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The technology of equipment respect progresses, and the new method of production miniature component, make shape the foremost edge that the industry is in innovation. The Zhuo Bielin that check put in order famed at the world, it is the comic genius because of him, the ability and wisdom of the idealism that he has and rather than. Nevertheless, the reason of the language of his a few thought-provoking humour however the philosopher that can compares Gu Xila or well-known writer. His viewpoint about thing of the eternity in the life is such: What be being done not have in this bad world is invariable, include our trouble. Although be opposite,change this proposition make such inference, the Zhuo Bielin that check put in order is not the first person (he also won't be the last for certain) , nevertheless his view is in today still critical. This one viewpoint to industry of medical apparatus and instruments more agree, this industry is sought with changing ceaselessly just about live. The major branch in this industry (include product of embedded content, electron to make among them and cardiology) the change of hang on appliance (the metabolic degree of workmanship is inferior) and rapid development, and of standard of quality of the develops technology of metabolic profit from progress of appliance, international edit and original design. Nevertheless, other department although tool and treatment method are invariable, develop as much ahead. Shaping is. A few years since, although be used at making the tool of the mould and machinery be in to produce change, but shape the component that product manufacturer still uses identical fundamental to produce medical apparatus and instruments. The design makes the some company vice president of plastic pipe fittings and connect point out: "The shapes to have a lot of likeness with today's method place 20 years ago. Undertook besides rudiment mould a few improve, in order to make the mould rotates faster, make model and other part quickly, in the new method respect that shapes a part, do not have too much progress really. What we still use is the mould 20 years ago, a few new patterns that they created last year with us are euqally effective. A lot of mould, no matter be static,note infusion appliance bag or other appliance, old since undertook reforming, for the sake of improving performance, but the pattern that makes these parts did not happen too about-face. All the time since quite stable. " nevertheless, original steady state had produced change gradually. Through development of a few years, hydraulic pressure forming machine has transformed the pickaback plane that it is report fetterses; Robot technology had been used in workmanship; Enterprise classics upgrades too computer software, can from the production factory inside in accuse the position to be made to shaping undertake electronic monitoring. These progress let forming machine instrument produce complete change, those who make those who become a staff member is outspread. Die production device is already special and careful, the mutual communication that needs staff scarcely -- production equipment can be used same the mould undertakes double color shapes, and be opposite also try to control to velocity of flow or temperature. A few equipment can pass process designing even, can stop automatically when producing a mistake. Shape the design target of a lot of technologies of equipment, it is to allow movement of equipment proper motion morely, and need not superintendent. In certain business, each shape equipment used robot technology, the job that the robot assumes is more complex. The robot undertakes choosing to leaving the plastic spare parts of the mould, or the plastic material with redundant purify enters its place flotsam area. In the meantime, use system of a software, stand to be able to undertake monitoring to producing all patterns inside the domain from the computer, and need not be in mould position truly. If the mould appears problem or was to complete the work, the personnel of other position inside the building can witting handle this equipment. The supervisory system of type of such a manager can conduce to an enterprise improving efficiency, make mechanical run time reachs the biggest level. At the same time such system still can let an enterprise reduce mould to produce needs labor gross. MTD is small shape the company can offer a mould to make and small shape service, this enterprise implements a technology that comes from face identifying software also is to be based on similar principle. Each part that this enterprise produces has corresponding picture, shape the computer program inside equipment undertakes to the picture " read take " , ensure thereby the production up to standard of the component. This software stored picture, and the different craft parameter in amounting to 40 specific unit process of cargo bandling. Besides shape in equipment facial identifying software, MTD is small shape the company still owns a facility, can found 3-D diversiform feature to the mould that naked eye cannot be aware of. According to Sarix 3D EDM (discharge is machined) the file of the Swiss manufacturer Sarix SA of milling machine, the equipment of this milling machine of this enterprise can is opposite the round horn radius of 3 micron has milling take shape, and can be produced smaller, deeper, more the round hole with accurate essence. The United States has the enterprise of milling machine of Sarix 3D EDM to be two only, MTD is small shape the company is among them one of. The selling manager of MTD points out: "This kind of mechanical energy makes a radius that measures hard almost on the product quite. This equipment apace carries the channel with located tool, later, fall below half micron. The field uses in the brittleness feature of medical treatment things and small fluid, it has a variety of ability and the function that make a person fab. As the product increasingly complex, the demand of people increases increasingly, because this needs smaller product. To a whole apparatus, people also hopes volume is minorrer but the function is more. " the product is smaller, demand more component of general medical treatment (it is appliance oneself occasionally) bulk is contractible for previously the one fraction of bulk, this shapes with respect to the requirement miniaturization of product manufacturer implementation, use small shape the technology develops special tool to produce such part. Small shape the application of the component involves part of management of ophthalmology, rhythm of the heart, hearing, still include short-term with product of long-term and embedded formula. The medical treatment of the exterior weapon that needs miniature, essence to allow a part also uses this kind of part in equipment. Small shape the inject that those who point to is manufacturing component shapes the detail that craft needs to understand product appearance and interior through enlarge ability, this kind of craft is one of trends with appliance the hottest industry all the time. Increasing to the demand of component of tolerance of this kind of miniature, tight ness rating, but half of weal and woe: Those are supplied small shape the enterprise of appliance, welcome this new industry naturally. But this kind of component is used generally (also accompanying huge profit) , a few enterprises that perhaps do not have proper equipment without relevant knowledge also suffer this to attract, join the industry that produces parts of these miniature of medical treatment product. The expert inside course of study points out, instrument cannot use traditional inject forming machine at miniature component shape. If the enterprise is used the tool is production is bigger shape equipment, cannot produce for certain small shape component. "Small shaping is a kind of new way. What use among them is completely different kind undertakes shaping. The first item that we question to the client is whether had they once made miniature part before this. We can explain to its later, this is with make large part have a lot of and different process. In the production process of miniature component, major company understands in enterprise interior above all whether can achieve a goal, and raw material personnel can think ' finish impossibly forever ' . Accordingly, get a wrong negative result. Worst circumstance is a wrong positive result, resource library of the client thinks ' can achieve a goal, nevertheless need seeks advice from the bargainor of raw material, in order to obtain a few proposals. ' the problem of this kind of circumstance depends on, be less than 40 millesimals inches raw material to be not everybody to understand its fluidity to dimension. Result how? These enterprises try to make small shaping component, but be without progress. As the leader of the industry, we must provide pertinent information to the client all the time, emphasize appropriate partner concerning to small shape the success of the product also is crucial. " nevertheless, shape traditionally product manufacturer is trying small shape the obstacle that when making, encounters, those who be not the affirmation that has a mistake only and mistake is negative these two kinds of circumstances. The expert thinks, the type of equipment or tool is undeserved, also can make manufacturer go no further not before, bring about component weight not all, owe note, resonance problem, and meeting influence closes lead, cause stock wasteful and overmuch and edge of wool of the line that distribute a model. Other issue includes material model to change (call win over by soft tactics normally) and melt homogenize. In entering the raw material inject of appropriate weight modular hole, make sure very close together or tolerancepublic errand is strict, shape to such requirement tradition product manufacturer also can face difficulty. The expert points out, in mould production process, the wrong misunderstanding of this respect causes amount ejaculation glue abhorrent or do not have reappearance, and bring about material refrigerant or the problem of homogenize of degradation, melt and electrostatic respect. Use smaller part to make miniature component face a lot of difficult problem, these difficult problem shape because of miniature spare parts the accuracy that involves in the process hand of Chang Ji of and rather than. Saying like place of an equipment staff in that way, "Want all the time excelsior. " to be in the enterprise of this do a familiar work with ease in the industry, small shaping possibility is inestimable. There is perspective very much in this one domain (and the likelihood gains profit) direction includes: Use biology is resorbent / biology can absorb material preparation small shape product (profit from increases increasingly without the amount that starts surgical technology) , and small fluid. Place of name of Nextpage no less than is shown, the behavior that what small fluid basically is aimed at is minim fluid, accurate control and adroitness operate, according to the data inside course of study small fluid uses the very small unit tolerance of microlitre and so on normally. It is with water exemple, a water is 25 microlitre. Small fluid is born as mere nevertheless new field of a few years, use at developing the product of and so on of ink-jet printing machine normally. But the new application that researcher is digging this domain, especially biology and chemical domain. The expert points out, a few fluid application that have perspective quite include: Can discover the real time early warning system of biochemical toxin, and can detect the potential haemal sieve that endangers life disease is checked. A few small shape the technology can use polymer to make small fluid equipment. To the enterprise, a technology that provides cost effectiveness most is small injection shapes, this craft can undertake batch is produced, cycle is short, what can undertake essence of life allows is duplicate reach size control, and can implement automation completely. In addition, shape to making the injection of miniature dimension and groovy dimension component, both technology knowledge and measure are changed OK and smoothly. The administrator of SGPP company confirms for certain to transition can have between two kinds of process. Polymer product manufacturer has used his liquid injection is small shape product of craft production silicon, wh some of which is being replaced use thermoplastic the existing product that material makes. This enterprise can be made small to ± 0.

001 inches silicon component, use at giving medical system, blood-vessel appliance, spile component, static note cure, and small start an operation, for example celiac lens, thorax lens and ophthalmic operation. Although silicon is in small shape with convention the material of constant select material that manufacturer has made in the market, but the expert inside course of study is forecasted, the trend of the industry from assemble two independent components to turn to make alone, smaller part, a kind of circumstance issues silicon to shape 2 times on hard matrix after, because this silicon will produce mainer effect. A lot of shaping the company had raised a liquid inject shapes and small shape the engineering capability of and so on. Although these techniques are very main, but the trend in the future is custom-built treatment program, this is in still nonexistent today. To in those days, the custom-built solution that has been born will become the basis of the enterprise, for example accept rice shapes and turn metallic component for plastic special resin. The spare parts that accept rice shapes uses cubic millimeter normally such unit has tolerance. Medical Murray company has begun to design part of this kind of miniature. The name of this enterprise shapes for the accept rice of Sesame equipment, can contain the melt material of grain, have shot capacity of the high speed that can control, high pressure. The data of this enterprise says, this one equipment can use biology to be able to absorb polymer to make those who have intricate geometry feature inferior micron spare parts, in groovy equipment this kind of polymer is met degradation. What this equipment can use Sesame at making those need miniature, integrated feature is embedded shape appliance, use at shaping 2 times polymer, electron and the application that do not appear radiation mark and so on. Any other business: Turnaround time, craft test and verify is in a few years of in the past, a lot of outside elements that cause an effect to manufacturer still do not have a change, include among them: The pressure of cost, appear on the market the code of time, quality management and government asks. Singapore be engaged in accurate cure technically mixing with the mould shape the general manager of the enterprise points out: "A lot of medical treatment clients explore exterior resource because of the pressure of cost. This from in medical the trend that shapes to expand in Asian development can get test and verify, the cost of this area is mixed under the United States normally Europe. Another trend that we discover appears on the market namely the pressure that time creates. All the time since, this are not serious problem in industry of medical apparatus and instruments. Nevertheless, in certain domain, competition is added increasingly drama, and mould of client demand prototype and the turnaround time that produce a pattern are proper, shorten thereby appear on the market time. To this, shape the enterprise must invest time and resource, develop plan to undertake communicating with respect to the product with the client. Shape the enterprise still needs to develop competition ability, level can be developed to increase value in the product. " to shaping enterprise, abide by American food medicines and chemical reagents to control management board (FDA) regulation all the time very important, the examination of the quality that this orgnaization pays close attention to a supplier very much at present and appliance flow, this has made a lot of original equipment manufacturer (OEMs) to the partner is being included outside oneself supervise more strict. In such supervise strictly (come from FDA and OEMs both) under, shape reach assemble craft, the attestation file that still has mould examination asks more sufficient. FDA is more strict to the attestation requirement of a few components, this orgnaization participates in supervise really more. The plan that although the client is right,Vesta company improves ceaselessly very have fun at, but the central point that attestation also has made this enterprise pay close attention to. Besides use in moving daily 6 Xigema besides the principle, include to design parameter of examine and verify, craft in the craft attestation system that this enterprise provides for the client make, mould test and verify, prototype is made, test and examination. Vesta company is one offers a design, shape, crowded piece and the contract that assembles a service creates a company, the explanation of technical vice president of this company says: "Require the treatment that press a plan only before. Craft needs to pass attestation nowadays. Send check percent of pass special be paid close attention to. What the client pays close attention to our enterprise is the plan that improves ceaselessly, spot use quality system and we are used why to plant the standard ensures improve ceaselessly. Be not only a client undertakes examine and verify, have an inquiry to these item. The manufacturer of large medical treatment that we provide a service has specific level in his grading system, the condition that improves plan to lasting undertakes measuring. These standards can be use seed profit production methods, these manufacturer also can carry an inquiry how many is there in employee 6 Xigema is black belt or green ribbon, the seed profit production that knows stuff then grooms level. If we are our to offer inquiry product, the cost that the client still can question to we can be adopted dominates program. " the service jumps over good expert explanation to say more more, to the attention of quality system, and all the time since the demand that reduces production cost, had made enterprises of a lot of medical apparatus and instruments more incline to at perpendicular unifinication, with reducing its whole supplies the expenditure of catenary. Such unifinication is right of the enterprise live crucial, especially OEMs undertakes arranging to its seller all the time, manage a supplier better for the sake of reducing cost. Current, OEMs does not hope to be engaged in respectively with 5 one or the supplier contact with of two kinds of expertise. The risk that supplies chain is very huge, and finish trading difficulty not low also, time is very long also. The client needs to extend an enterprise, need has the partner that supplies catenary and global solution integratedly. They hope the supplier can become the expert that its equipment makes, and be products plan give production plan. Here all-around under the trend of the service, the production program that a few companies offer included to serve from what design commercialization. In the past inside the 5 time that arrive 6 years, a few enterprises already from " the supplier that custom-built inject shapes " change become " the supplier that shapes for finished product medical apparatus and instruments and the custom-built injection that provide a contract to make a service to medical system. " Pacific Plastics&The situation of Engineering company is similar. The administrator of this enterprise has discovered the client needs to have more services, offer additional technology to help in the design phase of a project for example, and offer card solid document for final design. Pacific Plastics company is offerred for medical apparatus and instruments and biology technology product shape plastic products and inject shape service. The client of this enterprise includes Boston Scientific, Johnson&Johnson and Tyco Healthcare company. This company sells a director to point out: "We face various demands all the time, but we need to add more services recently. At present we are offerred shape, assemble, design service and other fabricating. Nevertheless, we need to designing a respect to offer now more pay paragraph and the technology of 0 cost support beforehand. We had been developed more the system of automation, and to satisfy all requirement of the enterprise in development we added the content of the service. In the past, we basically are to serve as inject to shape manufacturer, but the demand that reduces cost makes an enterprise more perpendicular necessarily unifinication, the supply that reduces whole thereby catenary cost. " be not greatly always mean outstanding, be in especially industry of medical apparatus and instruments. Medical operation forward small achieve, the way of small loss develops, and medical apparatus and instruments is under the convenient, requirement that uses easily change stride to miniature. Should ask appliance is smaller and smaller when, subsequently and another when come important facet makes an equal part namely, can in the medical apparatus and instruments that buy enters these acclaim as the peak of perfection making a person. The design of technical progress and innovation makes shape product manufacturer development gives new technology, can satisfy the requirement of the to molecular size spare parts on the market. Technology of wh some of which, for example small fluid and accept rice shape, being had been being diagnosed and get applied in clinical cure. Nevertheless, the pressure of cost, colophony price that shoot up and FDA are increasingly strict supervise, make the development of these technologies provides a challenge quite. Besides challenge sex, OEMs and outside partner still raise a requirement to perfecting a service ceaselessly. The expert inside course of study predicts this one trend will last inside close period of time, because the enterprise hopes to cost is cut in making a process through be in, make up for the compensation level that reduces ceaselessly thereby. Nevertheless, between OEM and contract manufacturer, the mutual absorb of the service will have challenge sex most. Of manufacturing industry in the future is to seek a means, become the OEMs of complete unifinication, arrive from the design thereby production process can accurate without by accident. Inject shapes manufacturer or it is capable to provide all services that include to superintend knowledge inside, or it is the supplier that becomes OEM first selection to supply chain. CNC Milling