Report machines a machine tool to turn to the promotion of function and quality

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Because the abidance of our country economy develops, especially the main application domain of electric treatment machine tool -- the constant growth of the relevant trade demand such as the rapid development of mould manufacturing industry and spaceflight aviation, war industry, IT, home appliance, building materials, report machined output of machine tool product to already got very big promotion in recent years, from on total output controls all sorts of electric treatment machine tools of century end 10 thousand times development went to 50 thousand or so to produce per year a quantity, the development that is manufacturing industry of our country mould and relevant industry offerred strong equipment to prop up. The production of electric treatment machine tool, sale was changing direction to promote the development that is dominant orientation with function, quality by rapid growth dominant of the amount forward 2005. 1. Pair of whole nations are below the fundamental condition that production of electric treatment machine tool sold 2005 the statistical circumstance of the basic data that machine tool of treatment of 29 main report makes an enterprise produce a sale. 1.

Machine of 1 cut of electric spark line 1) sale of machine of cut of silk thread of don't go yet is controlled 1870 times, do not contain machine of Taiwan slow silk to be counted in the sale of the mainland, the sale that reckons machine of Taiwan slow silk was in the mainland 2005 is controlled in 500, so the sale of machine of slow silk of market of our country mainland should be in 2005 2300-2400 stage left and right sides, than growing 800 2004 the stage is controlled, growth rate is amounted to 50% the left and right sides, production value makes an appointment with 1.3 billion yuan. 2) the measure that takes filar chance quickly 2005 is many 8000, production value 3.

500 million course of study is controlled. But our country takes a production industry measure quickly a lot of, much business did not take person count, this takes the full view of filar machine quickly according to cannot mirrorring our country. Only peaceful city has company of close a hunderd schools creating fast silk opportunity, but enter statistic only 5, although fast silk machine is overall show glide trend, but estimation our country takes filar chance quickly the crop 2005 still can have 3-4 10 thousand, the amount is remained very big. 1.

1)2005 of forming machine of 2 electric spark year 29 companies production sells average forming machine 450, production value 0.

2.6 billion yuan, forming machine of numerical control electric spark is 1383, production value is 3.

400 million yuan. Because 2) still has a lot of electric spark forming machine to make business end enter statistic, although this kind of circumstance is not very accurate, but reflective trend is correct. Zhejiang yellow cliff is our country's important pattern creates base, situation of these a few years of development is very good, a lot of enterprises already began new round business is main engineering capability upgrades construction, in light of the treatment equipment that purchases anew, the company with a few stronger actual strength, cut machine tool field in gold not only, to original general accuracy machine tool, include the numerical control machine tool with not quite good brand to undertake falling into disuse, and machine tool respect is being machined in report also is such, original blame numerical control or brand not the electric treatment opportunity of beautiful is report of high-grade numerical control newlier to machine a machine tool. Because Huang Yan is,give priority to in order to create plastic pattern, what compare exact cold strong pattern to make an enterprise want to come to the demand of slow silk machine is logy, but also begin to use machine of cut of silk thread of don't go yet with the production that undertakes modular core at replacing fast silk machine. They take report seriously to machine the function of machine tool lead plane not only, and also begin to pay close attention to equipment of high-grade form a complete set and accessory, if electrode is made,reach commutative system to wait. The demand of fast silk machine often chooses the machine tool with good brand, machine tool price already was not the element of first consideration. Current, more the fast silk opportunity that favour has cut function for many times. The Wen Zhou of Zhejiang also is the area of sell like hot cakes of electric treatment machine tool, but the agent of the electric treatment machine tool of this area is mirrorred generally, the sale of machine of fast 2005 silk dropped 30%-40% , a few users also put the view in buy the fast silk opportunity that has cut function for many times to go up. And the impetus of sale of slow silk machine of this one area is valued for these agents. The slow silk machine of district of lukewarm now city already had many 100. Industry of treatment of our country report is outstanding inside endowment enterprise Suzhou 3 smooth groups, these a few years not only outstanding achievement of sale of slow silk machine is conspicuous, and the fast silk machine this year is in whole below the situation with the market slow growth of fast silk machine, its are fast the sale of filar machine grew 20% however much, this explained the user pays attention to a choice to have the product with good quality of brand, performance more adequately also. 2. The trend of this kind of development that the account that report processes a machine tool to change performance quality to promotion from quantitative growth tries analyse report machine a machine tool, from go up at all say, it is the history that our country manufacturing industry strides ahead ceaselessly inevitable. Our country wants from make big country turn into production powerful nation, a fundamental condition must promote the performance quality of production equipment the standard namely. (1) reachs intense market competition demand to satisfy a product to develop, mould goods is in it is better that the respect such as efficiency of performance quality, exterior, production put forward precision to ask taller, life asks longer, structure asks more complex, productivity asks quality of taller, exterior asks to the mould, production cycle requirement is shorter the requirement that waits for a respect, this forces a mould to make an enterprise must want to have performance quality better, numerical control changes the report with higher rate to machine a machine tool. To the precision of the mould the demand also rises greatly, form aperture precision asks to be less than 0.

003mm, step pitch precision asks to be less than ± 0.

003mm, the slow silk machine with cheap fast silk intermediate even machine cannot satisfy a requirement, use high-grade slow silk machine to machine became inevitable option. (The export volume of mould of 2) our country also is in grow ceaselessly, the mould of exit, general demand is higher, must want to have high-grade production equipment. (3) the development of the manufacturing industry such as aerospace, war industry, car is rapidder, they are in to the demand of electric treatment machine tool apparent growth, and in these production domains, it is high end is made, because the material of treatment is special,reach the high quality requirement of itself not only, the performance quality demand that machines a machine tool to report is higher, more purchasing high-grade report machines a machine tool. (4) is in our country reform and the process that economy develops, enterprises of a lot of individual, civilian battalion had finished primitive accumulation, should develop to higher level, purchase more high-grade report to machine a machine tool. (Forming machine of 5) electric spark got the severe impact of machine of mill of machining center, high speed, vulture mill, demand drops considerably, mould manufacturing industry should drop at least to the demand of electric spark forming machine half. Confidential of electric spark figuration is planted in this development lives in technical competition, have the technical characteristic according to oneself only, development is imperceptible treatment, deep groove is narrow seam treatment, bedding face to accumulate Gao Guangjie to spend the relevant technology such as treatment, improve treatment efficiency, reduce electrode loss, more perfect numerical control is changed, intelligence is changed, develop in competition. (Fast silk machine had achieved 6) our country to produce per year 3-4 10 thousand, the amount grows a space to be restricted, because the applied field of fast silk machine and slow silk machine is same, so fast silk machine must vacate share of a market gives slow silk chance. (All sorts of report of 7) our country machine a machine tool, especially fast silk machine, alveolus machine, forming machine is taking door going abroad stage by stage, trend world, this also asks report machines a machine tool to make an enterprise improve the performance quality of oneself product, raise dependability, contented abroad uses the requirement of a high level, found stage by stage oneself brand. 3. Countermeasure ponders over report to machine a machine tool how to develop, the most important is the trend that should comply with market demand, according to the characteristic with respective enterprise, produce the competitive advantage of oneself adequately, seek to live on in intense market competition put with development. 3.

1 should make a technology with all one's strength complex, others is temporary hard product of me-too high end resembles machine of slow silk machine, high-grade forming machine, small hole waiting. Especially the Chongzhongzhi that slow silk machine is development is heavy, the market increases to the demand of this product very fast, nearly two years with annual 800 or so, 100 million yuan sale value is in 4-5 to grow quickly. Raise our country report to machine an enterprise to hold some market share on product of slow silk machine, it is the main job that electric treatment industry grows. Moreover, of machine of silk of don't go yet without class of resistor accept second essence of the technology of pulse power source of 1000 peak value electric current, high speed detects definitely the technology of fundamental general character that control technology and interference rejection technology is electric treatment, further to the technology of machine of electric treatment forming machine, alveolus progress also is very important. Because technology of machine of silk of don't go yet is quite sophisticated, the production enterprise that is not machine tool of every report treatment is capable to have research and development or production, the enterprise wants the condition according to oneself, the choice develops pattern. The development of technology of silk of don't go yet, involve our country the level of advanced production technology and ability, also need to cause a country to the height of each ministries and commissions takes seriously and support. 3.

How do 2 fast silk machine develop fast silk aircraft not only sexual price has been compared, user investment is small, moving cost is low, and still have a lot of technology advantages and very large market space. Should undertake developing according to the technical characteristic of fast silk machine, wait like material of big ply, big taper, great work, difficult cut. 3.

3 development are special technology and equipment, the demand that provides individuation to serve this one market for the user is clearer and clearer also. It is OK to such doing escape competes, make the distinct competitive advantage that gives a company. In place of Suzhou report treatment special the company relies on the dominant position with oneself technology stronger actual strength in recent years, development person does not have my some product, obtained very good result. 3.

4 should increase strength, making the brand of the product machine what gallop on machine tool market in Chinese report is Switzerland the report of Sha Di gram of Ajixiamier, Japan, 3 water chestnut, Mu Ye machines a machine tool, the product of these companies is considered as function by the user the product with admirable, excellent quality, be willing to draw out big price to buy. And the outstanding brand of our country enterprise is an amount very few, 2 it is famous spend and credit is spent insufficient also. In respect of general purpose machine tool, should head push Suzhou 3 light, the report of 3 light machines Suzhou the machine tool has in domestic user very good famous degree reach the United States praise degree, can saying is current domestic famous brand, and 3 light also rely on Suzhou brand advantage, obtained rapid development, obtained the management outstanding achievement that your person fixes eyes upon. But, want to move toward the world to spend more effort even. The brand of machine tool of treatment of our country report is made also it may be said " the road is boundless its are long " , remain entire industry, especially the indefatigable effort of industry leader. 3.

5 want a dominant position complementary, the production enterprise estimation that conformity does strong our country's current report to machine a machine tool has many 200, the amount is not little, but scale of great majority enterprise is not large, each respect actual strength is not strong, most enterprise is forced place oneself at in low end product low price competes. This kind of state also is the phenomenon that the developed country ever had appeared in industrialized process. But the trend of development always is superior bad discard, the leader of the company of treatment of a few report of our country should consider the situation, do not spell the price to beg blindly live, blindly cracking develops, do not have a future so, should consider conformity, consideration advantage is complementary, do jointly strong, development high end is high grade product, of seek enterprise live for a long time with development. 3.

6 should make high-quality goods, the report of our country of development international market processes machine tool product, exit still is potential. It is in price respect, have clear advantage; The 2 report that are our country machine a machine tool to still have apparent distinguishing feature, resemble taking filar chance quickly, run cost than reaching besides sexual price low outside, in treatment big ply, big taper, large work reachs side of difficult treatment data to have apparent technology advantage, in recent years, of foreign user approbate degree also be in increase, export volume is increasing. Additional, a few report machine other machine tool breed, in the world also only a few country can be made, some products are our country is particular even, go like electrochemistry mill of discharge of opportunity of treatment of alveolus of electric spark of numerical control of machine of burr equipment, mechanical zincous cut, much axis, efficient numerical control is waited a moment. But should enlarge our country report to machine exit of machine tool product, the key still should improve performance quality, perfect after service system, ten million cannot one hammer buying and selling, rot fame. CNC Milling