The common step of to program of numerical control machine tool and manual process designing

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To program of numerical control machine tool (call numerical control process designing again) it is the person that point to process designing (programmer or handlers of numerical control machine tool) the requirement according to part drawing appearance and craft file, the work out gives the course that can run to process a series of instructions of the task in order to finish a provision on numerical control machine tool. Specific for, numerical control process designing is the whole process till by the analysis part drawing appearance and craft requirement begin program certificate of proof. Move of process designing of ordinary numerical control is as follows 1. Analytic hardware design and craft requirement analyse the purpose of part drawing appearance and craft requirement, it is to machine a method certainly, make treatment plan, and the problem that affirms with production the organization is concerned, the content of this measure includes: 1) decide this spare parts should be arranged be in which kinds or undertake machining on which machine tool. 2) use why to plant why to install clamping apparatus or plant outfit block a method. 3) use certainly why to plant cutting tool or use how many knife to undertake machining. 4) certain treatment course, choose start of pair of knife dot, program namely (say to machine start again, machine start constant with nod coincide to the knife) , course taking a knife, program is terminal (the program is terminal constant with program start coincide) . 5) the cutting parameter such as rotate speed of speed of affirmatory cutting deepness and width, feed, main shaft. 6) whether to in machining a process certainly, need to offer cooling fluid, whether to need to change a knife, when to change a knife to wait. 2. Numeric computation pursues according to the spare parts appearance geometry dimension, data of outline of computational spare parts, or mix according to part drawing appearance cutter track line, center of computational cutting tool (or point of a knife) moving contrail data. The ultimate goal that several estimation calculate is to win process designing place the data of coordinate of all and relevant position of need. 3. Write machine program sheet after completing two afore-mentioned step, can machine plan according to what already decided (or plan) the data that reachs numeric computation to obtain, the block format that asks according to numerical control system and code format write machine program to wait. Process designing person outside dictating except the function that should understand place to use numerical control machine tool and system, familiar program, still should have the technology knowledge that concerns with machining, ability work out gives correct, economic machine program. 4. Medium of the control that make, after sheet of program of input program news is finished, process designing person or the operation face plate that machine tool handlers can pass CNC machine tool, in keying in program information memory of CNC system program directly below EDIT means; OK also according to CNC system input, take-off different, only program is made or change the course first control medium to go up to some kind. Control medium uses perforative tape mostly, also can be the information carrier such as tape, disk, use the input such as perforative tape reader or magetic tape station, disk drive (output) device, the program information input that can get on control medium arrives in memory of CNC system program. 5. The program examines the program that has woven, before be used formally at producing treatment, must run an examination into travel a type of local school in ancient times. Below certain circumstance, still need to do a spare parts to try treatment examination. The basis checks a result, undertake revise and be adjustmented to the program, examination - revise - reexamination - revise again... this often wants a course for many times to relapse, till the order that obtains requirement of completely contented treatment till. Each job in afore-mentioned process designing measure, main by finish artificially, such process designing means is called " hand type process designing " . In each mechanical production industry, all the part with the not complex appearance that makes by the geometrical element such as linear, circular arc only in great quantities needs to machine. The numeric calculation of these spare partses is relatively simple, block number is not much, the program examines to come true easily also, can use means of manual process designing to complete process designing work consequently. Because manual process designing does not need the process designing device with special special configuration, the average per capita of different literacy rate can master and apply, be in accordingly domestic and international, manual process designing remains a kind to use very common process designing method. CNC Milling