Mould surface milling -- devote oneself to 0 abundant to measure treatment in the round

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Will crucial mould surface milling machines final measure, or it is to machine inadequacy " very one of " the size that abundant estimates, from theoretic say to had not left any error surplus. Make each move that needs pair of treatment technology so confidence is dye-in-the-wood and believe firmly absolutely. Redoe Mold company and Eifel Mold&Engineering company represented two extremes of mould workshop type: Redoe company is one has many 100 employee and the international company that a variety of moulds make equipment; And Eifel company is a company of familial type pattern that has 15 stuff only. Redoe company is engaged in large, complex light mould production technically; Eifel company is celebrated with steering wheel and production of mould of interior trim dashboard (graph 1) . Graph the practice that quantity of 1 0 abundant machines, apply to the component of large, mixed pattern, of the pattern of taillight of this kind of car that company of the Redoe in pursueing for example produces model core the same point of these two workshops is: They are in devote oneself to 0 abundant to measure treatment in the round. That is to say, withhold redundant treatment abundant to measure no longer in the milling treatment of crucial mould surface (besides because cutting tool wears away, the special situation that precision is not worth or uncontrollable craft variable causes) , handiwork was not used after be being machined namely burnish undertakes corrective or compensatory opportunity. However, immediate on milling machine treatment gives almost perfect mould appearance, need bypasses a few increase a mould to produce the move of time. Rough machining, semifinishing machining and finish machining operation can be used after material temper by dipping in water is hard (to small-sized mould, it is OK to can pass one-time outfit card to debug on a machine tool normally complete these operations) . Very few after treatment or need manual polish far from (the surface that if the mould of optical quality wants,reachs lens face level is bright and clean degree, may need to use corundum ointment to undertake polishing, but also only this just) . On lesser mould, expenditure is in correct compressor test and verify core and model alignment spends the time that attend to reduce a few hours from a few days between antrum, expenditure decreases from a few weeks in the time on larger mould. Below most circumstance, use 0 abundant to measure the mould that machines production, can be in production of treatment of the model that note model move more for long with more effective ground. Use 0 abundant to measure the highest efficiency that treatment strategy achieves, can help these two enterprises offer the price to provide the product that contends for force extremely inside global limits, deliver the goods in time. The practice of Redoe company and Eifel company proves: This kind of technology applies to small-sized pattern company to also apply to large pattern company already, can obtain favorable result. The harmony that successful 0 abundant measure treatment to rely on 4 domains in manufacturing a technology develops: Agree with the tall tigidity that high speed machines, exceed precision to machine machine tool, agile and tall the rigid cutting tool with extremely accurate radius of the workpiece clamping apparatus that repeats precision, point of a knife is placed, in without lamplight exercise mode plays the CAM software that can make high accuracy machine cutting tool method. The hardware that Redoe company and Eifel company machine place to need to 0 abundant quantity and software already be all set. More important is, these two workshops had a sufficient understanding and the team that master method of the treatment that do not have a fault, the 0 abundant that can realize the place in mould treatment to need thereby measure treatment. Collective foundation although Redoe company and Eifel company are in the distinction that carries out 0 abundant to measure treatment respect to exist makes person interest very, and very important, but the collective point between these two workshops is apparent also. Bilateral controller is the proponent of this one strategy, and maintaining scientific and objective attitude. The job that Eifel company president holds presiding apparitor Mr Rick Hecker and Redoe company Mr Eric Leene concurrently is responsible measure 0 abundant processing technique to apply at respective workshop, ensure carry out strictly according to the program, make the development of its and new technology keeps consistent. And these two workshops basically are engaged in the production of car mould. Redoe company is engaged in the treatment of car headlight, taillight and viewfinder mould technically, these component from the exterior that decided a car substantially. "Stylist people founding with unplugging modular angle and light refract grain design tinily longer with darker 3D shape, in order to produce compelling visual result. " Mr Leene explanation says. This means corresponding mould to want to have the characteristic such as deeper recess, more complex outline and narrower gap, this makes treatment faces new challenge. Shape the blemish enlarge that the optical surface quality of component asks the meeting will be the subtlest, the exterior result that so that destroy you,wants. Eifel company also is facing similar pressure, but this is to come from consumer to be experienced from what obtain inside the car. "Steering wheel exterior not only want it seems that beautiful, and feel more want comfortable (graph 2) . " Hecker explanation says. The mould must satisfy these crucial requirement. Another influence machines the frame that aesthetic example is dashboard to the mould. These problems can affect the standard that produces a pattern to Eifel company likewise. For example, the part of transparent frame must according to model core and model the quality of class A surface in antrum has precision work. Graph the exterior quality when the close view of mould of this 2 steering wheel antrum can show his to machine, according to " model " undertake more than 0 abundant measure treatment, assembly parts of need machine tool, cutting tool and CAM process designing have the great success between extremely tall precision car Eifel company and Redoe company all use 0 abundant to measure treatment to produce, every workshop is the means according to oneself carries out this entirely to read aloud. Its biggest distinction depends on each workshop having the job according to its most effective treatment strategy. Mr Hecker thinks, in Eifel company 0 abundant measure treatment to had begun 2005 about. He is in company of Single Source Technologies (the following abbreviation " SST " ) when the job, begin to engage this one notion, this is a technical supplier around Auburn Hills. It is about 12 years ago, SST company takes the lead in rolling out this one strategy, this kind of craft brought light for a lot of mould workshops, include Eifel company and Redoe company among them. The vertical machining center that Nextpage comes from Hermle company twice is Eifel company the main production facilities that 0 abundant quantity machines. 2008, this company installed a C40 machine tool; Installed a tiny C30 machine tool again 2011. New machine tool is used high pressure and through main shaft the means of deferent cooling fluid undertakes cooling, use the cutting tool of coating of new generation hard alloy that contains cooling fluid aperture, the fact proves its are mixed to milling auger cutting treatment is very valuable. Otherwise, these two machine tools will do not have how old distinction. These two machine tools deserve to have rotate workbench, in the two end of the 4th axis and axis of root of the 5th axis, use trunnion to support (graph 3) . Graph the 3 Hermle C40 that are in Eifel company and C30 5 axes on machining center, deserve to one rotates workbench, its two side are supported by trunnion, offer four-axle and the 5th axis Mr Hecker say: "We choose these machine tools, because its have extremely tall precision and tigidity. " to Eifel company, the configuration that uses trunnion formula is particularly important, because of this workshop more apt uses 3+2 treatment as far as possible. In this kind treatment mode falls, what runner shaft coming back is used as workpiece is oriented, 3 such axes (X, Y and Z axis) can undertake cutting is machined at the same time. According to the view of Mr Hercker, for very small to containing very deep recess and the mould of a lot of flange, using 3+2 to machine is very ideal. One of its main advantages are, should use only shorter as better as tigidity combination cutting tool, machine a face with respect to what can obtain work. The cutting tool with taller tigidity, the high speed processing technique in enhancing 0 abundant to measure treatment concept core (HSM) . Processing technique of HSM high speed involves the step pitch that gives speed and close together interval with Gao Jin to undertake light cutting is machined. "A rigid and good short cutting tool will can bear higher feed rate, won't produce deflexion, consequently we can achieve first-rate to cut bits negative charge with first-rate cutting deepness, even if the cutting tool that the diameter is less than 1mm. " Mr Hecker explanation says. This also conduces to this workshop can be production of full load of the implementation on the main shaft of 18000r/min in these machine tool rotate speed. Of course, the advantage cutting tool with 3+2 treatment inherent place is politic, get other the support of precondition of treatment of 0 abundant quantity, for example interface of HSK cutting tool and the heat that pass a balance cover knife clip, if come from the Slim-Line type taper of Haimer USA company,long knife is placed. To semifinishing machining and accurate treatment, eifel company uses ball head to establish milling cutter normally. It is to the diameter 0.

020in (1in=25.

4mm, similarly hereinafter) or the cutting tool that is less than this dimension, this workshop introduces the product of NS Tool cutting tool that comes from SST company. If be bigger cutting tool, this workshop is bought from DIJET company commonly. The precision that the element of first consideration is radius of point of a knife (the standard precision that finish machining operates is ± 0.

0002in) , the step interval when finish machining takes a knife may be adjacent 0.

0005in. Eifel company depends on 3+2 treatment is influential also to CAM process designing. Measure treatment to all 0 abundant, this workshop uses the PowerMILL software that comes from Delcam company. Manager of this workshop numerical control Mr Gary Schulz says, this software machines strategy to have extraordinary value to this: Can choose a variety of means to make cutting tool nears workpiece surface. "When the narrow space that reachs floor of deep mouth recess, be close to horn to may be restricted, had better be to have a variety of methods that can choose so. All these is to make cutting tool can get very good protection when contacting workpiece. " Mr Schulz explanation says. The other function that has window is his the visible function to inventory model. The bequeath after before PowerMILL software can be shown, operating cutting tool treatment is in the material of its backside. The member that this allows process designing chooses " the others is machined " below one when option place needs lesser cutting tool. "This function conduces to us can deciding, whether can this cutting tool encounter the material that expect is less than. " Mr Schulz says. Finally, in 3+2 unit process of cargo bandling, advanced collision detects the protective function that law aux will be able to provides another arrangement. Mr Schulz says, in the plan 3 +2 adds man-hour, can think of the problem of workpiece surface and point of a knife easily, and the figure that negligence considers the geometrical appearance near its and assembly parts of whole cutting tool. His explanation says, detect through colliding may catch cause cutting tool to rupture or the careless omission problem of damage of main shaft head. Old pattern great benefit because a variety of reasons, 0 abundant measure processing technique to be produced more easily the workshop place of small-sized mould is accepted. Production is bigger the workshop with mixed pattern, measuring 0 abundant treatment to regard at first is a kind of risk very very big, costly with very difficult treatment. Be in Redoe company, mr Leene does not agree with this kind to say. As the progress of processing technique, already alleviated greatly the risk that undertakes on large work 0 abundant measure treatment and difficulty. Mr Leene is pointing to machining center of horizontal of two comes from Mu Ye company MCC 2013 inside the workshop 6 axes to introduce to us as example, these machine tools are Redoe company treatment large mould core and model the core equipment of antrum, after finish machining very few or need not follow-up and manual burnish (graph 4) . "The tolerancepublic errand precision that these machine tools machine all the day can maintain in ± 0.


002in. " Mr Leene says for certain, "Precision of this kind of extreme, already reliable accurate, make we can accelerate the manufacturing rate of the mould and the pointwise burnish time that reduce a mould substantially. " the MCC2013VG that company of graph 4 Redoe introduces from Mu Ye company machine tool is machining center of horizontal of a 6 axes, its work area is 1500mm × 1200mm, have 6 axes process capability is in Redoe company, "0 abundant measure treatment " the mould surface that means a key normally is OK cutting is machined - 0.

The condition of 001in. Say exactly, reach the level under the geometrical figure that CAD place provides. Its reason is OK the mould size that company of restrospect to Redoe produces. "We often need to use 15in or the cutting tool cutting with long 18in is machined, we can be forecasted attend a meeting the deviation of occurrence appreciably. If produce such situation, can machine its cutting condition of negative common difference, allow its to appear the sort of deviation. In addition, be machined by cutting when the dimension of the spare parts 0.

When 001in, plug-in unit and tappet can drop automatically extremely likely perch, need not match. To us this is a bit ideal more special. " Mr Leene explanation says. Appear the circumstance of the quantity that lose abundant, explain he was full of confidence to these machine tools. Although this kind of method can increase its surface to achieve the possibility under acceptability public errand it seems that, but Mr Leene is not afraid. He says: "Had these machine tools, we never had encountered the situation that need solders. " what here points to is: In practice, will new material v is in of the mould apparently, so that be machined again, correct as a kind remedy measure. The first MCC2013 of Redoe company machine tool was installed 2007. This machine tool indicates the large mould spare parts of this workshop begins to machine direction to transfer to horizontal. The fact proves, the horizontal configuration of the machine tool has definite advantage, the function discharging bits with because it is offerred,have better, bigger unit that change a knife, have those who debug a setting for many times larger space, reduced each mould debug setting frequency, because it can near the many treatment surface of workpiece. Use horizontal treatment to encourage workshop exploration to use more agile tool clamping apparatus. And Eifel company discovery, small-sized work is processed on vertical machining center, use magnetism to place a dispute of constant ideal, redoe company needs to use system of modular compositive clamping apparatus on rear sight, make its can secure large mould work quickly, accurately with repeatedly clamp. Adopt the clamping apparatus package of FCS system, it uses accurate referenced datum mark, in order to ensure accurate repetition locates precision. Market of Nextpage North America is in charge of dividing the clamping apparatus that sells FCS System company by SST company, this system is comprised by substrate, deserve to have sth resembling a net of hole pattern of public fixed position, pass interface and join of pillar of module type installation, and installation pillar is added with erect position outfit go up at mould base (graph 5) . The clamp circle in will installing pillar is locating Kong Zhong screws, in order to offer to the position. Installation pillar also has clip to maintain mould base, make its and workbench maintain certain distance, in order to add the space that 5 axes machine. Supportive tray changes exercise to produced a level to start a way to implement taller automation in the future. Graph the systems of 5 rigid clamping apparatus that are a foundation one set when offer by FCS System company with the network, can let Redoe company move large mould base from a machine tool move to go up to another machine tool, do not need to build designation position, the interface of aperture of substrate network model that leads the installation on the pillar that fixed position sells and every machine tool joins the 2nd MCC2013 machine tool is at the beginning of 2011 installation. With former the clear distinction of this kind of machine tool is, the VG of herd tough firm (alterable geometry appearance) the technology is to be 6 axes function to serve. Below this kind of circumstance, the 6th axis is inside buy type rotates workbench, have same precision and tigidity, but added bigger flexibility. Mr Leene says, the improvement that is close to mould function is firstly very big advantage, this is particularly important to Redoe company. For example, to be close to dark round corner, the machine tool is OK process designing processing, besides making A axis and C axis rotate, still can undertake graduation to B axis. Actually, this can make mural body tilts, leave the side of cutting tool. In addition, the design of one aspect of the matter of the structure that prop up has better accessibility, the cutting tool that makes length shorter is OK extend arrives the position of dark round corner. "To maintain the precision that we need with necessary tigidity, machine a part to difficult deepness, using the quantity that lose abundant to machine is very necessary. " Mr Leene explanation says. Another advantage of technology of 6 axes VG is his but the large joint of extend 11in. On typical much axis machine tool, this distance wants short much, may cause interference, because this needs longer cutting tool assembly parts. Mr Leene says: "The mainest good point here is crop taller, we can let this machine tool maintain everyday 24h and every week cutting treatment of 7 days. " 0 abundant of Redoe company measure treatment strategy another notable respect is: The decision withholds MCC2013 machine tool, basically be to be semifinishing machining and finish machining operation to provide a service. Mr Leene says: "We can undertake on these machine tools rough machining works, but the Toshiba boring milling machine that we choose to collect appliance to have taller torque and rotate speed of inferior main shaft. " this one strategy a feasible reason is: From a machine tool when workpiece move arrives when another machine tool, system of its joint FCS workpiece clamping apparatus but utmost ground reduces changeover time, and won't reduce precision of its fixed position. Of course, redoe company is in cutting tool and respect of ability of CAM process designing, hold to 0 abundant to measure the principle that machines a requirement. Diametical 3mm and the cutting tool that are less than 3mm are purchased from NS Tool company, and bigger cutting tool is offerred by company of OSG Tap And Die. As to in process designing respect, this workshop is used come from the CAM-Tool software at company of CGS North America, use at asking to achieve the mould process designing of quality of optical stage appearance. Mr Leene says, the intensity of this CAM product is consistent, knife course takes in high speed finish machining in, it carries stable cutting negative charge from beginning to end. These treatment involve the ball of a 2mm to carry milling cutter normally, its mutual the step pitch interval between is 0.


002in. All and other process designing of 5 axes machine tool uses the PowerMILL software of Delcam company, undertake handling inside the workshop. A kind when be mould workshop when joint concept weighs treatment of 0 abundant quantity " lifestyle " , be none exaggerated. In the backside of this kind of lifestyle, have theory of a philosophy, mr Hecker and Mr Leene think its are indispensable. These principle cent are 3 parts: Personnel, technological process and technology. 1.

The staff member of personnel workshop must is opposite their group ability is confident, believe firmly they can produce an approximately perfect mould appearance. Producing skill and working experience field, machine tool operator and process designing member must be being communicated each other and on valued foundation, mutual trust. Every group member must assume a responsibility, make of producer goods yield achieve the biggest change, include to use nobody adequately to influence the ability that machines production. Must understand adequately, 0 abundant quantity machines such as this kind of advanced technique, represented best working security, because of them competitive to providing price is mixed seasonable delivery is indispensable. The everybody in the workshop is the person that an interest is shared. 2.

The mould appearance that technological process needs to handle rarely after treatment or need not handle machines production, the requirement uses the method of a system. All component in technological process must be accomplished without seam join, cooperate each other, there cannot be weak link among. The precision of surface of the mould after treatment and smoothness, depend on each machines measure immanent intrinsic accuracy in technological process, include instruction of method of cutting tool of function of high accuracy machine tool, high accuracy and radius of high accuracy point of a knife. High yield is his one of first goals. 0 abundant measured processing technique to accelerate the production of the mould greatly, but the amount that did not increase the staff member inside the workshop. 3.

Technical workshop a person operating from within in coordination with outside forces configures appropriate treatment facilities, include software of machine tool, cutting tool, CAM and tool fixture, this is a requirement that cannot compromise. The whole body segment in producing a course according to whole pattern makes an appointment with gross to consider, regard a project as the bag, investment purchases component of complete set technology OK and should be accord with reason. The technology is not invariable. Devote oneself to 0 abundant to measure the mould workshop of treatment, should unswerving ground explores newest development prospect to leave one stage, expect to increase investment continuously. Using automation technology is crucial. Use automation technology cut work time, make produce a system yield achieve the biggest changing is his first goal. Model prospective basis its property, 0 abundant measure treatment to ask will total energy is centered in current hour. However, mr Leene and Mr Hecker are apparent did not come to key with a view to. Everybody needs what to do to work to have a clear idea next to its workshop. Their plan involves more automation production, in order to raise the yield of the machine tool, and the investment that does not increase labour force. Specific for, redoe company is machine tool of MCC2013 VG of another 6 axes, formulate ROI invests return rate plan. And the seat that Eifel company is seeking a new factory building, so that enough space finds a place for machine tool, make its have better working flow and implementation tray to turn production. The reason that makes these two workshops show itself is: They believe firmly, in North America production creates a pattern have an outlook very much really. SST company vice president Mr Keith Kauzlerich thinks, see ability of these competition of whole world of recovery of this locality company will give him to bring very big encouragement. "I saw a lot of companies be full of confidence again to the future of this industry. 10 years ago, mould workshop already was close to acedia condition. The company that those survival come down already grew more formidably, alleged survival of the fittest. " Mr Keith Kauzlerich says, "Treatment of 0 abundant quantity is a craft that is a foundation with the technology, can make an enterprise resolved, use a kind of special cutting tool. This is get used to a process decisively, make through ability of this one process its produce fundamental change only. " the most important is: This kind of method can found a favorable workshop environment, in this environment, capable the power that employee can feel it and vigor. "This is the lifestyle of a kind of workshop, the new generation young person that drawing die manufacturer handsome ability. " Mr Hecker says. CNC Milling