Solder installs technology of machine of fixed position of automobile body figuration

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A lot of other company solder hold divine dragon company and home figuration of automobile body line is versed in same, used a variety of forming machine technologies, carry these pair of craft kind apply and the characteristic undertakes contrast and summary, can locate for the automobile body figuration henceforth machine technology design offers referenced opinion. Line of solder outfit automobile body is the main product line that model of solder outfit workshop produces, to its design, need considers the following cautiously: 1.

The importance of planar position. It is a model the collect thread of each part assembly, flow to the content of the spare parts, production is organized and move and the action with the decisive move since workshop design. 2.

The adaptability that the product evolves into. Be opposite to get used to the market car product requirement by before the oneness change to diversity, to automobile body line flexible changed production to also raise taller requirement, its design plan to need to combinative product plans and consider. 3.

Investment utilization rate. Because automobile body line is one-time investment is larger, after the recycle rate that needs to consider its equipment as far as possible when the design and product evolve transform expense. The core of automobile body line is labour of figuration fixed position, the technology of figuration fixed position that uses different form is right metre of the manufacturing breed of this line, production, occupy an area, plane to decorate, investment and the product henceforth upgrade to removing payoff, this shows is versed in to figuration design and analysis appear very important and necessary. At present solder of divine dragon company installs the forming machine technology that the workshop basically uses to have: Flex Framer forming machine (ABB) , Body Flexor forming machine (CFER) and Geoflexor forming machine (PCI) . When project of 2 factories X7 plans, we still considered the technique of two kinds of forming machine of domestic other: Opengate forming machine (COMAU) with Geotack forming machine (ETAG) . The article will do simple introduction and analysis to technology of these a few kinds of forming machine. The main characteristic of forming machine of Flex Framer of Flex Framer forming machine is to pass a robot to carry figuration tool, have fixed position to automobile body with tool combination next. In fixed position process, join between tool of left, right lateral and hind tool, become framework of a whole. The tool that the robot differs through capture undertakes closing be installinged realizing the figuration of pair of different models, realize a variety of models to be in thereby same work flexible turn production. At present this kind of forming machine is in my company 202 workshops are used, in all line production T11/T21/T33 and the T31 model in the future. 1.

Craft parameter is whole figuration mechanic be versed in by 3 a composition, product line grows 20m, wide 15m. Among them advocate be versed in a long 8m, wide 15m. Flexframer pitch time can achieve 21V/H at present, the biggest yield can can achieve 34V/H, the biggest produce can be versed in originally through decreasing a solder nod or increase solder the robot comes true, premise condition is to make sure necessary figuration solder is nodded. Get existing work the limitation of the area, the wrong department that Flex Frame is versed in potential energy accommodates 3 to differ, right ministry and hind tool (see a picture 1) , bottom tool can get used to two kinds of different batholith. Figuration can be achieved after combination the ability of 6 kinds of different models. Forming machine of graph 1Flex Framer is versed in 2.

The structure forms system of whole forming machine by tool of robot, fixed position, roll bed, automobile body automatic spiral lifting device and but shuttle uses bottom tool 5 parts composition. Among them the function that the robot assumes capture to locate tool and solder clamp undertake a car the body locates and solder respectively. Flex Framer uses tool of 4 fixed position to have take shape, it is respectively wrong department, right ministry, hind and bottom. Among them wrong department, right ministry, hind tool is robot capture tool, but shuttle moves bottom tool to be versed in through around mobile, can realize the changeover of two kinds of different and bottom tool. If the graph is shown 2 times,detailed structure is comprised. Construction of system of forming machine of graph 2 Flex Framer is comprised 3.

Working measure guides and basically secure blowmobile, roll a bed to fall among, A of platform trap door closes, roll a bed to fall low, take tool robot (R2R5R6) motion awaits to the first, on clip of pressure head of group of bottom tool B, robot (R2R5R6, stay in the 2nd to await, tool each other is locked up, bottom tool is other on pressure head clip, advancement of robot tool pressure head reachs the designated position, tool robot come away takes solder grip, other robot solders, figuration spot welding is received finish, robot and work of tool connection shunt excitation are felt piece, robot tool pressure head is opened, each other trivial is loose, the robot takes away tool, return initiative, other 4 robots finish what follow-up solder nods to solder. 4.

The assurance of geometrical precision the fixed position precision of tool does not depend on the repetition of the robot reachs the designated position precision (± 0.

5mm) , the fixed position that the fixed position face of the wedge that relies on bottom tool however chamfer and each other cylinder is robot tool is standard. Have in lateral and hind labour furnish measure datum mark, build what measure a ball to these labour mount to measure through what bottom coordinate fastens, ensure thereby of fixed position tool assemble precision. 5.

Orgnaization of lock of each other of FLexframe of orgnaization of lock of fixed position each other is the patent product of ABB company, 7 are shared on machine of figuration fixed position, among them bottom tool fixed position joins 4, upside tool fixed position joins 3, its repeat fixed position precision to be ± 0.

1mm. Forming machine of Body Flexor of NextpageBody Flexor forming machine is the same as Flex Framer similar, also be to pass a robot to carry assorted tool, realize the fixed position to automobile body. Its different point depends on the configuration of its lateral tool and bottom tool, its are left, right lateral tool cent becomes independent twice for around part, this provides flexibility more to change of car of the two box of same model, 3 box. Its bottom tool does not have shuttle of around of FLexframe forming machine to use a function, the bottom change of different model props up the three-dimensional portable orgnaization of fixed position orgnaization to come true through bottom tool, at present the forming machine of automobile body line of the X7 of my company and BX3 project uses this technology. 1.

Craft parameter is whole figuration mechanic (see a picture 3) product line grows 10m, wide 13m. Theory of the biggest metre reduces quantity of figuration solder check the number to achieve 55V/H through increasing machine support of the people (14 robots) , premise condition is to make sure necessary figuration solder is nodded, this the biggest metre has not get test and verify on existing model. Mechanic of figuration of graph 3Body Flexor it is at present in X7 project, metre designs ability to be 28V/H, have place of 98 figuration solder, use 8 robots in all (MOTOMAN) , if use ABB robot to need to increase 2 again, because suffer robot arm to grow the matter that limits with load,this basically is. In BX3 project, metre designs ability to be 33V/H, have place of 85 figuration solder, use 10 robots in all (ABB) , should be versed in through increasing a robot to be able to make productivity achieves 38V/H. On Argentine B51/B53 project, metre designs ability to be 30V/H, share 70 figuration solder to nod, use 5 robots (FANUC) , if use ABB robot,need 7. Potential energy of labour of Body Flexor figuration accommodates 3 different around lateral tool, the three-dimensional portable orgnaization that bottom tool props up fixed position orgnaization through bottom is theoretic the batholith that can get used to a variety of differring, assorted result can reach the capacity of model of 6 kinds of above. 2.

The structure comprises system of whole forming machine to be located by robot, lateral tool, bottom locates tool, roll bed and automobile body automatic spiral lifting device is comprised (see a picture 4) . Among them tool of left, right lateral divides around two parts, the orgnaization of the fixed position that prop up of bottom tool can design three-dimensional portable orgnaization. Structure of forming machine of graph 4Body Flexor is comprised 3.

The fixed position precision that locates each other locks up tool of orgnaization Body Flexor does not depend on likewise the repetition of the robot reachs the designated position precision, the fixed position that the fixed position face of the system of lock of join each other that relies on bottom tool and lateral tool however holds artificially as the machine is standard, principle of its fixed position and Flex Framer are similar. ZPS of system of orgnaization of lock of Body Flexor each other (ZERO POINT SYSTEMS) the patent product that is joint development of CFER and German AMF company, its locate is to rely on bearing pin to pass all around the sphere that enchases annulus to circle delivers dimension to restrict its X/Y/Z direction, repeat fixed position precision to be ± 0.

1mm. 12 are shared on machine of figuration fixed position, among them bottom and lateral tool fixed position have lock of 8 join each other, upside of lateral around tool locates each have 2 join each other to lock up. Forming machine of Geo Flexor of Geo Flexor forming machine is the forming machine product of PCI company tradition, this figuration locates the technology is used extensively in PSA automobile group, have structural tigidity changeover of stability of fixed position of good, geometry, different model is fast and manufacturing efficiency is advanced characteristic. At present 4 kinds of models all use the T63/T61/B53/B51 of my company technology of this forming machine, already realized same work in all line production. 1.

Forming machine of craft parameter Geo Flexor is versed in by 3 a composition, technology area grows for product line 18.

5m, wide 11m, among them advocate labour long 6.

5m. Because should be versed in the robot undertakes soldering only, the time that did not carry a part is used up, productivity is very accordingly big, the quantity that can order through reducing figuration solder is achieved the biggest the productivity of 50 ~ 55V/H. At present product line of my company T63/T61/B53/B51 is transformed through 3, figuration is versed in ability already amounted to a metre 38V/H, share 100 figuration solder to nod (the figuration solder dot of theoretic T/B is 60 or so only the least) , use 8 to solder robot. Geo Flexor uses fluctuation two tool have take shape, upside tool can get used to change of 4 kinds of models, bottom tool can get used to model of 2 kinds of different batholith to change, assorted result is theoretic can achieve figuration the ability of 8 kinds of different models. 2.

The structure forms system of whole forming machine by tool of fixed dragon door, upside, but system of changeover of the bottom tool that shuttle uses, tetrahedral tool and spiral lifting device rolling a bed is formed. Body rotates to realize the fast changeover of 4 kinds of different models in the air that upside tool adopts fixed dragon door, bottom locates tool distributes two or so independent shares, the around shift that uses device of shift of tank catenary drive to realize model of two kinds of different batholith is changed. 3.

Working measure guides and basically secure blowmobile, bottom tool reachs the designated position by model motion, upside tool turn coming back rotates by the model reach the designated position, roll a bed to fall low, upside tool breaks away from turn coming back to fall in dragon door to locate, EXPERT system is broken away from, tool, collet of fixed position tool is opened, EXPERT system lock decides upside tool to rise, litre fall roll a bed to rise, sledge walks ahead. 4.

The assurance to geometrical precision (1) fiducial coordinate fastens build. With 8 on forming machine pillar fiducial ball builds coordinate department, laser of directional center on-line is transmitted to measure in forming machine through installation dog appearance will come true, precision is achieved 0.

01mm. (2) the datum plane of upside tool is measured. Use laser to measure dog appearance undertakes metrical to the datum plane of upside tool, share 9 measurement point. (3) the datum plane of bottom tool is measured. Use laser to measure dog appearance transmits the to bottom tool datum plane on central line to undertake metrical in tool of or so bottom respectively, the left and right sides has 6 measurement point each. What need points out is, the move coming back of Geoflexor forming machine moves fixed position to rely on 3 EXPERT orgnaization, made sure accurate graduation locates effectively, repeatability precision is very tall, make precision achieves the integral repeatability of forming machine thereby ± 0.

1mm. NextpageOpengate and technology of forming machine of Opengate of Geotack forming machine are the product that Italian COMAU company rolled out 1993, advocate if rely on to control lateral tool,have fixed position to automobile body, the robot does not share fixed position, undertake soldering only. Pass those who control lateral tool to change, realize a variety of models to be in same work production is this forming machine flexible manufacturing principle, up to now this technology already passed 5 acting technologies to evolve. Because tool of lateral of Opengate forming machine changes faster (walk orgnaization speed 2m/s) , the robot undertakes soldering only, productivity is strong, can amount to the productivity of 48 ~ 55V/H most. Orgnaization of fixed position of a complete set of is located by tool of left, right lateral, bottom tool, roll bed and automobile body automatic spiral lifting device is formed. If the graph is shown 5 times,specific orgnaization is comprised. The tigidity of tool is better, not easy generation is out of shape, firm and reliable, location is relatively exact. The lateral tool of forming machine of Opengate of composition of structure of graph 5Opengate forming machine moves all right through stack form, the lateral tool that can realize a variety of models changes (see a picture 6) , but the area is covered an area of when much breed bigger, need reasonable consideration position. Graph the lateral tool of a variety of 6 models changes the solder that waits for Motor Corporation in FIAT, GM, FORD installs technology of Opengate forming machine product line figuration is versed in be used in great quantities, in me plan of early days of company X7 project seeks advice from a process in, technology of this forming machine also as await choose plan to attend bid. Technology of Geotack forming machine is the product of German ETAG company, the working mode that its model alternates and Opengate are more similar, the changeover that also is support lateral tool will realize same work flexible production. Of this forming machine and Opengate lie differently to use independence with its lateral tool retroflexion type tool adds up to outfit orgnaization, the structure of tool is designed very firm is stable, the geometrical dimension that makes automobile body locates gets effective assurance. Geotack forming machine can be in at most same work those who realize 6 kinds of models is flexible production, the changeover platoon of its lateral tool has intelligence to change more on cloth, whole industry 18m is in direction of transmission line length, width is 14.

5m, cover an area of area ratio Opengate small. Because technology of this forming machine has manufacturing metre big, model is flexible had changed, geometrical dimension stability and later period model guide to showing production affects lesser characteristic, because this is in,the large Motor Corporation such as the masses is used extensively. The comparative above of technology of a few kinds of forming machine a few kinds of forming machine are more mature technology, the practice that producing got test and verify in the process, but be aimed at different use and demand situation, have respective adaptability again. Oneself make a simple contrast according to the use situation that understand and produces now (detailed sees next tables) . Forming machine contrast expresses the development as auto industry, increasing to the demand of model breed appearance influences the market, onefold breed is in of the market have rate proportion also decreasing stage by stage, this makes before mode of production of car of onefold, tall metre gets used to force to breed diversity, market stronger orientation develops, this makes Flex Framer and Body Flexor have definite advantage more than Geo Flexor, as to Opengate and Geotack technology, because suffer the effect that covers an area of an area, because this has certain limitation, these also are divine dragon companies the main reason that the X7 in later period and BX3 choose technology of Bodyflexor forming machine in two new projects. CNC Milling