The first when line cut machines important working procedure

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To the first when cut of electric spark line machines important working procedure, the author is engaged in education of cut of electric spark line working to sum up a skill of silk of a few outfit for years. 1, the tensional outfit silk that should keep certain in the process that install silk wants to help molybdenum up with the hand in the process the pulling force that filar annulus maintains certain, if cause filar canister floss and silk easily without tension,slip the appearance that gives guide pulley. 2, silk enters round of molybdenum silk that has installed to should set pilot wheel, avoid molybdenum silk and frame to produce attrition to wear away to cause loss to frame, lower the service life of molybdenum silk at the same time. 3, should have enough silk long term what filar canister makes among cut treatment is canister of silk of a kind of reciprocate the width that install silk should be more than filar canister width at least 1/2 be less than filar canister width slightly. 4, maintain silk and workbench perpendicular electrode silk is twined and after Zhang Jin, should teach mixing adjust electrode silk the verticality to workbench, between manufacturing practice, use simple and easy tool mostly. (those who be like square, columnar feet or regulation is hexahedral) , with working surface (or the clamping apparatus workbench that places its to go up) to examine fiducial, whether does the clearance of silk of range estimation electrode and tool surface agree up and down, adjust till to clearance fluctuation agrees. 5, new Zhang Jin wants after silk has been installed line cut machine tool has general electric spark molybdenum silk tension station, wear the line cut machine tool that does not have tension station to silk, should be opposite with handwheel before treatment silk is taut. CNC Milling