The pattern plate in line cut treatment is out of shape processing technique

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One, treatment of protruding pattern plate is out of shape mediumly analytic  usually, when punch external form is regular, line cut treatment often joins obligate part (suspensive dot, it is namely those who make workpiece is in the 1st times is thick the trochoid of a paragraph of small cut that after cutting, do not depart completely with semifinished product and stays beforehand) stay in plane locally, major choice is cut after ending, to obligate join part makes cut only, repair by benchwork again later grind level off, the treatment charge on silk thread cut takes in can reducing punch to be in so. Hard alloy punch reachs figure high as a result of material hardness long and narrow wait for a characteristic, bring about treatment rate is slow and be out of shape easily, special in its the circumstance with irregular appearance falls, of obligate join part long grind benchwork to bring very great difficulty. Because this is in in walk along silk thread cut to machine level to be able to undertake be adjustmented appropriately to craft, make precision of over all dimension achieves a requirement, the order of long grinding work that before absolving benchwork to assemble, chooses to time-out. Because hard alloy hardness is tall, cut ply is big, bring about treatment rate is slow, seize change form serious, major appearance treatment and obligate join part (time-out is nodded) treatment all takes cut kind 4 times and the cut parameter of two parts and deflection quantity (Offset) is sent equably. Silk of electrode of first time cut (molybdenum silk) deflection quantity is increased to 0.

15, 0.

18mm, seize change form completely with making workpiece releases internal stress adequately to reach, there can be enough surplus 3 times to undertake essence of life cuts treatment at the back, can make work final so dimension gets assuring. 2, before treatment of sunken pattern plate is out of shape analytic  online cut is machined mediumly, pattern plate already had cold working, hot work, interior already produced greater rudimental stress, and the stress system that rudimental stress is a relative balance, online cut purify is many when flotsam, stress is destroyed as the balance and release. Accordingly, when online cut machines pattern plate, the influence of the action as original internal stress and the treatment thermal stress that scintilla discharge place produces, generation not directional, ruleless is out of shape, make the cut penetration of a cutting tool from the back measures bad distribution, affected treatment quality and treatment precision. Be aimed at this kind of circumstance, to precision the requirement compares tall pattern plate, use cut treatment 4 times normally. Place of the 1st cut general is handsome the flotsam cut away of aperture, after taking out waste material, again by the automatic shift function of the machine tool, finish the 2nd times, the 3rd, the 4th cut. A cut the 1st, take cut of flotsam → B the 1st times, take cut of flotsam → C the 1st times, take flotsam → ... → N cut the 1st, take cut of flotsam → A the 2nd times → B cut the 2nd → ... → N cut cut of A of the 2nd → the 3rd → ... → N cut cut of A of the 3rd → the 4th → ... → N cut the 4th, treatment ends. Means of this kind of cut can make every model there is enough time to release internal stress after Kong Jia is versed in, can will individually model Kong Yin machines order to differ and form of the mutual influence of generation, small quantitative change lowers the minorrest rate, better land assures the treatment dimension precision of pattern plate. But such handling time are too long, the time that wear silk is much, workload is big, raised the production cost of pattern plate. Additionally machine tool itself follows the wave motion of the extension of handling time and temperature to also can produce creep. Accordingly, the basis is measured actually and compare, below the condition that pattern plate allows in treatment precision, can use uniform treatment the 1st times to take waste material changeless, and will from the back 2, 3, close 4 times together to have cut (namely A cut the 2nd hind, not shift, do not tear open silk, back-to-back move is cut the 3rd, C of → of 4 → B... → N) , or leave out the 4th cut and make cut 3 times. The classics after such cut are over is measured, form dimension accords with a requirement basically. Improved manufacturing efficiency already so, reduce again artificial, because this also reduced the production cost of pattern plate. Craft analysis: (1) uses card punch in the proper place of semifinished product beforehand or electric spark forming machine machines good Φ 1.

0, Φ 1.

5mm wears filar aperture, of center of the aperture that wear silk and punch outline space introduce length of cut line segment to choose 5, 10mm.  (the width of the contour line of 2) punch and semifinished product brim should assure the 1/5 in semifinished product ply at least.  (the join part that 3) is follow-up cut obligate (time-out is nodded) should choose to standing by place of centre of gravity of work semifinished product, width is chosen 3, 4mm(depends on workpiece size) . (4) seizes change form for compensation, will major remain deflection stays in the 1st thick cut level, increase deflection to measure to 0.

15, 0.

18mm. Use essence of life 3 times follow-up to cut way, because cut surplus is small, deflection also decrescent. (After 4 times cut treatment completes 5) major external form, use work compress air to blow dry, reoccupy alcohol solution semifinished product end panel abluent, cool work, use binder or liquid state next wash-and-wear glue (use 502 wash-and-wear glue normally) make an appointment with ply of classics grinder abrasive 0.

The lame cement of 3mm is on semifinished product, press again former the obligate join part of workpiece of 4 deflection quantity cut (attention: On the obligate join part that do not drip glue to workpiece, lest cause not electric and cannot machine) . CNC Milling