Day establishs the new-style razor blade that city faces mould finish machining on the tool

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Day establishs a tool to face the finish machining domain of metallic mould, appeared on the market to be used at spherical establish milling cutter " Alpha Ball Precision ABPF " new-style razor blade. W of the G that includes to be able to undertake grinding again cutting He Libi, the price is 5895 ~ 11130 yen. The cutting rate of all model all rose 30 % ~ than before 100 % . In new-style razor blade, the linear cutting blade of part of the G week outside shortening, be in horizontal blade share is special cast and raw material use " GF blade " use with tall hardness " GH blade " . In addition, still used a name to be on special matrix " ACS " and " ATH " , the layer that is based on PVD accumulates layer of wear-resisting bad news, raised bonding strength, filmy hardness to reach be able to bear or endure oxidation temperature. Of ACS coating form begin from matrix a side, layer of union of sex of the ordinal Gao Ren that it is Al, AlCrSi and the layer of wear-resisting bad news that TiSi layer forms, and Cr is lubricant and filmy. And ATH besmear installs forming is from matrix a side begins, ordinal for the layer of TiAl film, wear-resisting bad news like ACS and TiSi heat-resisting film. Depend on these coating, prolonged the processing life in fluent shape face. Blade of the W R that uses blade of the Zhou Zhi outside notting have cutting, reduced the high frequency vibration when treatment establishing a wall. Stock of horizontal blade share and G same GF/GH blade, coating also used ACS/ATH coating. CNC Milling