The crucial technology of miniature machining

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Miniature machinery is burgeoning, the high-tech domain of much discipline across, face a lot of tasks, involve a lot of crucial technologies. When the diagnostic dimension when a system reachs micron class and accept rice level, will produce a lot of new scientific issues. For example as dimension decrease, express area and bulk than increasing, effect of physics of mechanical, surface will have the face dominant action, be designed traditionally and analyse methodological general no longer applicable. For force of tribology, low-grade fever the problem such as this is in small system lieutenant general is crucial. Small system scale effect considers to will conduce to the innovation of small system. Miniature machinery is not traditional and mechanical direct miniature is changed, its Yuan Chao gave the concept of traditional machinery and scope. Miniature machinery is mixed in scale effect, structure, material, production method the respect such as working principle, as disparate as traditional machinery. The research of character of the scale effect of small system, physics, design, important research content that make and checking research is small system domain. In the research work respect of small system, a few domestic and international research organizations already were in effect of small miniaturization dimension, sensor of material of imperceptible treatment craft, micro computer instrument and miniature structural member, miniature, miniature is carried out implement, micro computer compose measures fluid of technology, minim the respect such as compositive control and application acquires control and small system the level sex achievement of different level. Miniature machining technology is the crucial foundation technology that miniature machinery develops, include miniature mechanical design to machinery of imperceptible processing technique, miniature is assembled and be enclosed among them the technology, token that is a system and survey technology and small system compositive technology. CNC Milling