The function of auxiliary process designing that uses numerical control system simplifies process designing

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As the development of numerical control technology, modern numerical control system provided function of richer and richer auxiliary process designing for us. Sufficient understanding, agile handle these functions, can simplify greatly to program workload, reduce make mistake probability, improve process designing efficiency, those who reduce an order take up space, because shortened,prepare working hours at the same time, also improved the utilization rate of numerical control machine tool and product productivity. Article author combines his to machine experience actually, introduced a kind to simplify the method of process designing. One, of the problem put forward north to run quickly the chain wheel treatment that if the graph is shown 1 times,Chongqing transmission company continued, the Xin Xin that milling appearance arrangement is introducing carries sabre then 750 model undertake on vertical machining center. Analytic part drawing can see, this spare parts is in circumferential went up to distributing equably 8 identical chamfer, it is circular arc join entirely. If according to method of direct process designing, want the coordinate of circular arc point of tangency with much consideration. Although can use plot software to beg the coordinate of these point of tangency with constructive law, but fall in the circumstance that does not have software of automatic process designing, the coordinate data bulk of these dots is greater still. If use manual staff entirely, not only take time, and make mistake easily. The function that can use oneself of system of machine tool numerical control will simplify process designing, improve work efficiency? Graph 750 machining center use the part drawing sabre of 1 chain wheel system of ACRAMATIC 850MC numerical control. Although time of this system development is earlier, dan Jifu aids process designing function still is very strong, having a variety of count operation, function operation, sequence control, coordinate is to rotate wait for rich process designing function. Handle these functions neatly, should be to be able to come true simplify of the purpose of process designing. 2, the concerned directive that system of 850MC numerical control basically introduces under relevant statement introduction, also make brief introducing to the relevant statement of FANUC 0 system. Actually, system of contemporary numerical control basically has these functions, just state the method differs somewhat. 1.

Assignment dictates the assignment instruction of 850MC system is G10, its format is: G10=[T1] V123.

45; Will be worth 123.

45 memory at temporarily in variable T1, namely [T1]=123.

45G10=[T2] V[T1]+1.

23; Will temporarily the value of variable T1 and numerical value 1.

23 the sum store at temporarily in variable T2, namely [T2]=124.

68G10=[T3] V[T1]+[T2] ; Will temporarily variable T1 adds T2 the sum to store at temporarily system of numerical control of the 850MC in variable T3 is mutual come from T1 T32 in all 32 temporarily variable. FANUC 0 system also has a certain number of communal variable (#531 of ~ of #100 ~ #149, #500) . Assignment instruction understands more easily, be like #100=123.

45 or #101=#102. 2.

Move dictates G11 diverts a statement, can divide dictate to take conditional jump instruction and termless move. (G11 L100 of 1) termless move is termless move instruction, the value after L is move grade, the place of move uses Q to take grade, be like Q100. If to G11 transfer after block, l hind does not take a sign; If be transferred ahead, should take after L " - " date. Q grade does not take a sign. For example, right-about-face moves: N1210... ... N1220 G11 L100; N1230... ... N1240... ... N1250 Q100; Forward move: N1410 Q200; N1420... ... N1430... ... N1440... ... N1450 G11 L - 200; The value of grade can be aleatoric integer. FANUC 0 system is used " GOTO Nnnn " instruction, among them " Nnnn " arrange serial number for the program, do not take a sign, be like " GOTO 1000 " state move comes N1000 block. (G11 E[T1]<8 L100 of 2) condition move is conditional jump instruction, the meaning of L100 is Alexandrine. Among them E[T1]<8 checks expression for the condition, e is key word. Relation operation accord with is mutual " > " , " < " , " = " reach " <> " 4 kinds, express to be more than respectively, be less than, be equal to and not be equal to. G11 E[T1]<8 L100 expresses: If temporarily the value of variable T1 is less than 8, shift the block to grade Q100 backward. FANUC 0 system is used " IF [#100 LT 8] GOTO 1000 " will undertake the condition is transferred. Among them relation operation accord with is used " GT " , " GE " , " LT " , " LE " , " EQ " and " NE " express to be more than respectively, be more than be equal to, be less than, be less than be equal to, be equal to and not be equal to. 3.

Dictate 850MC system dictates without the loop circularly, but can instruction of use condition move will realize circular function. FANUC 0 system is used " WHILE.




DOn " add " ENDn " implementation loop function. Among them N=1 ~ 3, understandable for circular body grade, "DOn " and " ENDn " must conjugate is used. Circular structure is OK nest at most three-layer, but cannot across. For example: WHILE[#100 LE 8] DO1... ... END1 states when #100 variable value is less than be equal to 8 when the block in implementing circular system. 4.

Coordinate department rotates 850MC system uses following instructions to undertake coordinate is to rotate (among them or so bracket is indispensible) : (ROT, g0 X0 Y0 A45) among them, ROT rotates for coordinate department instruction; G0 expresses to rotate angle is increment means, g1 expresses to rotate angle is very kind; X, Y is rotate central coordinate, a is corner coming back to spend. Coordinate department rotates cancel usable instruction (ROT, g1 A0) , take in the program " : " synchronous paragraph or go up by operation face plate " data restores " key. Program end cancels coordinate department automatically also to rotate. Department of coordinate of implementation of instruction of use G68 X_ Y_ R_ of FANUC 0 system rotates function. X_ , Y_ is rotate central coordinate, r_ is corner coming back to spend, and the choice of the increment way that corner coming back spends, very kind is in the 0th of systematic parameter #041 (lowest) in set, if this are set for 1, rotate angle is very kind; If be 0, use G90/G91 means decision. G69 instruction cancels coordinate department to rotate. 3, the solution because 8 chamfer are in the spare parts circumferential go up to distributing equably, we can consider to be written only among them the program of a chamfer, use circular structure next, rotate 8 times spare parts coordinate is, can machine all rough sketch that gives a part. If the graph is shown 2 times, beg all dot coordinate that gives the first slot to be worth, write the outline milling program of this part. Use afore-mentioned relevant statements again integratedly, generated spare parts machine program is as follows. Graph N10 T3 M6; N20 G00 X200 Y-50 S200 F70 M13; N30 Z-40; N40 G0 G42 X160 Y-15; N50 G01 X160 Y0; N60 G10=[T1] V1; N70 Q100; N80 G03 X159 of coordinate of the first 2 chamfer.


689I0 J0; N90 X147.


106R15; N100 G02 X123.


162R40; N110 G03 X121.


808R15; N120 X113.


137I0 J0; N130 (ROT, g0 X0 Y0 A45); N140 G10=[T1] V[T1]+1; N150 G11 E[T1]<9 L-100; N160 G01 X160 Y10; N170 G00 G40 X200 Y50 M9; N180 M2; notes: Cutting tool is cut, the program that cuts a share is put in circular body besides. This program is written with system of 850MC numerical control (the I in the program, J is coordinate of the centre of a circle) . 4, of the progress that experienced numerical control technology and numerical control machine tool gain ground, personnel of technology of project of demand numerical control understands deeplier and master numerical control process designing to dictate, make full use of the convenience that the technology brings to us, use numerical control machine tool on higher level thereby, this is having important sense to enhancing the competition ability of the enterprise. Circumferential to be in or the method of article introduction is linear the element that direction distributings equably all applicably. Additional, coordinate department rotates except outside be used when process designing, still can search convenient and quickly spare parts. If the graph is shown 3 times, d of Φ of two large hole and Φ D had been machined, want to machine periphery aperture department now. Search when the spare parts, should look for two large hole, often bother take time in dispute of X axis direction. We are OK and direct spare parts impaction hind, building the spare parts coordinate that is origin with large hole center is, hit a watch to search again alveolus, use the computational function of oneself of numerical control system, with turn over tangent to seek a point of view, use coordinate department to rotate next function can. When holding clip part every time so, need to be worth the coordinate of alveolus center input program to be able to machine a spare parts only. Anyhow, handle the function of numerical control system neatly, to simplifying process designing, improving work efficiency is very helpful. Graph the part drawing above of 3 another example is the author only the summary of a few experience in real work, have undeserved place, adjure a reader to offer criticism make a comment or criticism. CNC Milling