One steam liberates new product of emphasis of nation of research and development of branch of the diesel engine that do not have stannum

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Ministry of science and technology of country of not long ago announced project of national emphasis new product, one steam emancipatory company does not have branch of stannic diesel engine in pairs of the CA4DF of own research and development and CA6DF2 diesel engine has the honor to win name of national emphasis new product. The country was discharged to motor vehicle 2004 execute Europe II code to assess, to this stannum Chai Zao has preparation, aim at international advanced level, use domestic and international advanced technique, reduce and reduce diesel engine to discharge pollution, ensure finish relevant product ahead of schedule upgrade replacement. CA4DF2 and CA6DF2 diesel engine adopts the advanced technique that draws Austrian AVL company and German FEV company, make full use of home has resource, use assembly of P7100 pump and P fuel injector, use aggrandizement job process, in updating fuel system and pressure boost, cold technology achieves design goal. Use reduce technology of oily bad news specially, enrage cylinder body, air cylinder to diesel engine lid, piston, camshaft, undertake optimizing designing into the component such as system of pressure boost of exhaust system, fuel system, turbine, realized the own development of the project, main aggrandizement index already was achieved or approach foreign advanced level, especially exhaust emission and smoke are spent inferior, satisfied Europe II to discharge code to ask, and have driving dynamical sex and good economy. CNC Milling