Design of technology of CNC Turning of gearshift handle axis reachs process designing citing

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If the graph shows gearshift handle axis 1 times, semifinished product is φ 100 ㎜ of 25 ㎜ × are marvellous material, material is 45 steel, the CNC Turning that finish. 1. According to circumstance of requirement of part drawing appearance, semifinished product, certain technology program and treatment course 1) to long and thin axis kind spare parts, axes line is craft fiducial, the circle outside holding 25 ㎜ of φ from centering chuck clip with 3 claw directly, make workpiece extends chuck 85 ㎜, the fastigium that use a top holds another, outfit clip completes thick precision work. 2) hand of ① of labor situation order moves thick car end panel. ② hand is moved drill central hole. ③ machines the circle outside 22 ㎜ of 16 ㎜ of thick car φ , φ automatically, surplus of car saving essence of life 1 ㎜. ④ from vehicle of fine of right towards the left face of the circle outside each: Pour the circle outside 16 ㎜ of φ of horny → turning, grow φ of car of 35 ㎜ → → of 22 ㎜ right end panel pours the circle outside 22 ㎜ of φ of horny → car, grow 45 ㎜. ⑤ thick car 2 ㎜ × 0.

16 ㎜ of φ of × of 5 ㎜ chamfer, 3 ㎜ groove. ⑥ fine vehicle 16 ㎜ of φ of 3 ㎜ × groove, grooving 3 ㎜ × 0.

5 ㎜ chamfer, cut off. 2. Choose machine tool equipment to ask according to part drawing appearance, choose lathe of economy numerical control to be able to achieve a requirement. Reason chooses center lathe of CK0630 numerical control. 3. Basis of choice cutting tool machines a requirement, choose 5 cutting tool, t01 is rough machining knife, choose lathe tool of the circle outside 90 ° , t02 is central getting, t03 is finish machining knife, choose lathe tool of the circle outside 90 ° , t05 is grooving knife, dao Kuan is 2 ㎜, t07 is cut off a knife, dao Kuan is 3 ㎜ (setting of cutting tool compensation is in in left point of a knife) . Changing 5 knives automatically at the same time the installation on knife tool carrier is fine, and right good knife, slant their knife in be worth the cutting tool parameter with corresponding input. 4. Affirmatory cutting dosage the particular numerical value of cutting dosage should combine practical experience to decide according to function of this machine tool, relevant manual, detailed sees machine program. 5. Department of certain work coordinate, right knife dot and the dot that change a knife decides with workpiece the nodical O of right end panel and axes line is workpiece origin, building XOZ workpiece coordinate is, if pursue,2-17 place is shown. Use a hand to move try cut pair of knife methods (operation and in front numerical control lathe of the introduction is basic to knife method identical) regard pair of knives as to nod dot O. Setting of the place that change a knife ties place of next X35, Z30 in workpiece coordinate. 6. Write a program (it is with CK0630 lathe exemple) the instruction code that   sets by this machine tool and block format, write the whole process that machines a spare parts into program detailed list. The machine program of this workpiece is as follows: N0010 G59 X0 Z105 N0020 G90 N0030 G92 X35 Z30 N0040 M03 S700N0050 M06 T01N0060 G00 X20 Z1 N0070 G01 X20 Z-34.

8F80N0080 G00 X20 Z1 N0090 G00 X17 Z1N0100 G01 X17 Z-34.

8F80N0110 G00 X23 Z-34.

8N0120 G01 X23 Z-80 F80N0130 G28 N0140 G29N0150 M06 T03 N0160 M03 S1100 N0170 G00 X14 Z1 N0171 G01 X14 Z0 N0180 G01 X16 Z-1 F60N0190 G01 X16 Z-35 F60N0200 G01 X20 Z-35 F60N0210 G01 X22 Z-36 F60N0220 G01 X22 Z-80 F60N0230 G28N0240 G29N0250 M06 T05 N0260 M03.

5N0280 G01 X21 Z-72.

5F40N0290 G04 P2N0300 G00 X23 Z-46.

5N0310 G01 X16.


5F40 N0320 G28 N0330 G29 N0340 M06 T07 N0350 G00 X23 Z-47 N0360 G01 X16 Z-47 F40N0370 G04 P2N0380 G00 X23 Z-35N0390 GO1 X15 Z-35 F40N0400 G00 X23 Z-79N0410 G01 X20 Z-79 F40N0420 G00 X22 Z-78 N0430 G01 X20 Z-79 F40N0440 G01 X0 Z-79 F40N0450 G28N0460 G29N047 CNC Milling