Numerical control changes the compositive structure of curved machine

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This kind of numerical control that has folding a turn to thin plate changes curved machine pattern. This numerical control folds curved machine mould to include bracket, workbench and clamp board, when using, be opposite by lead coil electrify, electrify hind produces gravitation to pressing plate, come true to be held to be being placed laminosely between pressing plate and base thereby. Because used electromagnetism force clip to hold, make pressing plate OK make it a variety of work requirements, and can undertake machining to having parietal work, on the operation very handy also. Of the machine tool advocate explain into part and structure: 1, slide block part: Use hydraulic transmission, slide block part is comprised by slide block, oil cylinder and structure of fine tuning of mechanical link stopper. Or so oil cylinder is fixed go up in frame, make through hydraulic pressure piston (lever) drive slide block to move up and down, mechanical link stopper is adjusted by control of numerical control system numeric. 2, workbench part: Operate by pushbutton box, make electromotor drives stopper around shift, control mobile distance by numerical control system, its are the smallest reading is 0.

01 millimeter (around position all has journey switch spacing) 3, synchronous system: This machine by the mechanical synchronism that twists the composition such as axis, move about arm, articulatory bearing orgnaization, the structure is simple, function is stable and reliable, synchronous precision is tall. Mechanical link stopper is adjusted by electric machinery, numerical control system controls numerical value. 4, block makings orgnaization: Block makings use electric machinery transmission, hold through catenary drive two lever synchronism to move, control of numerical control system blocks makings measure.

System of laser beam machining and union of photograph of technology of computerized numerical control can form efficient automation to machine equipment, for high grade, efficient produce open up with the treatment of low cost wide perspective. And machine of the carve inside laser is the new and high unifinication that rises laser technology and computer technology union new-style laser peripheral machines equipment. Laser engraving tool uses high-powered laser and numerical control technology, the optical system that adopts own development, control system and computer software, sculpture of three-dimensional and dynamic accurate laser comes true inside crystal, glass, solved sculpture speed work of slow, system is not steady, lose laser to nod, explosion of card of control of interface of not complete to image and function of word processing software, use computer, laser orders unit of inhomogenous, automation price of sex of endless and perfect, equipment compares low problem. The efficiency that improved a system in the round, precision, can maintain gender, versatility and security. It is inevitable that work of the carve inside crystal becomes more rich on colour. Those who use crystal handicraft inside vulture part has effect of stronger reflex, reflection to the light, and blank part has a better optical principle that shows performance to the light, by small control circuit according to 3 base lubricious palette principle, control a few kinds of colorific lamps respectively, in " inside vulture " scene is mixed on image, change goes a variety of flowery colour, make thereby originally of white inside vulture image presents a colourful, result that glow. Type numerical control folded principle of job of curved machine mould at 3 o'clock, horn of garden of point of sunken model entry and A of composition of modular core surface, B, C at 3 o'clock, fold curved angle α by certain this at 3 o'clock work, among them C dot gets power the biggest, it and horn of α of quantity of material spring back had immediate concern correctly, if the graph wants to change modular core only " be apart from " size, can obtain the different point of view that fold a turn, angle control is make up in pedestal one dial, drive pressing with a finger to be shown on dial in connecting lever of the mount on modular core again, its characteristic is angle control operation is simple and direct, need not the generatrix that special mould can change curved different point of view, its fold a turn to belong to mandatory fold a turn, can raise the precision that fold a turn. The plane shear folding a turn that model of knife of activity of a kind of device places, numerical control loses curved chance the distinction that mould and conventional numerical control change curved machine pattern is in device of slip upper beam mix of model of an activity knife, contain at the same time on mix of mobile knife model the model that fold a turn and curved pattern is changed of two kinds when cutting board knife to perhaps be the same as, in mobile knife model clip makes up the model that fold a turn is mixed cut board knife say; of the plane shear that fold a turn is in what mix of mobile knife model makes up two kinds are the model that fold a turn to say numerical control changes curved machine pattern. The control when the plane shear that fold a turn is used drives mobile knife model to place roll to arrive to corresponding position becomes the function that fold a turn with respect to convertibility or be cut board mobile knife model is driven to place roll to corresponding position to fold curved model into thin plate with respect to convertibility when functional; numerical control folds curved machine mould to use curved. The operation of the plane shear that fold a turn is used change curved machine pattern with singular numerical control or go to the lavatory like onefold plane shear, production material reduces; numerical control to fold curved machine mould to change a pattern considerably however fast, use very convenient. CNC Milling