Efficiency promotion aids Qingdao baronial implementation leaps

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Qingdao is baronial spin machinery is finite liability company (the following abbreviation " Qingdao is baronial " ) it is subsidiary of Inc. of machinery of classics abb spin, the large backbone that is production industry of national spin machinery produces a business, spin combs the significant production base of equipment and equipment of gauze of automatic sth resembling a net, own CNC machining facility many 100. Shanteweikekeleman and Qingdao are baronial since 20 centuries since the first time at the beginning of 90 time cooperates, there is good cooperative relationship all the time in 20 years. Be what reason makes two enterprises you can keep so long concern with stable associate? The article will take you below one dug unexpectedly. Card is the main product with baronial Qingdao, round wallboard is the crucial part of card. To satisfy crop requirement, job shops bought door of 2 brillant dragon machining center, first place matchs cutting tool to include 56 brands. But new installation cost did not bring expectant yield to increase. Wang Saiyou of assistant of factory director of baronial machinery plant talks about Qingdao " those who manufacture earlier choice cutting tool is unreasonable, greatly keep within limits new facility is produced can play. Because cutting tool has worn away fast, the crucial dimension of workpiece gets assuring hard, and the quality problem that Kong Jia is versed in cutting tool is put in manual blade to grind, brought meaningless machine tool to stop so machine. " be aimed at a series of this technology difficult problem, shanteweikekeleman's engineer found the solution of your user satisfaction by right of old applied experience. Sen Xiangqing of Nie of selling manager of district of full Shandong of coke of gram of hill spy dimension the island is baronial put forward to carry out " efficiency promotes a plan (PlP) " proposal: "Shanteweikekeleman ' efficiency promotes a plan (PlP) ' the user that aims to help us improves manufacturing efficiency, reduce manufacturing cost. The experience with great Qingdao of the product that we have high quality, old service and excellent technology support, face such challenge so our confidence is dye-in-the-wood. " in Qingdao of great leader support energetically below, the engineer of the project technology personnel of the user and Shanteweikekeleman established efficiency to promote a group jointly. "Efficiency promotes a plan (PIP) " start formally. Early days work begins from field survey. Project group spent time of a day in the workshop, had careful observation to workpiece and existing craft and made detailed record, the problem that in discovering existing treatment process, exists (broach of 1) small diameter is high-speed steel broach for the most part, life is low, efficiency is low, blade grinds quality to cannot assure; (Parameter of treatment of 2) face milling cutter is unreasonable, type selecting is incorrect. (3) finish machining establishs milling cutter to use milling cutter of big diameter hard alloy, cost is high, repair after collapse blade grind difficulty (4) rough machining establishs mill of milling cutter tankful, life is low, (Rate of cutting of 5) boring razor blade is slow, (6) part cutting tool is dangerous extend too long, affect efficiency and life. These problems affected treatment efficiency and manufacturing cost directly, solve urgently. Project group is aimed at above problem, offerred corresponding solution (1) uses hard alloy broach and hydraulic pressure knife handle, shanteweikekeleman can offer broach to grind a service again, assure the life of broach and efficiency; (2) rough machining is cast-iron use CoroMill365 milling cutter, 8 cutting blade, assure to take a knife quickly while economy of razor blade of give attention to two or morethings: (3) finish machining establishs milling cutter to use change bit type to grow blade finish machining to establish milling cutter, put an end to long grind: (4) tankful mill uses comb tine corn milling cutter: (5) changes the 3205 material qualitative bit that uses cast-iron boring, (6) knife petiole divides lengthen, use CAOTP interface. In a complete set of proposal the Communist Party of China is involved need to alter cutting tool 11, the user chose above all among them 3 experiments. These 3 knives are respectively: CoroMlll365 milling cutter, but finish machining of long knife of type of dislocation razor blade establishs milling cutter and D10.

The R8405 of 3 holds a head. Cut through trying actually, efficiency promoted a group to hand over 3 satisfactory exam paper. Analysing a report with PA(efficiency) in each report that the form presents, "Referenced " value delegate machines the totle drilling cost that single work place produces to happen below the condition and manufacturing time formerly, "Recommend " the cost production that after value delegate uses a proposal to optimize cutting tool, produces and manufacturing time. What both difference produces this unripe mixing actually to produce time namely is managing. From inside report of these 3 PA, we can see clearly, of the change that adopts 3 cutting tool and corresponding treatment process optimize, the manufacturing cost that goes up every year to be able to obtain ten yuan in the production of a spare parts is managing the manufacturing time with 3350 hours is spare. PA reports 1: CoroMill365 milling cutter, workbench feed rate rises from 450mm / Min to 2230mm / Mm, blade point breaks up time. Graph milling cutter of face of 1 happy full CM365, bit had the design of 8 valid point to reduce the cost of bit greatly, mill of side of data of iron of particularly comfortable Yu Zhu is machined. Nextpage pursues 2 save every year for 46921 yuan of graphs time of 3 managing production is 158 hours of PA to report 2 finish machining establish milling cutter, walk along knife speed to rise from 300mm / Min to 448mm / Min, and not need to be ground again. What cutting tool life reachs 9 breathtaking months is long. Graph Teweikekeleman grows 4 mountain milling cutter of blade finish machining, particular but design of dislocation razor blade can be rivalled with milling cutter of integral hard alloy. Graph 5 save every year for 36291 yuan of graphs time of 6 managing production is 79 hours of NextpagePA to report 3: D10.

The R840 broach of 3, walk along knife speed to rise from 260mm / Min to _742mm / Mm, life achieves 180m. Graph 7 CoroDrillDelta, CR840 broach, GCl 220 of particular material qualitative model matchs with compound coating, comfortable at all material common auger cut. Graph 8 save every year for 35671 yuan of graphs time of 9 managing production is 119 hours to pass " efficiency promotes a plan (PlP) " , the main product with baronial Qingdao the lunar output of one card already from two years 200 before, increase to 600 of present. The leader with great Qingdao saw " efficiency promotes a plan (PIP) " the effect that establishs lever to see a movie and create value. Below their support, follow-up cutting tool improves a plan to be begun in succession. Cover board product line undertakes cutting tool optimizes a project, it is target of the next of efficiency promotion panel. CNC Milling