The research current situation of mill technology is inserted in CNC Machining

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Now nowadays, as the ceaseless development of production technology, aerospace, mould is made and the industry such as the car can mirror our country cutting to machine a level most, among them aerospace product has lot complex, purify leads small, structure precision of big, treatment is advanced characteristic. In recent years, the ceaseless development as the design and perfect, a large number of new technologies, new material (process data titanium alloy, hard especially) by wide application, caused difficulty of occurrence treatment of data of aviation spare parts to be mixed greatly the phenomenon with treatment low efficiency, and structural member of of all kinds whole is used in great quantities in new-style aviation product, be like integral leaf dish, turbine of integral leaf annulus, whole can the join between leave out component, make spare parts amount decreases greatly, weight is reduced significantly, work life and security rise greatly, but the surplus that this also increased CNC Machining of this kind of spare parts greatly, make machine efficiency to be reduced further. Processing technique of milling of knife of head of the face mill treatment in applying extensively at the product to make before, ball cannot have satisfied the requirement that produces cycle, accordingly, study efficient CNC Machining method has important sense. The milling that insert mill regards a kind of new-style efficient milling as means, main effect is being produced in our country manufacturing industry, already was machined by industry bound, what manufacturing industry of aviation industry, mould approbates and get applied extensively especially. The 1 principle that insert mill inserts the characteristic that inserts mill mill treatment calls way of Z axis milling again, it is namely in CNC Machining process, direction of cutter shaft of cutting tool edge is linear feed, the cutting blade that uses bottom undertakes getting, mill combines cutting [1] . The treatment that insert mill can reduce the radial cutting force of cutting tool, make cutting force keeps stable, cutting tool vibration is little [2] . Graph 1 to insert sketch map of mill craft principle. Method of the treatment that insert mill is implementation of pair of cutting of metal of complex curved surface one of treatment methods with efficient the most effective excision. To the curved surface of difficult treatment material treatment, grooving treatment and cutting tool are hanged extend the treatment with bigger length, the treatment efficiency far outclass of the law that insert mill is a few otherer groovy milling method. When need excises many metal stuff quickly, use the law that insert mill to be able to shorten substantially handling time. The treatment kind that the 2 advantages that insert mill insert mill to machine is more special, with other treatment means photograph is compared, it has the following advantage: (1) treatment efficiency is tall, can excise a large number of metals quickly, can save the time of half above to common milling. (2) can reduce workpiece to be out of shape. (3) the radial cutting force that can reduce bed of action Yu Xi, this means a shafting already tatty main shaft still can be used at inserting mill treatment, and won't affect workpiece to machine quality. (4) of cutting tool dangerous extend length bigger, special the rough machining that applies to a few moulds antrum, be recommended to be used at the efficient treatment of aviation component. (5) can wait for difficult treatment material to undertake curved surface treatment or grooving are machined to titanium alloy. (6) can use at all sorts of treatment environments, can use at sheet the treatment of one-time archetypal spare parts of small lot, also suit big batch spare parts to make. Be based on the treatment that insert mill to have above advantage, because this inserts mill to be being used at leaf of whole of aerospace structural member gradually dish open rough machining, through optimizing the treatment craft that inserts mill, can realize integral leaf dish efficient treatment, increased integral part of a historical period relatively dish treatment efficiency. The 3 designs that insert milling cutter are current, the development that a lot of foreign manufacturers devote oneself to to insert milling cutter designs research, the Shanteweike that is like Europe, hill tall, Yisika, of company of 3 water chestnut and United States agree each bolo such as accept provides those who produced business to roll out him brand in succession to insert milling cutter, if pursue,2 are shown. These manufacturers have what mature quite to insert milling cutter to design development system, it is a foundation in order to insert mill cutting theory and manufacturing practice, repass changes a design to the parameter of cutting tool, can go out to insert milling cutter high-poweredly in the development inside short time so. Pursue for example the type that 3 shown hill high companies develop is R217/220.

Of 79-12A be used at rough machining insert milling cutter, suit to process all workpiece data, cutting speed can achieve 1000m/min. The butterfly of new-style TANG PLUNGE that Yi Sika develops inserts milling cutter, its model is HTP LNHT 0604, diametical limits has 16 respectively, 20, the standards of 25mm exists outfit clip to hold razor blade, use at milling cutter top, knife chamfer has tall durable sex. Insert milling cutter to contain inside cooling aperture, can cool effectively cutting area, conduce to a bits. Nextpage and the development of domestic tool manufacturer to inserting milling cutter the technology starts research is opposite later, although have certain research development to inserting mill mechanism, but form those who have conviction very hard to insert milling cutter product, and of general design insert milling cutter to basically undertake qualitative design by experience, lack theory and parameter design, time of such research and development grow quite again, life of quality of the cutting function that causes the cutting tool that its manufacture directly, treatment, cutting tool and economy cannot satisfy the need of the market. Software of the 4 process designing that insert mill regards a kind of new-style treatment as the method, process designing becomes the main problem in the treatment that insert mill. Current, software of a few CAM has had module of the function that insert mill, but the option that suits an user is lacked in major CAM software, include to get used to the ability of all sorts of workpiece appearance and the ability that get used to each sort milling cutter, because this inserts what mill uses method of the cutting tool in the domain,be being generated is a more lengthy process. UG company is in NX 4.

0 in begin to develop function of the treatment that insert mill [3] , in the CAM module of NX, the setting that inserts mill through be opposite can realize annulus to cut, zig-Zag wait for knife mode, can realize the basic function of the treatment that insert mill. When undertaking mill is operated inserting in UG, can use an input by hand of process designing personnel a series of parameter, be like the biggest cut speed of wide, cutting to wait, make the demand that accords with treatment, also can mix according to the cutting tool of the choice other parameter, call dosage of cutting speed, cutting automatically to wait from inside parameter library by the system, have better maneuverability. In the meantime, in beforehand craft designs a respect, for example beforehand the fixed position of bore, want to operate personnel hand to move a choice to decide, have higher treatment experience demand to process designing personnel. Other and relevant software, be like WorkNC[4] , use the technology that insert mill to be able to realize the fast cutting of the workpiece of pair of big deepness, can reduce the loss of the machine tool greatly. Solidedge also developed those who accord with respective user habit to insert mill function module in succession. Insert mill to study the current situation domestic and internationally 1 insert mill the person such as Wakaoka[2] of abroad of kinetic research current situation studied from parameter of cutting tool geometry and athletic respect intermittent process of the wall outside upend of the workpiece that insert mill; Li[5] falls in the dynamic construction case of oversight system, consider and put forward a kind to insert mill complex model the method of the face and the size that calculated milling force; Jeong Hoon Ko[6] undertakes experimenting building modular research to inserting mill milling force; Damir.

A[7] is flexible study the force that insert mill is mixed below the condition with rigid workpiece system the vibration that insert mill. Ren Jun learns [8] , Han Xiong [the cutting parameter that 9] optimizes TC11 titanium alloy to insert mill to machine, the experience of force of the cutting in establishing the procedure that insert mill and cutting temperature is formulary. Tian Jingyun [10] , Qi Wenguo [the metabolic pattern that the 11] test that passes pair of titanium alloy to insert mill milling force follows cutting parameter to inserting force of the milling in mill process undertook the system studies. Cui Lijiang [12] analysed cutting dosage to be opposite the influence of force of the milling that insert mill, achieved the forecast of force of pair of the milling that insert mill. Yang Zhenchao [13] was analysed 3 mix to feed of milling rate, every tine to milling force the absolutely sensitivity of milling deepness and opposite sensitivity, studied milling parameter is right the influence rule of milling force. Xu Da of Tianjin university the Qin Dynasty [alloy of 14] research titanium inserts mill process to insert mill process kinetic, built titanium alloy to insert the milling force model of mill, alloy of hand-in-hand travel titanium inserts mill temperature field and cutting tool to wear away the respect research such as mechanism. Liu Xianli is taught [the consideration high speed such as 15] inserts mill process high temperature and action of tall stress coupling, undertake mill machines process cutting inserting finite yuan of analysis, research milling force, temperature and be out of shape area stress meet an emergency distributings. Li Xiaoyu [16] inserts mill to machine field of medium cutting area temperature to distributing in the light of alloy of titanium of difficult treatment material undertook study. Liu Wei is become [17] inserts field of the temperature in mill process to titanium alloy distributing undertake study, built finite the theoretical model of yuan of analysis. Chen Ming of Shanghai traffic university [18] insert characteristic of weak tigidity of mill process cutting tool in the light of impeller flow path, build large round part to insert milling cutter asymmetrical model of force of the cutting that insert mill and cutting are kinetic equation, union inserts mill mode experiment to obtain be based on vibration small displacement and " let a knife " the force of the cutting that insert mill of displacement, undertake optimizing to inserting mill cutting parameter. Ren Jun of current situation of research of the 2 engineering technology that insert mill learns [19-21] in be aimed at process of rough machining of structural member of titanium alloy whole, inserted mill and side mill treatment to craft undertook study and put forward to be in integral leaf dish in rough machining process, raising a passageway to drive groovy cutting efficiency is the key that realizes treatment of Xie Pangao effect. Analysed parameter of craft of the milling that insert mill to be affected to tatty of quality of test specimen surface and treatment cutting tool. Hu Chuangguo [the person such as 22] is aimed at integral leaf dish wait for complex structural member, the 5 coordinate that put forward Xie Pantong of a kind of whole opening type to insert method of mill rough machining. Yang Zhenchao [23] was analysed 3 mix to feed of milling rate, every tine to milling force the absolutely sensitivity of milling deepness and opposite sensitivity, studied milling parameter is right the influence rule of milling force. Zhao Jianbo [24] had preliminary research to inserting mill cutting function, for cutting tool structure design and cutting parameter are optimized provide academic basis. Zhao Wei [the stability that 25] analysed high speed to insert mill to machine, mix from speed of academic surface roughness, cutting the angle analysis of cutting vibration machines exterior surface roughness, build the model of exterior surface roughness of the treatment that insert mill thereby. Zhang Jiangang [26] considers force of cutting temperature, cutting integratedly, wear away, the influence of oscillatory element, apply ambiguous maths theory to build function of cutting of mill razor blade to blur to evaluate a model integratedly. Ko of abroad of state of research of stability of the 3 treatment that insert mill, jeongHoon Altintas, yusuf[1] undertook to inserting mill to machine a process time domain builds a model, those who consider to insert mill is kinetic with the stability that inserts mill. What Altintas[27] considered to insert mill to machine a process is kinetic with stability, when building the treatment that insert mill, region emulates a model, change a model to be on the foundation of the influence of the parameter of variable of time of cutting sum of errors that considers cutting tool, make to cutting force, torque, vibration forecast, and build flutter stability pursue. The treatment precision that Shunsuke and Wakaoka[2] insert the exterior surface roughness in mill process to admire alloy high speed and treatment efficiency respect undertake experimenting study. Ahmed Damir[5] is mixed to tigidity flexible workpiece inserts mill to machined a process to build time domain to emulate a model, vibration of forecast cutting force, torque, system. MAHDI EYNIAN[28] studied low rotate speed falls, the measurement of process damp coefficient and build a model, those who forecast turning, milling to produce flutter stability is critical cut deep. Yusuke KURATA[29] decides process damp coefficient through cutting experiment, compose is built gave cutting process to stabilize region. Martin Witty[30] considered to insert mill function and stability, the microcosmic geometry structure that uses cutting parameter and cutting tool will analyse the condition of stable state cutting of cutting tool. Y.

Altintas[31] forecasts theory in the light of what inserted mill to elaborate frequency domain and flutter stability, described the stability that inserts mill. Contrail of cutting tool of the 4 treatment that insert mill plans to study Matthieu Rauch[32] with cutting tool method, machine tool attribute of feature of kinetic, treatment is a basis, get through leading computation to the effective purify of material new method will improve way of the cutting tool that insert mill. HamdyTawfik[33] put forward many to insert milling cutter to be opposite model the algorithm that antrum undertakes whole inserts mill. Outline of this method basis antrum serves as border, computation gives the optimal way taking a knife when inserting mill, machine the disperse of area to change by this direction control antrum, insert milling cutter to change area to realize fill to machining disperse with many, the program of course taking a knife that implementation antrum whole machines and knife orbit computation. Hu Jun annals [the geometrical character of face of corner of the basis such as 34] antrum and information of corner face geometry, put forward model the knife that antrum corner inserts mill to machine orbit calculation method, this kind of method suits the corner rough machining of each type antrum. Ren Jun learns [20] in the light of Xie Pantong of the whole that shut type groovy technology issue, studied Xie Pantong 5 coordinate open groove to insert mill to machine a method, gave out to shut coordinate of type whole Xie Panwu to insert milling cutter orbit, this method can realize leaf of the whole that shut type effectively dish 5 coordinate open groovy rough machining. King wave [35] is aimed at low problem of efficiency of CNC Machining of runner of whole of concussion type hydraulic turbine, put forward to use the method that inserts mill to undertake to the surface inside runner efficient open rough machining, and the abecedarian solved the vibration that inserts knife handle of milling cutter train in excess specified length to restrain, the knife that compasses lay off avoids to interfere orbit. Above parts to plan to just face the treatment that insert mill to undertake study from contrail of stability of craft of kinetic, treatment, cutting, cutting tool, obtained very good positive result, but the research that lacks the efficient to different curved surface rough machining that insert mill. In stricture of large different curved surface the space inserts mill to add man-hour, need undertakes cutting tool contrail is optimized, according to the structural characteristic with abnormity complex curved surface, region of will feasible treatment and insert milling cutter orbit undertakes planning, quantity of purify of coarsen treatment material is achieved the biggest change, and need has abnormity curved surface insert research of mill process stability, those who insert mill cutting tool is dangerous extend length to grow too, make the stiffness of arbor very difficult assure, make thereby when getting power incidental bend, the likelihood causes the flutter appearance in the process that insert mill. The research that because this inserts mill to large different curved surface,machines still has a lot of jobs to want to do. Last word reviewing inserts the research progress of mill technology in recent years, the inadequacy of existence and development direction induce as follows. (1) the research of temperature of the milling force that basically is in centrally to inserting mill process, milling, cutting tool wears away the research of the respect is very few. Will reduce cutting tool to wear away through commanding the respect such as temperature of milling force, milling, decide better treatment craft parameter comes true very hard still. (2) those who insert mill cutting tool is dangerous extend length to grow too, the stiffness of arbor assures very hard, design of blade of the very much cutting tool that insert mill point did not consider to restrain the effect of flutter of the puissant cutting that insert mill to treatment, apply to complex curved surface to insert theory of pilot of mill stability cutting to had be notted build, because this inserts mill to machine the meeting in the process to produce vibration, the influence machines efficiency and treatment quality. (3) the experience that because insert mill to machine the member be not perfected and machine a person of module of oneself of process designing software,machines to inserting mill is less, how to undertake mill machines the knife such as cutting tool contrail and interpolation algorithm inserting the problem that the research that orbit optimizes a technology will come to choose route of optimization cutting tool still was not solved, this is big overall situation was restricted to insert the mill application in CNC Machining domain, block up the development of the technology that insert mill. (4) the function inserting mill in software of process designing of most computer CAD/CAM is not quite mature still, the parameter that insert mill is accumulated less, imponderable the vibration of the cutting tool in giving milling course, the problem of insoluble stability, have the Gao Rou sex, applicable software that can get used to different treatment task to develop a respect to still a lot of jobs want to do. (5) the research that lacks pair of large different curved surface to insert mill to machine a respect. Should be in in facing large different curved surface to insert mill to machine, begin a knife orbit program and cutting tool contrail optimize research, space of stricture of curved surface of hand-in-hand travel abnormity inserts mill to stabilize the research of region. CNC Milling