Coal machinery plant develops successful and heavy-duty put together to collect on the west machine

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From Xi'an colliery machinery plant understanding arrives, this factory holds to technical innovation, exert oneself research and development gets used to the high-end product that the colliery asks, obtain remarkable result. In September 2004, machine of coal mining of drawing of the MG500/1130-WD that this factory has multinomial technology first times to innovate alternating current develops a success and investment is used, solved effectively before the technical difficult problem that coal mining machine cannot carry rock fault directly, came true not to put oscillatory artillery piece to be able to break locomotive exercise coal mining in very close to each other of working surface whole journey, be maintained to be domestic put together to collect mechanical equipment to defeat the fault that cut stone to bring up very close to each other to break the major breakthrough of respect of coal mining technology directly below complex and geological condition by the expert. Recently, this factory exceeds another times high-power, big collect machine of expensive coal mining of drawing of MG750/1910-WD heavy-duty alternating current to develop a success. This machine installs engine power 1910kW, it is the product of coal mining machine with the at present greatest power of domestic outfit engine. Because this product is the oldest,collect Gaokeda 5.

5 meters, have the productivity that produces per year 10 million tons, thereby fill our country is collected greatly tall, exceed high-power a blank that heavy-duty put together collects domain of mechanical technology equipment, collect put together equipment research and development to raise a new standard. It is reported, second half of the year, development of this factory plan is new-style 1480 model coal mining machine and 125 model dig path machine, optimize product structure further. CNC Milling