Brand-new the powerful powerful combination of CNC and HMC

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By the machining center of 5 axes horizontal that Grob company provides, deserve to have the system of numerical control of Sinumerik 840D Sl of Siemens company, this one combination is in the production of engine crock lid of automobile factory of Berlin BMW company, developed very good cost effectiveness. To the automobile factory of Berlin BMW company, investing new facility is an action that needs careful consideration from beginning to end, ensure as far as possible high product quality is his first job. And, this company still must consider, its initial stage invests latent capacity to whether can realize taller manufacturing cost effectiveness than outside contractor. The production of this company makes clear actually, HMC of a group of G550 that come from Grob company 5 axes has gotten away with arrived this at 2 o'clock, because of this BMW company revise and enlarge the HMC of 4 same type. The Z axis journey of G550 of company of graph 1 Grob HMC is 1020mm, the machine that covers an area of an area to be in this company for 3800mm × 6300mm inside job shops, outside dividing HMC, still have the machine tool of 50 or so other and different types, use technically at the production that 4 crocks of engine crocks cover. The crucial factor that helps them choose these machine tools includes: This workshop has enough space to produce all and relevant component, the treatment precision of this kind of machine tool the tall, product surface quality that its produce is good, accord with booked production periodic time requirement, be helpful for using existing tool and device again. In addition, the system of Xi Menzi numerical control that this machine tool deploys is new-style interface, reduced new batch hardware debug setting time. However, what attract this company at first is a kind of different machine tool: The G350 of Grob company machine tool. Although this machine tool can accord with his almost all main demand, but the fact proves model of this machine tool is too small, cannot satisfy this factory to produce working need entirely. As a kind of almost same type, g550 machine tool has the full good point of G350 machine tool apparently, and the dimension of this type can machine its biggest crock to build component even. Accordingly, this company decides to acquire this model machine tool, although the journey of its Z axis is 1020mm, but its structure is remained more compact, cover an area of an area to have 3800mm × 6300mm only. On the machine tool " main shaft channel " , can make cutting tool complete contractive inside the 500mm length limits of working area. The graph rotates twice 2 the axis installs the workbench in the machine tool in, among them the biggest switch coming back of A axis is 240 ° , and B axis can amount to deal with of 360 ° full circle to turn. Combine 3 other linear axes, 5 working face that this one machine tool can process work at the same time this company claims, in the treatment application domain that asks in precision value of deviation of tall, axial is less than 10 μ M, when processing adamant data especially, the tigidity that assures a machine tool is very important, just of G550 machine tool can satisfy this one requirement. And the product surface quality that its machine production can amount to Rz2 μ M. According to the view of Grob company, this machine tool can reach this one rigid level, partial reason is his transverse configuration, make workbench has the characteristic that double runner shaft coming back moves. This kind of configuration still improved platoon bits function, also prolonged the service life of cutting tool at the same time. "Strip cuts the problem that bits blocks to be solved almost completely, because they can drop directly,go up to the ground. " applied engineer Mr Christian Heiss of Grob company says so. What Nextpage this company still listed place of this machine tool to have is a few otherer marked characteristic, the circumgyrate type pallet changer that exemple if installs, can reduce machine down time. Be in when a workpiece on a workbench when treatment, can debug the workpiece on another workbench with fashionable dress card. However, the advantage characteristic that is not all machine tools comes from its machinery structure. In fact, they choose G550 machine tool, have very big the numerical control system that one part reason depended on his using Siemens firm. Because the 90% machine tools of automobile factory of BMW company Berlin used the control system that comes from same supplier,be on the other hand. This provided very big flexibility to operate personnel and cutting tool to debug personnel, make them almost OK the job has on an any machine tools. Graph the operation personnel of automobile factory of 3 BMW company says, the interface of Sinumerik Operate operation on system of numerical control of Grob company machine tool is very intuitionistic, because this makes of new batch spare parts it is more easy before to debug a setting to want to compare nevertheless, the user interface of the Sinumerik 840D CNC on Grob company machine tool, be different from the user interface on other manufacturer machine tool completely it seems that. Before installing these model, BMW company automobile factory uses Siemens company to be HMI advanced user interface of the foundation to regard its as the standard with DIN. However, the CNC of Grob company machine tool uses the animation graph of operating system of new-style Sinumerik Operate to show. New interface offerred workpiece process designing and the option that debug a setting, include ShopMill, Program Guide and option of dinkum DIN/ISO standard process designing among them. ShopMill provides the process designing environment of measure of work of graph of a kind of animation, agree with simple conversational process designing. Interfacial design is concise and clear, operator can be even below the circumstance that does not have process designing experience, master ABC quickly. Use Program Guide to write a program to need the relevant knowledge of code of a few G. Its are main window includes new cycle to support a function, cutting tool clew supports, and the animation element that represents periodic figure. The animation graph of operating system of graph 4 Sinumerik Operate shows, for workpiece process designing and the operation that although control a system,all sorts of option that debug a setting provided bigger flexibility and process designing structure appeared a few new things, but BMW company shows, as a result of its the interface has enough intuitionistic sex, because of this employee people can suit quickly and master these new knowledge. For example this system was used picture " duplicate " and " stickup " personnel of this kind of operation is in process of daily use PC the practical function with hep place. Anyhow, all sorts of technology cycle of Sinumerik Operate, intuitionistic sex that measures cycle and setting function, accelerated new batch spare parts further debug setting speed. Another crucial factor that chooses Grob company G550 machine tool is, the tool that these machine tools can have with this factory and equipment are compatible. Accordingly, this company also can the spare parts machine program that its have reuse. In fact, need an operator and working hours of two days only, can replace these programs, make its and newest software compatible, pass network or USB interface next, download to be used to any machine tools. In addition, can make Windows resource manages implement the Program Manager of the style, in small and exquisite shine deposit check (CF gets stuck) on, or run complex program directly on CNC. Finally, BMW company shows, maintain a function remotely what be a foundation with the network what offer by Grob company, can help its allow where to with smoothly processing quickly the problem that the place in machine tool unit process of cargo bandling may appear, although appear the odds of the problem is extremely low. In addition, grob company and Siemens company can use long-distance service, of executive minim optimize an operation, this is automation normally operate and won't suspend production. CNC Milling