Solidworks applies mediumly in mechanical product

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Of the flying development as CAD technology and function ceaseless and perfect, the design method of project technology personnel and measure are more and more substantial. Especially the wide application of three-dimensional CAD/CAM software and gain ground, make contemporary and mechanical products plan progressively enter three-dimensional design period. Three-dimensional design has figure, intuitionistic, accurate, fast characteristic, of function of analysis of the plan design that develops in new product, structure, product evaluate, conclusive effect can have in decide and optimizing process of physical prototype parameter, succeed for new product research and development, provided strong technical support. Solidworks/Motion is to be based on the parameter of Windows environment to convert software of three-dimensional and hypostatic modelling. For large-scale project technology personnel was offerred do not have on onefold Windows interface seam compositive substance modelling, finite yuan of analysis and optimize design, fictitious assemble, three-dimensional orgnaization motion is emulated, athletic interference examination, procedure is generated, three-dimensional and CNC Machining, hypostatic graph changes 2 dimension project graph, product. The article sways with the 3 axes imitate of some model reproduction machine is exemple, software of introductory application SolidWorks/Motion undertakes 3 axes imitate sways reproduction machine is in three-dimensional and hypostatic modelling, assemble, three-dimensional orgnaization motion emulates the process that reachs athletic component to interfere an examination and method. Imitate of this 3 axes sways reproduction machine is main by core, medium annulus, outer shroud and baseplate composition, if pursue,1 is shown. Graph imitate of 1 3 axes sways three-dimensional and hypostatic modelling designs reproduction machine sketch map 3 axes imitate sways the measurement of reproduction device systematic precision is opposite taller, when because this is undertaking 3 axes imitate sways,the structure of mechanical stage system of reproduction device is designed, should ensure the stiffness of structure of mechanical stage system can be satisfied gauge systematic precision demand, have a structure even at the same time optimize, below the premise of contented stiffness and intensity, make the weight of mechanical stage style as far as possible light, each moment of inertia of rotational component as far as possible small. Make the same score the respect such as stability and control sex to consider from drive power of the system, motion, the centre of gravity place of mechanical stage style is close to line of axis of rotation to had been jumped over more. Whole point of view considers Dan Congan, each rotational component centre of gravity place should be controlled in rotor lower part inside certain limits. According to designing assignment certificate to install mesa dimension is mixed bear the weight of the technical parameter such as the requirement and index, be united in wedlock before design experience, first thickness of the structural dimension of style of stage of preliminary and affirmatory machinery, section dimension, plate, preliminary undertake three-dimensional model is designed, the component that finish is designed and undertake constructional by corresponding associated tie. Fix each rotational component centre of gravity place above all. If centre of gravity place is improper, can use add in bottom deserve to weigh piece or the requirement that changes the means of structural dimension to satisfy centre of gravity place. Undertake to each component finite yuan of computation, examine the stress of each component and meet an emergency are contented measure systematic precision to ask. If cannot satisfy a requirement, undertake till satisfy a requirement,be modificationed to the structure of corresponding component. The model that motion of orgnaization of emulation analysis of orgnaization motion emulation analysis and motion of interference examination orgnaization emulates should use the outfit of bottom-up to match a method, build a 3 axes to sway multiple track machine assembles system. Insert the baseplate that already finished above all, make the 3 definitions plane of baseplate component defines flat look coincide 3 times with what assemble system, can restrain baseplate component completely so fixed. Next again successive will be outer shroud, medium annulus, core assembles a relation to undertake restraining by what answer relatively. If the graph is shown 1 times, outer shroud and baseplate restrain two freedom to spend, outer shroud can circle Y axis to swing the annulus in; and outer shroud restrain two freedom to spend likewise, x axis surrounds to be able to swing in; core and in annulus also restrains two freedom to spend, core circles Z axis to be able to swing. Good to been do assembly body model, can undertake athletic emulation with Solidworks/Motion, according to assignment certificate given relevant condition and parameter, can the different movement condition of imitate product, examine the validity of design computation result of the athletic function of the product and product. Graph 2 pushbutton label pursues if 3 settings window pursues show 2 times, indicate arrowhead with the mouse pushbutton fell at 1 o'clock, the left window that if the graph is shown 3 times,can appear. Affirm whether Revolute is corresponding Y axis (Shou rockshaft) , revolute2 is corresponding X axis (roll axis) , revolute3 is corresponding Z axis (vertical rockshaft) . Choose with the mouse " Revolute " pushbutton, click right key next, choose " Properties " the right window that if the graph is shown 3 times,appears, each can be added to sway in this window of the axis sway means (Displacement) , sway mathematical model (Harmonic) , amplitude, periodic, angular velocity and angular acceleration parameter. In Motion next pulling choose in menu " Intellimotion Builder " pushbutton, the window that if the graph is shown 4 times,appears, additive time and calculative check the number can be added in this window, take 2 ~ commonly 3 cycle, 1000 computation nod 500 ~ can. What add parameter to add after finishing, click a graph with the mouse 2 in arrowhead indicates quick pushbutton 2(clicks a graph next 4 medium " Simulate " pushbutton) , can undertake swaying imitate moves next. Graph after window of 4 emulation settings awaits moving end, choose with the mouse " Revolute " pushbutton, click right key, choose " Plot " the window that if the graph is shown 5 times,can appear, click among them " Rotary Motion Generator " pushbutton, choose the driving moment of corresponding each axis of rotation. 1 medium coordinate fastens to in an attempt to to consult, y axis is Shou rockshaft, x axis is roll axis, z axis is vertical rockshaft. Get outer shroud thereby (Y axis) , in annulus (X axis) and core (Z axis) driving moment graph. If pursue,6 are shown. Graph the 5 driving moment that choose each axis of rotation pursue the driving moment of 6 each axis of rotation pursues in addition, the effect that still can emulate motion is outputted directly for file of movie and TV. In Motion next pulling choose in menu " Export Results " after pushbutton, click " To AVI Movie " pushbutton, the filestore of movie and TV that can emulate motion is in appointed catalog. The interference examination of athletic component needs to say more here, design personnel should be right the athletic part that assembles system undertakes athletic interfering checking, examine the interference case that spacing moves, examine the exact extent that assembles circumstance and component model, the problem such as the collision of the interference that so that as soon as possible discovers product structure space,decorates and athletic orgnaization. In Motion next pulling choose in menu " Intellimotion Builder " after pushbutton, click " Interferences " pushbutton (show) 4 times like the graph, click again next " Check Interferences " pushbutton, can undertake athletic interfering checking, if if pursue,the component that motion interferes can be in in 7 shown windows,show, can undertake modification in corresponding place next. Be like occurrence interference, can look carefully at specific interference position, corresponding place undertakes modification designing. Graph 7 motion interfere those who hint 2 dimension project pursues to change build a model when the component that finish, assemble body, finite after yuan of analysis, motion is emulated and interfering an examination, can turn into project attempt scale, adopt a model fast and accurate the view of 2 dimension project that makes place need. Because model and blueprint dimension photograph are associated, can generate dimension automatically to tag, reduced the factitious accident in the design and workload, designing personnel to basically work is right dimension is tagged, form tolerancepublic errand undertakes modification, weave necessary technology asks to wait, in order to satisfy the requirement of standard of our country mechanical cartography and industry standard. The product of the design that article place narrates brief summary shows already consign is used, through having to load running test to the product, from be measured actually and demarcate result looks, the each function index of the product all is achieved or exceeded the requirement of assignment certificate. The 3 axes imitate that compose of software of demonstrative application Solidworks/Motion builds sways reproduction machine, in three-dimensional substance modelling, assemble, three-dimensional orgnaization motion is emulated, the process method that athletic component interference checks and a few skill are a success. In new product development, development and design process, especially to swaying multiple track is installed buy is not mark equipment this kind, need undertakes computational analytic to the stress of structural member, meet an emergency, computation and structural design work are very great and trival, applied Solidworks/Motion software undertakes the emulation of the product is designed, rose to design efficiency greatly, avoided a large number of medium changing to design a process, assured to design quality. Use the software in the hand reasonably, can shorten not only the development cycle of new product, still can reduce design cost greatly, the venture that bring down new product develops, enhance the market competition ability of the enterprise. CNC Milling