Small can high-power transducer is in ceramics industry ball mill is energy-saving the application in transforming

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Preface is in our country ceramics industry, ball mill is used in great quantities, it is the indispensable significant production facilities that stock smashs. Ball mill is general power is greater, work efficiency very low, make the equipment of bad news phone with the largest trade of pottery and porcelain consequently. Undertake to ball mill energy-saving transform, managing to our country construction model society, reduce environmental pollution to have great economy and social sense. 2.

The drive means that at present ball mill uses the working principle of ball mill generally is: Three-phase AC motor, hydraulic coupler, gear reducer, reducer of leather belt annulus. Here, the leather belt that the makings canister of ball mill regarded reducer as annulus use. When ball mill burden starts, electromotor starts electric current to be able to achieve the decuple above of rated electric current. The machinery when starting to alleviate is pounded, hydraulic coupler was joined in transmission link, hydraulic coupler is the drive energy that the change of moment of momentum that adopts oil of the job inside control job antrum will come deliver electric machinery. Electromotor procrastinates through the input axis of hydraulic coupler move its are active working annulus rotates, quicken to working oil, the working oil after be being quickened drives the slave operation turbine of hydraulic coupler to rotate again, deliver drive energy to its take-off and load. The hydraulic coupler in transmission system has amortize effect when start, make electromotor OK carry gently start, start electric current in order to reduce, after waiting for electromotor to start again slowly to load, achieve the effect that starts ball mill smoothly, reduce the mechanical impact when starting. The timing action of hydraulic coupler is carried when the job, search the optimal job rotate speed of ball mill, improve the efficiency of ball mill. Because ball mill belongs to constant torsion load, when using hydraulic coupler timing, its move quick result rate to be equal to speed ratio, have very big one part energy is wasted in hydraulic coupler. 3.

The manufacturing technology ball mill of ball mill moves with securing rotate speed commonly, the rotate speed of cylindrical shell is by leather belt annulus or gear decelerate orgnaization (coupler of useful also hydraulic) of the decision. The rotate speed of ball mill affects the abrade process of the athletic condition of steel ball and stock and stock directly, below different rotate speed, following plan institute show the athletic state of the steel ball inside cylindrical shell and stock: (A) when rotate speed is inferior, steel ball and stock rise along with cylindrical shell wall, when be equal to when the dip of steel ball and stock or be more than natural inclination, edge cant slips below, cannot form enough fall, steel ball is very small to the abrade action of stock, the efficiency of ball mill is very low. (B) when the rotate speed when cylindrical shell is in the some rotate speed between afore-mentioned both, steel ball is taken parabola of the edge after certain height falls, to canister base stock strike action the biggest, abrade efficiency is highest, right now rotate speed calls optimal job rotate speed. (C) if the rotate speed of cylindrical shell is very high, because leave the action of mental efforts, break away from canister wall in order to cause stock and steel ball no longer, and therewith rotates together, at this moment steel ball already was not had to stock strike action, abrade efficiency is lower. The lowermost rotate speed of this kind of condition calls critical rotate speed. Move actually make clear, the diameter of optimal job rotate speed and steel ball reachs the its load, figure that protect armour, steel ball and protect the friction between armour the factor such as coefficient is concerned. 0 what general optimal job rotate speed is critical rotate speed normally.

7 ~ 0.

8, it is certain to see rotate speed or have adjustable limits, but adjusting range is not big. The error of the rotate speed of actual ball mill and optimal job rotate speed is less than 10% , be like ball mill to use frequency control to search optimal job rotate speed so, the energy-saving result that improves abrade efficiency also is in 10% less than. 4.

Ball mill frequency control is energy-saving the working principle that controls a system. Besides use frequency control to search optimal job rotate speed, the place of the energy-saving result that the abrade efficiency place that raises ball mill obtains, because ball mill is when the design, consider those who assure electromotor torsion of the biggest output, and in producing a course actually, often short of is the biggest output torsion, electromotor is in carry gently (dissatisfaction carries) working status, its power factor and efficiency are inferior. Can pass the energy-saving moving function of transducer at this moment, through reducing the output tension of transducer, self-correcting and production need the output torsion that matchs actually, achieve the goal with the power energy-saving with efficiency factor that raises electromotor. It is commonly as a result of transducer additionally " hand in - straight - hand in " voltage source transducer, intermediate dc link has the presence of large filter wave electric capacity, can raise transducer to input the factor of net side power of end greatly, reduce transmission electric current, reduce electric energy to transmit loss mediumly in circuit thereby, not only have energy-saving effect, and the size that can reduce power supply system, reduce installation cost. Or fall in size of same electrified wire netting, allow to install ball mill equipment more. 5.

Frequency conversion of installation of applied effect ball mill is energy-saving after controlling a system, obtained the following result: Because ① eliminated the impact when starting, lengthened gear of box of crankshaft, wave, the machinery such as leather belt service life, reduced upkeep costs. After ② ball mill uses frequency control, starting electric current can be compared former 5 times smaller above, (like 132kW electric machinery original starting electric current is in 1000A above, starting electric current of energy-saving control system is frequency conversion between 180A ~ 200A) , came true true soft start, also got energy-saving result. Because start electric current to be reduced greatly, of the impact that won't make didymous electrified wire netting and voltage of electrified wire netting drop, disappear uses electric equipment tripping operation or breakdown besides the other that start because of ball mill and causes, below size of same electrified wire netting, can increase number of outfit machine stage. ③ can pass transducer conveniently set is abrade time, add grind time and stop machine function automatically, make operate more intelligence is changed, human nature is changed. The energy-saving effect of energy-saving system can amount to ball mill frequency control commonly 12% ~ 15% the left and right sides. 6.

Investment and redound press down works of some famous pottery and porcelain to be with Fosan city Xi Qiao exemple, this factory already installed 37 small can the high-power transducer of the company. With a among them 40 tons of ball mill are exemple, electromotor power is 132kW, former ball mill is every months with n: 115kW × 18 hours of × 62100kW of 30 days of = .

H (degree) , installing ball mill rate of report of the section after energy-saving control system can amount to special frequency conversion 14.

6% , can save charge of electricity every months to be: 62100 × 14.

6% × 0.

65 yuan / spend = 5893 yuan. If invest with every transducer,be 5.

50 thousand yuan of computation, investment pay back period is 55000 ÷ 5893 = 9.

3 months. If lead 12% computation with average length report, criterion benefit of report of lunar red-letter day is 62100 × 12% × 0.

65 = 4843 yuan, every transducer investment is 5.

50 thousand yuan of computation, investment pay back period is 55000 ÷ 4843 = 11.

3 months, can not call in to a year namely total investment. And the service life of transducer is 10 ~ 15 years commonly, pure redound is namely after a year period, also namely year section cable profit is controlled in 60 thousand yuan. 7.

The last word carries out a proof, small can the energy-saving drive that the high-power transducer that company of science and technology produces uses at ceramics industry ball mill is very successful, obtained good economic benefits. As the user the use experience to transducer rises with what accept rate, small can high-power transducer is having more wide application perspective in ceramics industry. CNC Milling