Internet is lukewarm accuse implement chip application and integral plan

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The announcement that general office of the State Council controls a standard about carrying out temperature of public construction air conditioning strictly " (the country does hair [2007]42 date) regulation, the country executes indoor temperature to control a system to using the common structure of air conditioning heating, refrigeration. Outside dividing special purpose, temperature of indoor air conditioning installs winter not to get prep above 20 ℃ , setting of temperature of indoor air conditioning does not get the summer under 26 ℃ . Additional, the State Council shows environment of managing the sources of energy, protection is the obligation of every citizen. Meet northward coal to change big trend of report when national policy, internet is lukewarm accuse implement appear even more important. From the point of upriver industry character, intelligent household cooperates big data analysis to will lead lukewarm accuse implement the industry upgrades again. Current and traditional lukewarm accuse implement still transmit signal with means of RS485 bus line, but progress as the development of wireless technology, had had replace wired flame gradually. Especially the rise of technology of LORA group net, more let wired turn wireless become the most powerful backup force. This one technology was solved thoroughly lukewarm accuse implement the trival problem in spot construction, transform a project in the light of old building especially. 2ZLG is lukewarm accuse implement plan introduction system passes pair of water a powerful person to open paragraph of time area way heat is metric undertake calorimeter cost and canal accuse, tiring-room can see every clearly every with n and metabolic curve, offer energy-saving proposal, let energy-saving look so that see. Graph 1 Internet is lukewarm accuse implement plan develop attacks the graph is lukewarm accuse implement face plate can use batteries power supply, with collect implement, carry out implement wireless communication, need not wiring. Graph 2 lukewarm accuse implement the low power comsumption that the SX1278 chip that block diagram ZM400SX-MU is the KL16 that sends far electron to be based on NXP by ZLG, Semtech develops, high-powered LoraNet2 second development module, support from group net. Graph 3ZM400SX-MU objective pursues among them, the buy inside PCF8576C is in a poor light 4 times output and can support amount to 40 paragraphs of drive, but drive 20 8 paragraphs of character, , 10 15 paragraphs or any 160 cursor graphs, pass I2C to control directly, for you the province gives more IO. Additional, the user can use imitate temperature sensor according to his demand, the interior that can use KL16 16 AD; Perhaps use digital temperature sensor, my department recommends the LM75BD of NXP. 3 how to manage with me module undertakes the agreement can offer SDK package developing the group network such as LoraNet, the user can develop a product according to the specific requirement of oneself. Also can use module of our group net directly of course, group net is thing of a few jussive. CNC Milling