3 coordinate are measured machine in car vent-pipe the application in trying a project instead studies

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One, 3 coordinate measure foreword machine abbreviation CMM, from 60 time metaphase the first 3 coordinate are measured machine since coming out, the progress as computer technology and electronic control system, detect technical development, measure for 3 coordinate machine to direction of high accuracy, high rate development offerred strong technology to support. CMM measures means to cent is measured for the contact and can be not a contact to measure and contact and blame are contacted and measure with type, inchoate CMM basically is used at metric with detect, as the development of advanced production technology, especially the application with FMS wide technology, make 3 coordinate are measured machine the position in trying a project instead is taken seriously increasingly. Beg a project to basically contain two content instead, be dot of data of objective model surface get, digitlize a technology namely; 2 it is technology of curved surface modelling. Measure the main job principle of machine to be able to see from 3 coordinate: The through measuring a head effective combination below the situation that 3 coordinate of ① measure function to hold card in workpiece and union measure axis of head A, B to rotate function, can finish the measurement of the major geometry element of the spare parts. Random computer reachs ② have the aid of measure software achievable undertake to what measuring data computation and error are analysed. The measurement with advanced ③ software is supportable CAD/CAM function or undertake standard data format is changed, can make design, production, measure implementation data to share. Namely 3 coordinate are measured machine measures data can be used at data analysis already, also can provide primitive information to seek project technology and RP technology instead. The Microxcelpfx454 that the article produces with American Brown&sharpe company 3 coordinate measure machine, Renishaw to measure head and random software PC-DMIS3.

0 for the foundation, it is data processing software with CimatronCAD/CAM/R-En, introduced 3 coordinate to measure in detail machine begging the coordinate in the project instead in car vent-pipe is to build, data is collected, the applied technology of the respect such as data format changeover, processing. If the graph is shown 1 times,use measure. Graph 1 3 coordinate measure machine application measure 2, the model of final figure product that the car vent-pipe model that graph of analytic objective prototype shows 2 times gets to try a project through turning over, its external form is complex, curved surface change is bigger and irregular, want to undertake to its data is collected, way of plane upper part is measured in 3 coordinate a lot of, but the collection of data plan should accord with formative train of thought, realize the accurate emersion of the spare parts very hard otherwise. According to the geometrical appearance of vent-pipe, although vent-pipe surface is ruleless airspace curved surface completely,can see, but whole geometry appearance is by vent-pipe outline curve and alterable and sectional contour line come however pilot. Can scan through becoming sectional so the curved surface model that the method of the object will come to found vent-pipe. The good point that such doing is collection data little, surface of model of the geometry when modelling is slick, those who be helpful for filter dropping the generation in measuring a process is random the blemish that disturbs to have with original part solid. Graph model of number of 2 cars vent-pipe also can is opposite of course vent-pipe surface undertakes statified and sectional outline is measured, but data of this kind of method collects workload big, the workload that the curve handles is very big also, and the scraggly ripple with apparent existence of the meeting on the curved surface that founds through these curvilinear place, the effect very not ideal. The first kind of method was used in actual measurement process. 3, measure machine before the desired result that measure a head measures machine application, measure a head to should have desired result. It is to make heart of software computation ball opposite fasten the seat 0 o'clock at measuring machine coordinate; 2 it is the equivalent diameter that computation measures a head. As a result of measuring staff be out of shape, the equivalent diameter that measures a head and measure place to use last time measure an actual diameter somewhat difference, undertake desired result can make sure the radius that measure a head compensates precision measuring a head currently. Before desired result, the coordinate that considers how to build object be metricaled first is, want to undertake the measurement of which a few direction to the object, want to have desired result one by one in these a few direction to measuring a head, save the result of desired result rise. After the desired result that measure a head, want to consider vent-pipe to be in how to hold clip on workbench, strict according to gauge a demand, use special fixture, secure work go up in workbench. In order to make sure precision asks. 4, object coordinate fastens those who build coordinate department is in the future certainly the crucial question of data processing. Coordinate fastens build correct, matter to data processing directly whether success, modelling is correct. Especially vent-pipe is measuring a process in, measure all data impossibly that outfit gets stuck, to assure to be in different coordinate fastens metrical data, can undertake conformity, make the uniform number model of the object that be measured. This measures a process in what differ with respect to the requirement in, the coordinate department of establish can be united each other rise. End panel is taken in actual measurement the first the centre of a circle is coordinate origin, as to axial the problem can pass coordinate of CimatronCAD/CAM modelling software to alternate the function gets unity. If the graph is shown 3 times,coordinate is fastened. Graph sketch map of coordinate of model of number of 3 cars vent-pipe measures a process in, the commonly used method that builds coordinate department has 3-2-1 law and the law that fold era. Folding acting law to build coordinate is, still be a basis " 3-2-1 " characteristic, introduce " best-fitting " the condition is computative the direction of the spare parts, with this the method must have nominal dimension or CAD news, must have vector news especially. Why to plant without giving thought to method, build coordinate to fasten cent to be 3 paces: Of the spare parts search, rotate origin of axes, setting. Build the order that coordinate fastens according to 3-2-1 law, need is measured piece 3 to 6 elements, namely: Begin 3 elements to be used at searching planar, build the law arrow of working plane; Additional one of axes of the working plane X that two elements decide a make choice of with Yu Suo, Y, Z3; The last element is used at deciding the coordinate origin of the spare parts. Before measuring, measure clearly fiducial, choose exterior surface roughness usually the good, high quality, element that has good repeatability serves as fiducial. Particular operation move is as follows: Of A, spare parts search the geometrical appearance according to vent-pipe, the underside that chooses vent-pipe serves as search planar. When measuring, hold a control to be measured on underside with the hand at 3 o'clock, press " DONE " pushbutton, the dot that tells PC-DMIS to be about to collect already was finished and use the element with new construction, what PC-DMIS nods what what the analysis measures and ascertain place measures is a plane. It is B, OK still to rotate to measure spare parts reference axis to axes place freedom rotates, need is locked up with two elements decide this to rotate to be spent freely. With underside 4 approximate and elliptical the centre of a circle regard axes as even the line (Y axis) , hold a box to be in with the hand underside random surveys the four boundaries of a piece of land or a construction site on two ellipse at 5 o'clock, use function of PC-DMIS composition of a picture to beg an elliptical the centre of a circle to nod. Origin of C, setting determines standard position finally, this is fiducial the elemental conformity that measures different coordinate department is together, according to the analysis, with underside an elliptical the centre of a circle on 4 elliptical keep to the side is origin. Can building coordinate so far is, be chosen in menu Utility à Alignment, should appear when building coordinate to fasten a dialog box, the coordinate that builds place to need is worth can. The external form of vent-pipe is complex, measure all data impossibly, need twice to measure according to the analysis, in be measured twice, build coordinate department respectively, make sure built coordinate department origin is united as far as possible twice this, save its respectively. 5, basis of analytic feature curve the geometrical appearance of vent-pipe is knowable, the integral appearance of vent-pipe is by the outline of vent-pipe the curve is mixed become sectional the line comes pilot. For modelling is distinct in the future, saying strictly is should by become sectional individually of curvilinear center connect a line and form, but be being measured and when data processing very inaccessible this, the branch molded lines according to vent-pipe and tubal surface and costal region are when be being measured normally so board hand in a line to regard outline as the curve, the weakness that such doing measures the outline curve that come out namely very not smooth, need in the data processing lieutenant general later its undertake light arranges processing. 6, data collects a basis above analysis, the integral geometry appearance of vent-pipe by the outline of vent-pipe curve and alterable and sectional come pilot, because vent-pipe external form is more complex, cent is measured for two. What measure outline data dot and character foothold to see a picture 4. What border of outline of 4-c of graph of foothold of character of surface of 4-b of attempt of point of data of the outline outside graph 4-a counts foothold to measure several foothold to want to reflect outline information is bit more crucial, compare obvious place to want to increase measurement point in curvature change especially. 7, data format changeover and processing measure machine place to measure data to be able to use text format output commonly, OK also output of general pattern of IGES, STEP. Choose occurrence dialog box of Exports of menu File à , choosing name of several foothold file and place to belong to coordinate is name and output format can. In measuring data processing to point to actual measurement data, unusual data nods filter, make thorough analysis to available data, find out the relation between each parameter, the requirement has an edition to measuring several foothold, filter, seek essence of life and sort, trim mixed and disorderly discrete data point. Curvilinear data processing is included commonly smooth sex is handled and undertake to the curve proper clip is mixed outspread, be not worth and satisfy modelling requirement what measure in order to make up for, when measuring curved surface outline, on the crest line that measures a model of very difficult accurate bring into contact with, cause the smooth sex that measures a curve to compare difference. Because measure the direction of contact inspection arrow of head and crest line to maintain hard,agree at the same time, cause likely measure a result to there is apparent wave motion inside three dimensional space, this needs pair of curves that be measured to do smooth sex processing. Can make these are nodded at the same time umbriferous go up to a plane, next will umbriferous the dot construction after becomes a curve. Still have place of two end points, be in with the node of other curved surface especially, suffer measure space and the effect of the radius that measure a head, measure the geometrical data that manages to end points accurately very hard, answer to make the curved surface that intersects with the curve come first right now, next along the U of curved surface, V directional general curve is outspread to curved surface, finish curved surface model thereby. 8, summary tries a project instead is the three dimension foothold that measures the data such as machine to collect equipment to get complex part through coordinate commonly, use then beg software to undertake data processing instead, come true by face of à of the line that nod à , realize the three-dimensional model design of the spare parts then. 3 coordinate measure the machine application in trying a project instead, make start of product of business development, development tall, devoted little, cycle shortens greatly, bring enormous economic benefits for the enterprise, so 3 coordinate measure the use technology of machine to be taken seriously extensively by the enterprise. 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