MTU provides efficient automation treatment for engine

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MTU regards Germany as advanced aircraft engine manufacturer, be used in the business of different drive and power and the design of military aircraft engine, development, make, the respect such as sale and support, have the whole world lead position. MTU is entered newly started use at compositive type dish kind of lamina (integral leaf dish) the remarkable production center of treatment, in the building that its build in Munich, have all sorts of the most advanced treatment machine tools on the world, include a team of giant product of GF AgieCharmilles milling among them. The leaf of whole of series of MIKRON HPM 800U of graph 1 GF AgieCharmilles dish regard high-tech as the component, xie Panhe blade confluence is a whole, apply increasingly on the compressor of contemporary engine. Center of MTU remarkable production has a variety of worlds' most advanced machine tool, include the team of MIKRON milling product of a GF AgieCharmilles that expands ceaselessly among them. After it is started and moving completely, the workshop will have 20 milling machine, complex formula machine tool and 8 coordinate measure 7 Che Xi machine. To 2016, the Xie Pansheng of MTU produces ability general from produce per year 600 to enlarge 3500. Have the world's greatest high pressure part of a historical period a lot of treatment process that the MTU that Pan Rou sex processes one of systems can pursue commerce and production of compressor of engine of for military use, the PW1000G series engine that includes Pratt and Whitney company and PW800 business use the engine of jet, and the TP400-D6 engine of the transport of A4000M for military use of Europrop International company. 96m is long advocate deserve to send center and photograph of a lead plane join, can at any time automata is all process, this is the core of concept of automation work flow. New part of avery kind of will have card of a working procedure, an only order sign and a complete radio frequency identify (RFID) chip. Order order and practicable clamping apparatus, cutting tool and computer assist the data set such as the program to close together, can make lead plane is calculated the workload of all workshop workstation, pass advocate deserve to send a system to give practicable the machine spare parts allocation. Graph the business concept that remarkable production center acts on help client to score greater success in GF AgieCharmilles issues the 2 MTU Aero Engines that are located in Munich, MTU purchased machining center of many high-powered MIKRON HPM 800U, in order to satisfy the requirement of MTU tray and clamp system. Workshop design can be accommodated reach 24 MIKRON milling machine, milling machine of these 24 MIKRON becomes conformity the automation with efficient MTU to process flow system in beautiful beautiful one part. CNC Milling