PCD high-powered gun is gotten answer aperture kind difficult treatment material

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Auto industry regards cutting tool as the biggest market of the industry, in recent years be able to swift and violent development, this kind of situation is just as a Shuang Renjian, while for cutting tool manufacturer provides tremendous progress space, also brought great challenge, conventional treatment technology and cutting tool are inextricability the problem of the cutting on tall hardness spare parts, till the occurrence ability of PCD and PCBN cutting tool makes,difficult problem of this one treatment is able to understand definitely. Shanghai arranges limited company of outstanding Electromechanical science and technology (abbreviation Shanghai is suitable outstanding) it is cutting tool of a collect is made, machine tool research and development, machine tool creates the diversity company at an organic whole. Inside 6 short years, company research and development gives a lot of new-style products, among them the PCD gun of SRT brand is gotten, be a company is top class advocate make a product, it is sterling German craft, masterly technology and the product that pledge high were obtained in industry very tall approbate degree. Cutting tool of PCD of PCD cutting tool is one kind synthesizes a technology with high pressure, complex gets together brilliant diamond, solved natural diamond the issue with exiguous, high price. Its exceed hard alloy hardness and precision to be able to make it uses the many fields such as aviation, spaceflight, car, electron. In PCD cutting tool, PCD gun gets the advanced technique that represents us most. Gun getting is not the person's hep name, it quickened the pace of weapon manufacturing industry, became armory and special type hole kind the tool that treatment cannot replace. It has appeared in the mould to make again and again now, oil pump of spaceflight, aviation, car is oily wait aperture a moment kind treatment industry. Also made the stiletto tool that can not replace in the treatment of auto industry now. The part that axis of gear-box, engine, gear, connecting rod needs stiletto etc needs gun getting to solve. Getting when cutting, PCD gun is gotten have guide from oriented action rising to support action. Guide the exterior quality that decorates pair of treatment aperture and dimension precision are having main effect. Force of the cutting when treatment is forced guide be pressed in hole wall and produce roller smooth effect, can make the dimension of the spare parts and precision get effectively so substantially rise. Its advantage includes: In small diameter deep aperture machines a category, it is only the most effective cutting tool almost, long way is older than jumping over, advantage is being shown more. Length of the biggest cutting tool can amount to stability of function of 5000mm; cutting tall, because rotate speed is high, feed is so big, and successive feed, do not need midway to retreat a knife to discharge the bore diameter dimension with bits stabler; , precision of the aperture below general requirement can amount to IT8~9 class, it is good by surface roughness of treatment aperture surface that IT7 class; can be amounted to below specific requirement, treatment steel products can amount to Ra0.


6, treatment nonferrous metal and cast-iron can amount to 0.

The form with 8 the following tall; tolerancepublic errand, kong Yuan is spent 0.

005mm, axes flatness 0.

2mm/1000mm; accommodation is tall, be amounted to by treatment material hardness HRC45 still can machine durability of; cutting tool tall, machine blade of 5~15m of common rolled steel to be ground, cast-iron 50m blade is ground, aluminium makes an appointment with 380m blade to be ground. Knife head is general but blade grinds 10~20 second, after Kong Zuan of very long; knows its gross life, orifice does not have flash, burr; applies to machining center and the lathe; that provide high-pressured refrigeration system to be able to use minimum below specific requirement lubricant system (MQL) . Cutting tool of PCBN of PCBN cutting tool is the cubic nitrogen that comes out in synthesis of high pressure of a kind of high temperature change boron, its hardness is next to diamond and material of far outclass other, because it and this diamond all are called,exceed hard data. Its machine means basically is the means that with cutting tool fixed workpiece rotates will machine cylindrical workpiece, still one is plant is with workpiece axis of Z of fixed cutting tool moves back and forth cutting workpiece. Although PCBN already was a kind of more mature cutting tool material, to the treatment application of PCBN cutting tool, preparation of blade of coating, cutting and the chamfer that break bits is very important, but to aperture kind treatment is helpless however. Deep aperture kind the new issue that the treatment of the spare parts has become a block up to grow rate, more and more aperture kind the person that the treatment of the spare parts is perplexing treatment, what bed of borer of nowadays deep aperture and gun get is civil change solve this difficult problem already completely. CNC Milling