Example analyses technological process of scale of base of the electric equipment in production enterprise

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Business of a lot of designs has used professional CAD software to undertake the design of the product now, mechanical software of CAD of grand celestial bodies is to use one of software of most extensive mechanical design CAD. Below, the article uses base of electric equipment of scale of mechanical software of CAD of grand celestial bodies to be through some production enterprise exemple, will show its to design circuit. Will see demand above all, the blueprint of base of a piece of electric equipment that if the graph is shown 1 times,we need scale. Graph 1 above all we or the general pattern that need scale to give whole blueprint, for example 3 diameters that we need in blueprint 39, 48, the homocentric circle of 53. With the assistant of 2 edges. There are 3 in blueprint special piece, this belongs to fixed position to use, this is company of shellfish of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces from the definition attribute locates piece. It is OK to need us to come out from the attune in the database only, the general outline drawing of this moment base was finished with respect to scale (the 2) that be like a graph. Graph 2 pursue in scale 2 in we can use grand time machine the scale center line in software (the draw with this can quick function gives a circle, the central line line of a variety of graphs such as rectangle, shortcut key ZX) and pour wine cup (the draw with this can quick function gives right angle, round horn, the chamfer that retreat a knife, additionally this function still provides horny computation function, can help the data pouring wine cup with our accurate calculated description, accelerate our plot rate, after like graph 3) graph 3 scale give general outline blueprint, we add solid to decide with respect to need piece, find out this to be secured for base piece graph piece, in placing blueprint, the altogether in the point of view that we need to be in 360 degrees here places 3 to secure piece. One is involved here an issue that places angle, the function of angle line scale in can using machine of CAD of grand celestial bodies (shortcut key JD) , fine according to clew scale auxiliary line can, scale is very auxiliary after the line, what had placed us directly is fixed piece can. 3 fixed position piece that use array to need us next scale comes out (the 4) that be like a graph. Nextpage pursues after 4 good in scale figures, tagged with respect to ours next. And the character that the tagging in mechanical software of CAD of grand celestial bodies is having rich, free, intelligence, no matter be mechanical,tag a type what take oneself in software in great quantities, if intelligence is tagged, tag continuously etc, still be machinery of CAD of grand celestial bodies software is doubleclicked mediumly revise tag, tolerancepublic errand symbol and fluctuation deviation are added in tag, various perhaps symbols are tagged etc (the 5) that be like a graph. Graph 5 having doinging after tagging, the setting of the blueprint plan frame that is us, this is the window of mechanical software of CAD of our grand celestial bodies. The picture frame that what we need to install here is an A4 is OK. Add the technical requirement that we need next, so this blueprint already scale was finished (the 6) that be like a graph. Graph the process of the blueprint of the base of an electric equipment that 6 above should create an enterprise to use scale of software of machinery of CAD of grand celestial bodies namely. In scale process, because used the characteristic function in software of grand time machine in great quantities, 40% above promoted effectively in plot efficiency respect. About Inc. of software of celestial bodies of grand of Suzhou of grand celestial bodies, company of new and high technology mixes the country double soft cognizance business, the CAD software provider with Asia-Pacific banner area. Also be; forms one of main software firms that global pole minority masters CAD core technology the earliest system of CAD unifinication service, put forward to cooperate with design concept and the CAD software company that pursue integral solution. CNC Milling