control machine tool to introduce spot bus line mostly. Do numerical control machine tool and great majority of spot bus line use two kinds of means to be linked together: ? Show off extensive is wrung to  Yong receive  of Bo of  of Tao of  of fade of Mei Di Luan to small piece of land surrounded by water the network interface of standard of AP of Xi of smile crab  , can connect with bus line directly: Means of the 2nd kind of connection accuses connection of photograph of machine tool of machine and only station numerical control with a labour, what program of the NC that finish reachs data is deferent. Thereby, finish the monitoring that machines a process. If basic structure pursues 1. Of the automation degree of the machine tool of technical setting numerical control that 2 video technology uses at monitoring of network CNC Machining rise increasingly, complexity mushroom caused upkeep costs heighten, stop the issue with engine huge loss. So, supervisory system becomes very important in the action in network numerical control. Monitor through machining the real time of the process to the machine tool, can in time discover breakdown or unusual situation and announcement spot staff member, in the meantime, use long-range video technology to be able to realize long-range breakdown to diagnose in long-range monitoring center, trouble removes quickly in far end. The development of globalization computer network, the maturity of multimedia technology, a large number of application of sensor technology provided solid technical basis for the long-range monitoring of system of network numerical control. In the treatment process of numerical control machine tool, a few cannot pass the spot token that electronic signal describes. Be like the breakdown of pure machinery, manufacturing environment. These can be passed camera and Chan Pin are deployed to collect device to solve in the spot. Video technology is used at producing the spot, use real time video is transmitted, setting speaks, the means such as video conference, the circumstance that the monitoring spot that can make long-range monitoring center or operation personnel more active appears. Online monitor still include to monitor rock-bottom equipment main place, the sensor signal of the component, the equipment that can measure directly runs signal, the breakdown of bottom facility and controller calls the police the lamp and signal of status change indicator light, the software that can demonstrate on CRT of numerical control equipment calls the police code. All information not only can handle in time in this locality, still can process all information that monitor the form that can transmit on the net, send be monitored remotely and diagnose a center. Graph iformation flow of the 2 online systems that monitor pursues online if the iformation flow of the system that monitor pursues 2. What the implementation plan of monitoring of 3 long-range video builds as domestic information freeway is farther accelerate, perplex the bandwidth issue with old people will not answer existence. Face this one tremendous change, the local area network of the enterprise is built, the system of network numerical control of workshop layer should form in physics and will try to consider adequately on the function of implementation: What information freeway of future transmits implementation broadband is fiber-optic change, the ATM that exchanges a technology is changed (be based on fixed length to be faced unitly namely in group asynchronous transmits mode) the multimedia of integrated business is changed (video / frequency / image / graph / text, especially video, chan Pin's real time is transmitted interactively) and information shares a database distributing change, the intelligence of network management is changed. Accordingly, the transmission of long-range video uses what ATM network serves as a system to receive a network, in the meantime, use gateway and early days are different type network (ISDN, DDN, frame relay) interconnection. The system uses new-style MCU(to contain inside buy gateway) can come true to was transmitted to dotty video frequency, the agreement of gateway of the buy inside its changes a function, can realize local area network of different type company, system of different video communication (H.

323 video terminal or H.

320 video terminal) successful link and communication. Long-range video technology uses the means of video conference. Be about to video conference system and system of existing network numerical control try compositive, the real time multimedia that perfects through video conference is alternant function, create to cooperate with goodly working environment. The text of video conference system chats, the electron is white board with application the program shares a function, can regard network numerical control as long-range monitoring as patulous as diagnostic function. To consider systematic compatibility, product of different video conference system should accord with international Telecommunication Union (the T of ITU) .

120, h.

320, h.

323 wait for international standard. Of video conference system built-in adopt B/S network plan, be about to create a company between, connect through ATM network between production enterprise and long-range monitoring center rise. Use new-style MCU, on the server of the Web management software that the client side wants to loginned to install MCU through the browser only, can join the conference according to accredit. Initiate function of many bits of conference through managing the conference of software to weave the function can realize the client side, what be helpful for breakdown of numerical control machine tool thereby is seasonable eliminate. If implementation plan of the system pursues 3. Graph 3 networks numerical control is long-range monitoring structure sketch map the terminal of conference of plant layout video of 4 systems: POLYCOM ViewStationMP. ① supports H.

323, video meeting can be held on Internet/intranet net, transmission speed can amount to 768kbps: Frequency of number of ② full duplex operation, undertake setting falls automatically a confusion of voices and echo restrain: ③ automatic sound accuses to dog photograph like the head: The buy inside ④ is based on the put together costar of Web to show a system, send for Yuanduan demonstrate a data: The switch means that I uses language drive in many bits of conference, the person that make attend the meeting is like place oneself in real conference environment, and the picture automatic switch arrives the person that make a speech. Seesaw pattern electron is white board: SMartBoard. The product of VTEL company, can build data network expediently, in many bits of conference implementation file is transmitted reach share, graph article shows and of file image store wait for a function. It makes the conference just can exchange program expediently, make good record, make discuss more perfect. (But whether does specific requirement decision provide this facility according to the enterprise. ) many bits of control is unit (MCU):ACcordMGC-100. ① telegraphic class is modular structure: Function of gateway of the buy inside ② makes H.

320(ISDN, DDN) , h.

323(LAN, internet, intranet) and H.

310(ATM) different network can move on a system: The changeover that ③ codes again more, different agreement has different algorithm, frame fast, the requirement of bandwidth, must have transition: ④ trends divides screen technology, but at the same time monitoring many setting: ⑤ firewall solves a technology, the standard firewall that the enterprise installs does not support real time video, frequency flows, through MGC-100 can solve this kinds of problem effectively. The system of agreement of communication of crucial technology multimedia that 5 systems implement uses H.

323 agreements, h.

323 agreements system is to be based on in group the multimedia communication system of the net, it defined the functional component of the terminal that the multimedia that offers on the net in group serves and equipment, communication process and in voice is provided on the net in group, image and the agreement that data communication wants. It is comfortable should offer transmit reliably (TCP) and fluky transmit (of UDP) mechanism exchange a network in group. Support the video conference on INTERNET network, for INTERNET, the each other of the multimedia communication product on INTRANET network is connected provided a standard. H.

323 offerred a variety of media encode way, can use G to frequency.

711, g722, g728 and G.

729 wait, to video H.

The CIF of 261 encode and QCIF format of two kinds of image and H.

All mode of 263 can be chosen, number uses Y according to transmitting.

The T in 120 series.

123, t.

126, t.

125 agreements, their different combination offerred multiple choice for the transmission application of different quality. ATM receives technical ATM(asynchronous to transmit mode) the main transmission pattern that will make next generation broadband nets. ATM network uses fixed letter yuan the efficiency that assures to transmit with asynchronous means, can do fixed bandwidth to allocate, have tall bandwidth, efficient the assurance that offers QoS, particularly appropriate high speed, real time multimedia communication application. ATM can achieve the commutative rate that is as high as 155 ~ 622Mb/s. Use ATM network joins real time distributes cloth system, the advantage depends on those who reduced host chance bearing the weight of quantity, thereby, the person that give application provides real time service, still support TCP/IP network agreement at the same time. Graph 4 logic child net (LIS)IPOVER ATM technology, if plan institute shows: ? M  oily?LIS) is the join requirement according to user and network controller, by any leader that receive ATM network repeatedly directly, road by implement combine and become. What there all is an ARP server to be in charge of IP address and ATM address inside every LIS is analytic. The permanent theory passageway of the ATM that IP bag is selecting a site (PVC) and passageway of ATM trade theory (convey on SVC) . MCU(controls unit at many o'clock) many bits of control is unit (the main control that MCU) is video communication system and transmit equipment. Pass MCU to be able to make many production enterprises add conference system, make the system has good expansibility thereby. The function of MCU is to realize the information control between each terminal and exchange. Specific for: Signal of mixture dotty frequency: Single out place to need from inside the each video signal that receives all the way signal: Afore-mentioned video frequency signal that will convey to concern an user each mix composition a compound outputs signal. Does MCU have: of two kinds of means to the allocation of information? Emperor is embedded whiz シ wrings gallopping brandish of  of sword  lip to do not have У mu belch teachs Bei of  of Xiao bank ⑼ take along sth to sb of Xi of  of stand erect tiny stream tall of  of the regret that do not have В ?Bridge) means, be about to the repartition after the multimedia information of many users is synthesized gives many online users. New-style MCU, if the MGC-100 of Accord company used a few advanced techniques to be like: ? Does Yun of Suo of Tuo of Di of regret of acyl of border of Piao of Shi fierce  mire  of  of  bluff regret makes bulbul of late of bold of fine border acyl irrigate Xi of Xi Mian border to take? Moisture in the soil enlighten Zheng .

320 networks and H.

The interconnection of 323 networks. Long-range video technology regards 6 last words as a kind of good cooperation tool apply in network numerical control, not only make operate what personnel can understand numerical control machine tool in the round more to run a condition, and provided intuitionistic environment to be monitored remotely and be operated. In the meantime, real time video frequency is transmitted be helpful for long-range breakdown diagnosing the seasonable feedback with the solution. In show level, it is one kind increases a business the significant step of nimble sex. This system already passed a test on net of this school campus, in 128kbps, 384kbps, the transmission of 512kbps all acquired clear, stable image below speed. CNC Milling