SS76.MPFnor"> SS76.MPFnor" />

Axis kind the numerical control lathe of 6 machines the spare parts process designing

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  • source:BAGANZ CNC Machining
Normal >SS76.

MPFnormal >N10 G54G90M42M03M08S600T01F0.

3normal >N20 G158Znormal >N30 G0040Z0normal >N40 G01X0normal >N50 G0042Z2normal >N60 _CNAME= " SK76A " Normal >R105=1 R106=0.

3normal >R108=1.

5R109=0 Normal >R110=1 R111=0.

3normal >R112=0.

2normal >N70 LCYC95normal >N80 M42M03S1000normal >N90 _CNAME= " SK76A " Normal >R105=5 R106=0normal >N100 LCYC95normal >N110 G0040normal >N120 Z100normal >N130 T03M03S800normal >N140 G0020.

2normal >N150 Z-10normal >N160 L76BP2normal >N170 M03S1000normal >N180 G01X19normal >N190 L76BP1normal >N200 G0050normal >N210 Z100normal >N220 T02M03S300normal >N230 G0042Z- (49.

975+ cutting tool are wide) Normal >N240 G00100Z100normal >N250 M05normal >N260 M02normal >normal >SK76A.

SPFnormal >N10 G0015Z0normal >N20 G01X18Z-10normal >N30 X24Z-20normal >N40 X30Z-30normal >N50 G03X38Z-45CR=25normal >N60 G01Z-38normal >N70 G0040normal >M17normal >normal >SK76B.

SPFnormal >N10 G91normal >N20 G01X-1Z0normal >N30 G02X6Z-10CR=15normal >N40 G00Z10normal >N50 X-6normal >N60 G90M17 CNC Milling