Medium or small of workpiece efficient flexible treatment

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Summary: No matter be the workpiece of cubic appearance, still be an axis with pipe fitting, should clip its only two tips, shift establishs RS 50X of pillar machining center to be able to undertake machining shaping to them. Hedelius company not long ago is revealed in company undertook recommending to this equipment on the meeting. Pursue 1 can install use working space clapboard to be able to have large working space space pursues quickly 2 rotate swing the workpiece that workbench unit applies to treatment weight to be less than 20kg pursues 3 undertaking an axis be in with the treatment of pipe fitting, hedelius company introduced to be opposite technically medium or small workpiece undertakes 3, 4, the shift of 5 with 6 mill treatment designs establishs pillar machining center. This is used at the machining center RS 50X of many treatment, excellent point is growing at its, but working space of space and deserve to have rotate swing workbench is unit. Inside the working space that does not do space, can have the treatment of 3 axial to the workpiece that length can amount to 1800mm. Start to talk through lateral, but will longer workpiece (if shape component) advance working space inside. For this, be in a few minutes short in, can will place swing in left whirl the stage is unit from the job move inside the space except. One can install use workshop clapboard to be able to become large working space space two alone work spaces quickly (graph 1) . Inside space of these two works, the component that can be 700mm × 510mm to the largest size undertakes 3 swing craft treatment. To openly treatment, can change from inside library of a tool horny milling head. The tool interface of horny milling head perhaps changes quickly for type of SK40, pincers type. Should rotate swing workbench unit is the clamp workpiece that is less than 20kg for weight and of the design (graph 2) . It contains flange of a combined-type / HSK-A63 interface, can be in weak point a new workpiece clamp facility is received for it inside a few minutes. The face plate that can offer dimension to be 160mm, 200mm and 250mm as standard component or it is clamp flat. Use 2 or 3 ungual type are placed dish, can be opposite rotate those who have economy is individual the finished product treatment of small series in reaching. The space of the 2nd work of through inserting minute of clapboard generation can make 5 treatment get be optimizinged significantly. The clamp face that perhaps needs for careful treatment to what withhold on workpiece, in processing of the craft that place type, immediateness can eliminate his. The axis that undertakes between two tips or the another window that pipe fitting treatment is this machine tool (graph 3) . The Heidenhain ITNC 530 that belongs to standard configuration controls a system to cover a program to provide support for to program through an air cylinder. But prepositive swings the bridge provided performance of additionally one kind of treatment. It is with the clamp length of a 475mm exemple, it can provide enough positional space for multiple clamp. With all sorts of different cutting with its the task matchs quickly and capacious working space is an advantage, the solution that this machine offers gets on whole of broad user reputably. CNC Milling